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2/18/22 UPDATE: RUDIMENTARY PENI "Death Church" Reissue • New Releases from GAME, S.H.I.T., GENERACION SUICIDA, & MORE!

Webstore Update - February 18, 2022
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
New Titles and Reissues from RUDIMENTARY PENI, FUCKED UP, GAME, S.H.I.T., ANTI-CIMEX, GBH, CUTTERS, VIVISECTED NUMBSKULLS; new releases from La Vida Es Un Mus, 11PM, Iron Lung, and MUCH MORE
Greetings everyone! I know it sounds crazy, but this is actually the first Grave Mistake Webstore Update email in over a year! 2021 was quite a busy year and 2022 looks to be even crazier, but I'm going to do my best to get these emails out a bit more frequently this year.
We are only a month and a half into 2022 and there is already a TON of killer new stuff in the store from this year, not to mention all of the great new titles and reissues that came through in 2021.
That being said, here is most of the new stuff from the past few months ... so much great hcpunk in here!!!
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake
New Titles in the Webstore ....
RUDIMENTARY PENI "Death Church" LP (Sealed Records)
The words legendary, seminal, and classic get thrown around at will these days, but Rudimentary Peni’s debut album is all of them. Recorded over two days at Southern Studios by John Loder and originally released in 1983 by Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi, Death Church showed a band moving away from the urgency of their two early 7”s and into their own realm. Creating a template that bands have been trying to replicate ever since, while ticking all the boxes to become a genre-defining album. Iconic artwork, a unique sound and their own lyrical universe. All merging seamlessly. Sonically the album is full of Nick Blinko’s extraordinary vocals and equally remarkable guitar, Grant Matthews’ big meandering driving basslines and Jon Greville's tight and relentless drum work which together made something intricate and hard hitting, with a sequence that makes the 21 songs on the album flow perfectly. Visually, the album is every outsider art lover’s wet dream. A six-panel poster sleeve with every inch covered in Nick Blinko’s claustrophobic black and white line drawings, while lyrically the songs deal with madness, religion, death, and questioning humankind from a dark poetic place rarely found in any art form. Remastered from the original master tapes by Arthur Rizk and housed in a replica poster sleeve. Death Church is back in print in LP, CD and cassette after nearly a decade of no official reissues

ANTI CIMEX "The 7" Eps Collection" 4x7" Box Set (Sonarize Records)
Killer box set from swedish legends ANTI CIMEX, includes 4x7"s; their first 3 eps ("Anarkist Attack" 7", "Victims of a Bomb Raid" 7", and "Raped Ass" 7") the live "Fucked in Finland" 7", PLUS a 24 page booklet!

S.H.I.T. "Hidden in Eternity / Eraser III" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
Finally, "Hidden In Eternity" and "Eraser III" are put to the perfect format and classed up nicely by some of the finest design work Ryan Tong has ever done. Taking the path of 2018's bulldozing "What Do You Stand For?" LP, S.H.I.T. cranked out 2 perfect tracks of hyped up hardcore bombfall with the signature snarl that you've come to know and love. Perfect music.

FUCKED UP "Epics in Minutes" LP (Get Better Records)
Epics in Minutes is the definitive landmark of Fucked Up's early days of releasing 7" records and cassettes. Released only three years into their existence on CD only, it is re-mastered and made available on vinyl for the first time. The songs here are the beginning of the long journey of Fucked Up's larger than life catalogue with sounds ranging from blown out hardcore punk recorded on four track cassette, to the glorious interlocking guitar parts and narrative lyric writing that would set the tone for the rest of their musical career.

GAME "Legerdemain" 12" (Quality Control HQ)
Game returns after their 2019 full-length No One Wins with the Legerdemain EP. Piercing the listener with nonstop aural carnage, the EP would be an apt soundtrack to the armageddon. Part Venom, part Death Side, all live and loud, Legerdemain offers no restful moments. An instrumental masterclass with blistering drumming from Jonah Falco, weird and wonderful guitar melodies conjured up by Cal Baird, and a rumbling and decapitating buzzsaw bass by Nicky Rat, the release's finishing move is an ever-changing vocal tone by Ola H. Legerdemain can be a rewarding, or punishing, aural journey depending on your perspective. The new release, which was recorded and mixed by Jonah and mastered by extreme music legend Arthur Rizk finds Game leaning heavily into their metal influences, with sounds of early 80s UK steel given extra ferocity through the lens of Japanese hardcore punk from the same era. Having toured multiple times in Europe and North America, Game, which features members of Fucked Up, Arms Race and Violent Reaction, is equally comfortable playing to punks, metalheads and everyone in between. ‘Legerdemain’ is a magician’s term meaning sleight of hand, a key skill of deception. The term is used as a metaphor for our current post-truth society where governments, technocracies, and financial institutions use smoke and mirrors to create a farcical and bewildering existence where one cannot know if something is real or not in order to cover up social injustice and mechanisms that drive inequality. As Legerdemain progresses, one is being continually dragged along towards an apocalyptic ending on "Release", which reflects on this current predicament as a nuclear explosion approaches with nothing left to do except give into the madness. There is a constant cycle of rising again, fighting against wrong doing, exhaustion, and endings. The lyrics in Polish, English and a sprinkle of French, represent the multinational members of the band, who feel culturally in a no man’s land, which in fact is everyone’s experience in 2021. Legerdemain tries to answer this anomie with urgent metal punk that is hauntingly relevant.

TEMPTER "S/T" 12" (Quality Control HQ)
Hurtling along at the speed of global rage, and merging the best of crossover metal and hardcore from ‘80s Japan, Sweden and UK, Tempter brings a new voice to a legendary sound. It should come as no surprise that the group is comprised of hardcore veterans whose collective pedigree includes bands such as Candy, Division of Mind, Nosebleed, Ekulu and more. Standouts “Sacricide” and “Pestilence,” built on pulverizing riffs and apocalyptic solos, bookend the S/T EP while “Uniformed Madness” and “Night Terror” barrel toward impending doom with the speed of a buzzsaw. Mixed by Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco, the production distills crushing noise and acidic atmospheres and provides a fitting backdrop for vocalist Valentina Lopez’s showstopping and varied performance. “La Lluvia,” with its use of samples and layers of synths, dances around spoken word sections that read out a poem of the same name by Roberto Bolaño, one of Chile’s greatest writers. Bolaño’s work fits perfectly with the biting satirical punk mood that Lopez exudes with every breath. He often questioned the privilege of making art while the junta would torture people in basements. Hardcore, punk and metal often presents itself as a political act more than music, whether in its DIY ethic or protest lyrics. However, perhaps we find it too easy to fall into its angry embrace and eat each other alive whilst the world outside continues to fall. This music makes hell on earth a little bit more bearable, but ultimately, Bolaño and Lopez call on counterculture music to have meaning and political action.

CUTTERS "Modern Problems" LP (YOFC Records)
Modern Problems' exists somewhere between the beveling brutality of fellow Aussies COSMIC PSYCHOS, with the forlorn and despondent crunch of My War - Side A. Bound to bring you down, ‘Modern Problems’ is the perfect companion album to a world falling to pieces. This Mini LP has been in the works for a while, held back by COVID caused Vinyl shortages, and is primed to be the perfect cap to 2021. We LOVE this band and any fans of pummeling hardcore will love them too.

NECRO HEADS "Mindless" 7" (Kill Enemy Records)
8 songs and one of them is slow. No d beat and no breakdown. Obvious influences and they’re all hardcore and the Dead. Lyrically the hatred here is directed inward but also at everyone else. That doesn’t sound that interesting but please believe it is. Luke who did the art equated the music to, “Like someone beating a skull in with an aerosol cracker.” So there’s that!

NEON CHRIST "1984" LP (Southern Lord Records)
1984 is a crucial 80s hardcore document that has been painstakingly remastered from the original tapes using an all-analog process, Neon Christ guitarist William DuVall made multiple trips to Nashville to one of the few remaining studios maintaining the vintage technology to play and process the audio. Side one of “1984” features the original Neon Christ 7″ EP, and side two contains four songs recorded on labor day 1984 including “Ashes to Ashes” which was included on the International Peace/War compilation released by MDC’s R Radical Records. Vinyl was pressed with care by Kindercore vinyl mfg in Athens GA at 45 RPM for maximum fidelity. The package includes a full-colour stooughton gatefold sleeve and a 12”x12” twelve page oral history booklet featuring dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

NEOS "Fight with Donald" 7" (Supreme Echo Records)
Victoria’s pioneers of hyperactive speed-punk, critically acclaimed as one of the very first of their kind. As lead-up to our soon to be released “Three Teens Hellbent On Speed” discography LP, Supreme Echo presents this 25th anniversary reissue from the original John Golden stampers. Blistering fast, raw and wild Canadian hardcore insanity recorded 1982-83. 18 songs, including “Sleeve” which is the only recording to reappear on their upcoming LP, maintaining this EP as a rather unique collection. Housed in its original multi-panel fold-over cover which folds out into a 14” x 21” collage poster.

NEOS "Three Teens Hellbent on Speed (1979-83)" LP (Supreme Echo Records)
Short sonic blasts of teen angst at breakneck velocity – Canada’s NEOS, from Victoria, BC, were pioneers of hyper-speed-punk at the dawn of hardcore. With profound lyrics, humour, bizarre arrangements, and general insanity, NEOS inspired thrash metal, grindcore, noisecore, and hardcore punk itself. The complete NEOS collection (1981–83) includes both rare EPs, outtakes, demos, and live cuts: 51 songs in 48 minutes from original sources, meticulously remastered. 24-pg booklet with 22,000-word bio by Steve Bailey (guitar/vocals) + lyrics, 75+ photos, posters, art and more. “Possibly the fastest thrash garage punk ever recorded” – Jeff Bale, MRR #1, 1982 “Unrelenting energy, sometimes uncontrollable, always frantic, manic thrusts of clamorous fury and power” – Pushead, MRR #4, 1983 “Amazing, original, manic, tight, intelligent (and I could go on and on)” – Tim Yohannan, MRR #4, 1983

VIVISECTED NUMBSKULLS "Swine in Chains" 7" (Chaotic Uprising Productions)
VIVISECTED NUMBSKULLS return with their first vinyl appearance. It certainly will appeal to fans of the gruff and morbid 1-2-1-2 punk of the demos while also showing that there is no hesitation to experiment within the Numbskull camp. Five tracks of trademark chaos with creeping synth parts and more bizarre samples added to the mix. The sound of a corpse.

GENERACION SUICIDA "Regeneracion" LP (Symphony of Destruction Records)
REGENERACION was written during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. 2020 was also the year where it seems people decided that they had had enough. Enough with state oppression, enough with police violence, enough with systemic racism and white supremacy. All these feelings and more bubbled up and bled out into these tracks. While there were moments in life that feel bleak, we know that the people in our community are resilient and strong, and it is for them that we write these songs

STRAW MAN ARMY "Age of Exile" LP (UK Press) (La Vida Es Un Mus)
I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to Age of Exile in the past few weeks. I got a preview before it came out and on the first listen I was hooked. My first impression was that it sounded like Kaleidoscope (with whom Straw Man Army shares members), but it’s reaching toward something more like the song-oriented anarcho punk of Zounds and Crisis. I’ve been playing this record into the ground in the subsequent weeks, though, and there’s so much more to hear than a simple “this kinda sounds like this” comparison. One thing Straw Man Army shares with Kaleidoscope is a sense of rhythmic sophistication and inventiveness. We expect that a neo-anarcho band will have some interesting marching band snare patterns, but there’s so much more to the tracks on Age of Exile. Every song has a unique groove (or rather several of them, frequently overlapping), giving the album a sense of scope and breadth far beyond most contemporary punk records. And then there’s the sense of melody, which is equally sophisticated. While the interwoven rhythms make each song seem like a dense tapestry, the guitar melodies have a sense of sweetness and directness that makes Straw Man Army seem approachable and human. And then there are the lyrics, which I haven’t been able to dig into thoroughly, but are as dense, poetic, and vibrant as the music, focusing on how to live in the rubble of empire. Age of Exile is a striking album no matter which aspect of it you focus on, and it’s so distinctive and consuming that I can already tell it’s going to be a big part of the soundtrack to this part of my life.” (Sorry State)

Bogotá’s UNIDAD IDEOLÓGICA sound is pure high intensity hardcore. The eight songs on their debut 12” clock in below 15 minutes and not a single second is wasted. Their sound is very bass and drum driven, full of breakneck, pummelling relentless beats which do not rest for a second, setting a claustrophobic atmosphere for the noise to grow. Feedback ladden guitars at times verge on BM, which brings RAW POWER, EXECUTE, GISM and DISARM to mind, creating the perfect background for a raging vocalist full of venom to sing about fear, control, technology, and the rampant neoliberalism destroying their land and literally killing as we speak.

URIN "Afekt" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
Completely fucking mental raw D-Beat played by some of Berlin's noisiest humans. Following up their pulverizing 2019 EP, URIN have turned up the mania, tweaked it out even further and afforded absolutely no room for silence whatsoever. After all SILENCE IS DEATH! "Afekt" is sure to leave you scratching what is left of your blown out dome.

WHITE STAINS "Make Me Sick" LP (UK Press) (La Vida Es Un Mus)
If you look at the band photo on Make Me Sick’s insert, you’ll see people from pretty much all the best and most popular hardcore punk bands in Pittsburgh for the past few years. These people know how to make great hardcore punk, and Make Me Sick is White Stains doing just that. While White Stains isn’t as as blistering as Loose Nukes or as brutally intense as Blood Pressure, that’s only because they’ve taken a different tack here, channeling the snotty, punky hardcore of bands like the Circle Jerks, Sick Pleasure, and Chronic Sick. Of those bands, Circle Jerks is the most apt comparison given how White Stains’ snottiness comes along with so much catchiness and rhythmic density. And like Group Sex, the drum parts are almost catchier than the riffs here… I need to be careful listening to this while driving because these songs might make steering seem less important than air drumming" (Daniel Lupton)

ZTUPED "Are You Stupid?" 7" (11PM Records)
ARE YOU STUPID? Get ready to find out! This DC group of young guns are taking the IQ lower than a limbo pole. Playing punk hardcore inspired by greats such as Cülo and School Jerks, they are part of the new wave putting a capital P in punk. And to top it off with is the deranged leads played by inimitable Daniel Peña (of Rashomon, Kombat and Pure Disgust nonetheless) This seven inch is a wild ride, so hold on and get ZTUPED.

FAZE "Content" 7" (11PM Records)
Making tons of noise up north (and not just with the trombone) is Montreal's FAZE. Playing a version of punk that is equally married with psych rock, these songs drone, but there is no falter in the step them. Like a dune buggy slowly losing control, the pace is relentless. Culling elements of punk honed by fellow canadians, S.H.I.T. and more astronomical influences like Destruction Unit. Basically you have to be on drugs to fully understand this.

FASHION CHANGE "Devil Laugh" 7" (Unlawful Assembly Records)
The debut 7" offering from Seattle's FASHION CHANGE. Four tracks of aggressive, brooding hardcore. Following up the distorted pulsations of the 'Coward' demo, DEVIL LAUGH expands its focus in a much more menacing direction. This is pure evil noise chaos that cuts straight to the brain.

LAST AFFRONT "10 Track EP" 7" (11PM Records)
It's hardcore, it's supposed to be fast! Going back to way things used to be, LAST AFFRONT presents us with 10 fiery tracks for their debut 7 inch. This brand new London hardcore band, has been taking the 80's hardcore approach of YDI and Poison Idea combined with more modern hardcore influences like Socialcide. Sharing members with UKHC powerhouses such as Vile Spirit, Koma, State Funeral, Lawful Killing, Imposter and Chubby and the Gang, they are prepared to take their brand of speed hardcore worldwide.

SCALPLE "Skillful Butchers" LP (Sorry State Records)
Skillful Butchers is the new album from New York City’s Scalple, their first for Sorry State. Since Scalple’s 2018 12” on Roach Leg Records, they’ve expanded to a five-piece and changed their sound, moving toward the thrash-and-mosh dynamics of late 80s UK hardcore bands like Heresy, Ripcord, and Concrete Sox. Those bands took their inspiration from early 80s US hardcore, and just as the sound changed when those bands carried it across the pond, Scalple infuses this style with the filth, grime, and frustration they soak up walking New York City’s streets. More than just a well-timed throwback, Skillful Butchers ups their inspirations’ ante in terms of intensity and precision, and adds new wrinkles like the blistering metallic lead guitars and the crunching industrial interludes courtesy Maggot Champagne, aka Pharmakon. However you categorize it, Skillful Butchers is a great hardcore record, packed with memorable songs and riffs destined to get the pit moving as the world remembers how to mosh. Skillful Butchers comes with a lyrics insert, a mini-poster (12”x12”), and a large poster (24”x24”).

CRASS "1979 Demo and Peel Session" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
The Feeding of 5000 demos and the only Peel session from 1979!!

DAMNED "Machine Gun Etiquette" LP (Chiswick Records)
The Damned's third album and a stonewall classic. Originally released in 1979 - this legendary album was the first from the revised line-up of Capt, Rat, Dave and Algy. This was the start of the Damned's second time around which most of their hard core fans preferred to their original 1977 line up. Besides the three charting singles 'Love Song', 'Smash it Up' and 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today' there is also Dave Vanian's epic tribute to Vampira 'Plan 9, Channel 7', a cover of the MC5's 'Looking at You', and the manic 'Anti-Pope'. A wonderfully produced album with lots of little surprises hidden between the grooves.

ALGARA "Absortos En El Tedio Eterno" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
News from the front: ALGARA's first LP is here. From Barcelona, the land where the CNT-FAI shined in 1936, now the anarchist bombs explode again through the twelve tracks of "Absortos en el Tedio Eterno". Ever wondered what would have happened if the RONDOS and CRASS had joined forces at the Conway Hall or if AVIADOR DRO and ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO never had a couple of judo kicks and the four started a new band? Well, then you are close to imagining how ALGARA sounds. At times sparse militant punk a la CRISIS/ FALLOUT filtered thru the KGB/ SINIESTRO TOTAL machine. At times minimal synthetic idealist anthems, but always revolutionary, forward thinking, and making the sound their own. The anonymous collective self recorded "Absortos en el Tedio Eterno" in a Barcelona squat while engaging in their agitprop campaigns. With songs about poor working conditions, the constant evictions, youth unemployment, and a city consumed by tourism and other forms of gentrification, the LP is a cold call to arms for today’s political punk. The LP sleeve shows members of the collective at one of their rendezvous point looking cool. Comes with an A2 double sided poster, 14 page Manual for Sound Guerrilla booklet and a sticker.

ASYLUM "Is This the Price?" 7" (Sealed Records)
Formed in 1981 by a crew of hardcore punx and skins from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial Midlands of England, Asylum fully embraced the ‘Noise Not Music’ rallying call. The missing link between Discharge and Japanese Noisecore, their sound is characterised by detuned ear-piercing distortion: buzzsaw guitars, fuzzed bass, charging drums and gargled vocals battle each other in a maelstrom of lo-fi production murk that reflects the bleak outlook of their lyrics. Only existing for a brief moment in time (playing a handful of mainly local gigs and releasing one demo tape and the occasional track on compilation tapes) and obscure even during their existence, Asylum were nonetheless influential, their ‘1,000 M.P.H. Hardcore Punk’ inspiring other U.K. groups such as Skum Dribblurzzzz and Napalm Death. (Nic Bullen). This release contains the 6 Track demo Is This The Price? Which was originally released as a tape only EP on Retaliation Records. The tracks have been remastered and mark the first time Asylum have released anything on vinyl.

ATAQUE ZERO "S/T" LP (Static Shock Records)
The debut 5 track 12” EP from Ataque Zero who are part of the creative and cultural punk headquarters in Bogota - Casa Rat Trap. Ataque Zero are 2 Venezuelans, 1 Colombian and 1 French person and feature members of Muro, Dernier Futur, Exilio and Trampa but this time they have taken a more melodic approach with their sound. This still rages with intensity and passion like Husker Du, Moving Targets, Manifesto Jukebox or Leatherface. The EP never lets up the pace and has hooks at every turn. Absolutely magical. - Sean Forbes

BARRERA "Visiones Nocturnas" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
BARRERA follows up the NUEVO SONIDO BALEAR path started by ORDEN MUNDIAL, POU and PENA MÁXIMA with a debut release filled to the rim with lust, sex, power and distortion. Their songs are slow and acid, with a tortured tone that would make GLOOM or BRAINBOMBS cry. The seven songs on “Visiones Nocturnas” are themed around the death of romantic love and are not afraid to look at the darkest side of life with a nihilistic conviction. Musically the record follows the path laid by STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS or FLIPPER but are firmly rooted in Spanish Punk with DESECHABLES as a clear point of reference, both aesthetically and sonically. Although BARRERA occupy their own space with a sound that is clearly their own nightmare.

BLITZ "Second Empire Justice" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Released a year after their much hearled debut album 'Voice of a  Generation' , 'Second Empire Justice'  features half the members from  the original line-up and with a new sound. While initially being an  Oi!/Skinhead Punk band, on 'Second Empire Justice' they not only changed  members and their look but also their sound and released a Post-Punk  classic with a heavy dose of Joy Division worship, produced by Chris  Nagle. While Nagle had also produced their debut album, he had also  engineered the Joy Division and  New Order albums under Martin Hannett  and had also engineered various other post punk albums of the day from  the likes of The Durutti Column, A Certain Ratio and Magazine.  Together the band and Nagle created a masterpiece while not appreciated  at the time, especially by their original skinhead/Oi! fanbase. The  album would go onto influence tons of post-punk/darkwave bands that  sprouted from the ashes of punk/hardcore bands decades later and become  one of the most sought after albums of the golden age of post-punk.. So sit back and listen to these beautiful moody haunting guitars,  dancing basslines and emotionally fragile vocals all the while retaining  a punk ferocity.

BROKEN BONES "I O U Nothing" LP (Radiation Records)
Reissue of the 1984 mini LP by Stoke On Trent’s own Broken Bones, originally out on the Aggressive Rockproduktionen label and collecting their first two singles. This enhanced 2021 edition also features the full 1985 ‘Live 100 Club’ LP added as bonus.

CAMERA SILENS "Realite" LP (Euthanasie Records)
Camera Silens was a Bordeaux Punk Rock band in the same venue as Komintern Sect, RAS, No Class,… They existed from 1981 till 1988. This is their debut album from 1985, reissued in 2013 with a two color poster and insert.

COCHONNE "Emergency" LP (Sorry State Records)
The first (and only) 12" from Durham, North Carolina’s Cochonne, sung in English & French, is a document of female friendship, paranoia and desire. Fevered post-punk, punctuated with synthesizers and found noises. Descended from the likes of Rosa Yemen, Malaria! & more recently, Nots. The vinyl version is limited to 200 copies and features a silkscreened jacket, art by Jack Thegen-Crowley, and lyrics insert.

CRUCIAL RESPONSE "Puppets" 7" (Not for the Weak Records)
We stumbled across this release back in February when Felopunk YouTube channel posted it. Whoever you are, THANKS!!! NOT FOR THE WEAK is very proud to present the vinyl EP release of “PUPPETS”, by Indonesian Hardcore secret weapon, CRUCIAL RESPONSE. No...not the record label. Previously released on cassette by GREEDY DUST and MENACE RECORDS, this EP is filled with 5 tracks of truly vicious and pissed off hardcore. The thick guitars and distorted vocals follow trends of classic dbeat bands (you know the ones) though they are not a dbeat band. Instead, they stick to a more classic 1, 2 approach, while packing just as much brutality. The album art is also top notch! We’ve got to admit, it was the initial reason for us checking it out, and boy oh boy did it not disappoint. NFTW!!!

DARK, THE "All This and More" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Available for the first time domestically a collection of all The Dark's singles 1979-1982 plus rare outtakes and live cuts. The Dark were a short lived UK Punk band that hailed from Islington, London. One of the more overlooked bands that bridged the gap from 77/78 punk to the sounds of 82UK Punk/Hardcore. Known for their catchy guitar driven sound and subtle and observant lyrics dealing with relevant political concerns of the time.

DEAD WRETCHED "No Hope for You" LP (Havoc Records)
UK Import. Dead Wretched were a UK82 punk band from Birmingham UK whose sound fell right in line with contemporaries like Abrasive Wheels, Blitz and Varukers. This LP compiles both 7”s, a 1982 demo, a 1982 rehearsal tape (with unheard tracks) and a solid studio session from 2010.

DESENTERRADAS "Danzado En El Caos" LP (Symphony of Destruction Records)
1st Full Length album PostPunk / Deathrock from Mallorca. (Review Fede1984) Ladies and gentlemen, take note. Metadona stops looting graves to present us with a group with a present, even if they seem to have risen from the afterlife. It is precisely from there that they land, the beautiful Palma, in Mallorca. Unearthed they celebrate their first 10 years with “Danzando en el caos” an LP debut where after punk appears as fresh as it was in its early days. They are not dead by a miracle and with this new edition, from their already mythical tape for Sangre Azul, these young souls reestablish their bonds of evil. With lyrics in Spanish that invoke fears, passions, dramas and the smell of burning, they conjure up an album that evokes memories of the past. Now that their graves are empty we can assure you that this album is called to be a perennial classic capable of awakening your most dying smile. It really is a strange day this one in which you rediscover between whispers that suddenly you continue to adore this strange cult of blood, pain, desire and pleasure without suffering. Deep down, not everything is so bad, although when you understand that you were born to die, you know that you will not leave without setting this world on fire before leaving. Mallorca's light is famous all over the world, but not so much its coven in the shadows of the racecourse. They couldn't take it anymore and with this collection of songs they have managed to make the colors no longer shine. They are strong and their injuries make them feel less helpless when they are together. Metadona couldn't wait any longer and together with Symphony of Destruction they present us this new Balearic punk revenge that will defy all borders between dawn and dawn. Raise your body, let your heart beat, unleash the madness locked in your mind, your thirst for love is compensated. Eduardo knows it well, they are the harsh consequences of playing in the cemetery. Boys and girls, whoever warns is not a traitor. Mourning for all!

DESTRUCT "Echoes of Life" Tape (Voice From Inside Tapes)
Cassette version of Destruct's 2020 debut LP featuring bonus live tracks. Destruct deliver an absolute crusher of a debut LP following a couple recent, well-regarded demos. The sound is one that you know and are familiar with; Stoke-on-Trent, Scandanavia, and Japan, but it has been executed to its absolute maximum and captured with a clear and powerful recording. Huge, catchy riffs. Exacting rhythm. Howls of defeat, agony and pain.Taking a time-honored formula, they have lent their hand to making an album that has again breathed new life into the genre. “Echoes of Life” is a testament to the power of paying respects to a classic sound while simultaneously pushing it forward to today.

DISHUMAN Demo Tape (Roachleg Records)
This thing was out for a bit but (I think) the tapes for this recently went up for grabs? Either way I was told this is the mastered version of the demo and this shit is good. Smiled almost instantly when I heard it, I've been a little desensitized to d-beat lately but it's been a while since I heard a good ol' Dis band, raw and to the point. These young punks from Portugal got it down, can't wait to see what they do next, give it a whirl - No Deal

DISSEKERAD "Inre Strid" LP (Desolate Records)
Bulldozer hardcore punk from these Swedish veterans. Anyone who heard the Humant Blod 7" knows that these rippers aren't done setting the standard for cut to the bone kang punk. Following those recording the Swedish section of the band returned to Sweden and reentered the studio for a 3rd Dissekerad LP. Ripping and raw, unexpected and crushing... this is a hardcore record that shows that you can still make something fresh and exciting out of a well known style.

DOROTHY "I Confess / Softness" 7" (Sealed Records)
Industrial Records - the label of Throbbing Gristle first released this pop gem in October 1980 and it was possibly the straightest yet weirdest release the label ever did. Dorothy was described as a 19 year old with no prior releases, but was actually Max the drummer from Rema Rema with help in the song writing department from Alex Ferguson from Alternative TV and Genesis P-Orridge. I Confess is a perfect super cute pop ditty with lyrics that sound like a catholic confession. The flipside Softness is a DIY Disco dancefloor nugget with Dorothy's silky smooth vocals.

EDUCATION "Parenting Style" 7" (Symphony of Destruction Records)
Raw Post-Punk from Rome, Italy - 4 new tracks EP

FORGET "Once the Nightmare Started" Tape (Desolate Records)
5 track raw punk demo from Sweden / Germany. Members of Dispose. Pro dubbed cassettes. First release on Krow from Hellish View’s Disarmy Records.

FRAGMENT "Mind Convulsion" 7" (Desolate Records)
Nova Scotia's raw crusters return with 5 new tracks of blown out, heavy punk. Screen printed covers with a large fold out insert / poster featuring art by Adam Kindred / Archaic Filth. 300 copies

G.B.H. "City Baby's Revenge" LP (Radiation Records)
After the chart-topping debut City Baby Attacked By Rats, Birmingham ‘UK82’ punk pioneers Charged G.B.H. cut City Baby’s Revenge, their second release for Clay Records, and even though a mere year had passed, City Baby’s Revenge showed significant progression, Jock’s guitar more obviously inspired by metal, the lyrics more explicit and the sound even rawer than before. With a cool take of the Stooges’ ‘I Feel Alright’ and the reggae / rockabilly-esque ‘Skanga,’ this acclaimed winner is the LP that broke the band in the USA and is arguably the best they ever recorded required listening for the band’s devotees and all fans of metal-edged hardcore.

G.B.H. "Leather, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys" LP (Radiation Records)
In between the charting debut LP City Baby Attacked By Rats and the acclaimed follow-up, City Baby’s Revenge, the independent Clay Records gathered all their Charged G.B.H. singles for the shocking compilation, Leather Bristles No Survivors And Sick Boys, capturing their versatility, as well as their shit-on-you attitude. The anti-war ‘Generals’ is an early classic, ‘Necrophilia’ tests the limits via an ironic salute to copulating with corpses and there are plenty of other shock-value moments, all delivered with their trademark blend of hardcore, metal, angst, rage and humour. Essential!

GENTLEMAN JESSE "Lose Everything" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
After ten long years away from the studio, Gentleman Jesse returns to us bearing a new ten-track album that benefits greatly from the wisdom and heartbreak that a decade of life on this planet affords. An album titled "Lose Everything" is bound to have its dark side, and behind the powerful melodies and jangly guitars a hint of sadness hangs in the air. But Jesse makes a bad time a good listen—after all, he's responsible for tunes like Carbonas' "Phone Booth" and his debut single "I Don't Wanna Know." While age tends to water down the output of older musicians, it's had the opposite effect on Jesse. Gone is any semblance of kitsch or power-pop convention. Also gone are his band—he's flying solo this time. What remains is a dazzling, mature earworm of a guitar-pop album. Each record comes in a matte jacket adorned with the photography of Riley McBride and also includes a lovingly assembled booklet featuring lyrics and original woodcut prints made by the Gentleman himself.

GUERRA FINAL "S/T" 7" (Desolate Records)
Debut 7”. Fresh and pummeling D beat punk from an international crew based in Texas. Members of Obstruction, SAGAL, Ninth Circle, etc. 400 copies

HEDGEHOG "Never Die" LP (FOAD Records)
There’s no end in the tunnel of thrashing obscurities deep in the F.O.A.D.’s crypts… can you find something more obscure than this?? Known only for their appearance on the “Bondage Maniac” Vol. 1 compilation tape and few gigs in the early ’90s here’s the official reissue of HEDGE HOG‘s totally invisible demotape “Never die” + compilation tracks + 3 unreleased tunes, all recorded in 1992! HEDGE HOG (not to be confused with Hamamatsu’s Hedge Hog, also playing HC!) belong to the great generation of unsung heroes from the Bondage Maniac stables that also featured incredible gems like Slaver, Inject Brain, Scum Blast, Soltic, Warsaw and more ultra-rabid thrashers that never got the deserved recognition. Musically this is fast, incendiary Hardcore in a pure traditional Japanese way… for fans of Outo, Systematic Death, Mad Conflux and Lipcream. The band’s singer Ichi has been later appreciated for his artworks for bands like S.O.B. and Kikeiji. Sourced straight from the band’s mastertapes. LP with insert collecting rare photos and flyers.

HELLISH VIEW "Demo 2021" Tape (Desolate Records)
Hellish View return with a new line up and fresh energy. Krow, the constant force in the band and singer/ guitarist, is joined by Emily (Varix) and BB Jack. Here's a taste of what's to come... 11 raw and raging tracks of Disclose inspired punk 8 track recording by Will Desolate, mixed and mastered by Collin Gormand Weiland. 200 pro dubbed cassettes

HHH "Intelectual Punks" 7" (Desorden Records)
New repress of this ABSOLUTE essential classic of Catalunya/Spain/European hardcore. This 3 piece hardcore band from Banyoles (Girona) were an absolute outsiders from the scene going on those years and that is the reason of the name of the 7” INTELECTUAL PUNKS. “You call us intellectual punks because we are not like you. We do not frequent your environments nor do we go with your people. Intellectual punks. Do you want to offend us with this? We really can't understand your attitude. You call us intellectual punks because we write a lot of letters. With this we only intend to communicate with other people. Is it a crime to know other scenes? We really can't understand your attitude. You accuse us of being inactive because we don't show ourselves. And we have missed most of the concerts. For you the activity only comes down to this? We really can't understand your attitude.” Originally released on DISSONANCE REC. from Germany in 1986 right after their 2 great demos “Sin Identidad” and “Solidhardcore”, this was their proper vinyl debut with 9 blasting fast, raw and straight hardcore songs that became instant classics. After some strange releases appeared years after the original release, this is an official repress keeping the original artwork with fold-out cover and labels.

HOME FRONT "Think of the Lie" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
Created on the western edges of the infinite plains and prairies of coldest Canada, Edmonton, Alberta's HOME FRONT dance freely and madly along the edges of time and create their own moment amongst the revered and long frozen reserves of THE CURE, SUICIDE, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, "Second Empire Justice" era BLITZ, and NEW ORDER. A record bubbling over with analog synth, guitar loops, slammed 808 drums, and anthemic vocal pushes tugging at the great moment in-between the “death” of punk and the “birth” of new wave, pulling fresh sounds into their punk roots and shoving a studded leather jacket around a silk robe. Justice, violence, doubt and uncertainty a la Gary Numan narrating a Warren Miller Extreme Ski Special on the set of TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA: this is HOME FRONT.

New RVA Hcpunk featuring members of PUBLIC ACID.

K.U.K.L. "Holidays in Europe" LP (One Little Independent Records)
Holidays in Europe (The Naughty Nought) is the second and last studio album by the Icelandic post-punk group K.U.K.L – one of Björk’s first bands. It was released in January 1986 by Crass Records. The album was recorded at Southern Studios in London, produced by Penny Rimbaud of Crass and engineered by Mel Jefferson. The album was more complex in comparison to its predecessor The Eye, with greater use of electronic noise and distorted samples and keyboards. In a manifesto published as a Crass Records press release to announce the album, the band said: ”The Naughty Nought” pertains to the insignificance of the individual as being nothing but a numb number in a computer game of loss/profit good/evil black/white binary pairs. You are taken from Quintessence to the four elements from the Holy Trinity to duality and then from monistism to the naughty nought. In this process the music breaks the scale by thundering trumpets and pouring vials of wrath together with subtle musical poetry. The naughty nought is the source of all creative energy and is manifested through whirling cyclonic motion from the very shatters of matter to the spiralling galaxies. By contemplating the kinetic aspect of this naughty ality you gain your former potency as the master and creator without mutilating your fellow beings.”

KARMA SUTRA "Be Cruel with Your Past …" LP (Sealed Records)
Karma Sutra were an anarcho pacifist band from Luton, Bedfordshire who formed in the early 80’s after the demise of the legendary the Phallic Symbols. Karma Sutra only had one release at the time - an album self released in 1987 called Daydreams of a Production Line Worker which came towards the end of their lifetime. Sealed Records now release the earlier years of demos and compilation tracks on a 15 track round up. Be Cruel with Your Past and all Who Seek to Keep you There includes their first and primitive demo The New Economy Roast from 1983. It’s very basic and has a Bullshit Detector Compilation quality to it. A few years later came the second demo Shoppers Paradise which is the best material Karma Sutra recorded. Six tracks of well produced classic 80’s Anarcho punk with a driving sound. It’s passionate, tuneful and politically aware. How this wasn’t released at the time on vinyl, is a travesty. Also included is two tracks from the Mortarhate Compilations Who? What? Why? When? Where? and We Don't Want Your Fucking Law!. Finally the last three tracks were from the final line up of the band and were recorded with Spon from UK Decay adding more post punk elements to the sound. The LP comes with a 40 page booklet of Lyrics, handouts, fanzine interviews and statements.

KOMA "Internment Failure" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Leeds/London band KOMA deliver their debut LP "Internment Failure": 12 tracks of brutal, unrelenting, constantly contorting and mutating hardcore - perfectly encapsulating the desperation of living in the final generations of a failed state, watching the life of the planet ebb away. Frantically written and recorded across 2 cities within the band's first 12 months of existence, KOMA casts a wide net of global influences but refuses to be indebted to any one singular band or scene. At times recalling the classic Finnish & Swedish hardcore of MELLAKKA and CRUDE SS mixed with the raw distorted brute power of VOĈO PROTESTA and BASTARD; echoes of the unhinged mayhem of ATAQUE FRONTAL and CHAIN REACTION subside to moments of gothic tension like TOŽIBABE and PYHÄKOULU. KOMA makes a bold and ambitious statement of intent, a wholly-realised vision and fully-formed sound of pummeling riffs and powerful vocals that will remind of SACRILEGE's debut.

LASSO "S/T" 7" (Sorry State Records)
Sorry State is proud to present the debut 8-song EP from Brazil’s Lasso. These eight short, fast songs fit with the long tradition of raw and urgent hardcore punk bands from Lasso’s part of the world, but there’s more than just aggro here. Lasso’s secret weapon is the subtle death rock sensibility that cuts through their songs, manifesting in the dynamic and memorable songcraft and in the dark, melodic guitar leads that occasionally pierce the mix. Carlos Casotti’s cover art beautifully captures the tension in Lasso’s music, balancing intensity and elegance in a way that’s immediately striking, but rich in depth and detail. Like other classic bands who blended hardcore and death rock—Rudimentary Peni, Part 1, False Confession—Lasso’s music is like an eerie and intense nightmare that stays with you long after you wake up.

LAST RESORT, THE "A Way of Life: Skinhead Anthems" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Vinyl reissue! The Last Resort's debut album is an unrelenting piece of UK Oi!, absolutely essential to any fan of the genre. Originally released in 1982, the album reveals influences of a.o. Sham 69 and The Cockney Rejects, but not without a strong personality of its own.

LEWD, THE "Demo-strations (Demos and Sessions 1978-80)" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
The Lewd were one of the coolest and best West Coast (Seattle/SF) Punk /Hardcore bands of the late 70s /early 80s. Known for their sought after KBD 7' single 'Kill Yourself' (1979) and their classic LP 'American Wino' (1982) This collection of demos from 1979 to 1980 bridges the gap between their 70s punk days in Seattle and 80s Hardcore days in San Francisco. The LP contains their awesome 1979 Demo, unreleased songs from the 'American Wino' LP sessions and 1980 studio tracks from a session for Subterranean Records in SF.

LIFE SENTENCE "S/T" LP (Radiation Records)
Legendary Chicago hardcore punks Life Sentence began their self-titled debut in 1985 with vocalist/bassist Joe Losurdo, drummer Tom O’Connor, guitarist/vocalist Eric Brockman and vocalist Ray Morris. Morris quit before the record was finished and the band became a trio with Losurdo taking over the lead vocals duties with occasional help from Brockman. Above O’Connor’s pounding rolls, Losurdo’s melodic bass lines and Brockman’s scathing lead licks, Losurdo and Brockman spit furious lines about police harassment, the futility of war, unemployment, and other burning issues, as well as punk’s commercialisation; raw, raging, and excellently executed, this is first-rate US Midwest hardcore, influential in its day, and still blistering.

MIA / GENOCIDE "Last Rites for Genocide and MIA" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Originally released on seminal LA label Smoke Seven Records (JFA/Bad Religion/Redd Cross) in 1982 and never reissued or repressed in any format since its original release. This legendary West Coast / East Coast split LP is now available once again on PNV Records. MIA were from Las Vegas and later relocating to Southern California, they would go onto release albums on Alternative Tentacles, Nation Trust and Flipside Records. Known for their melodic Hardcore sound and amazing vocalist Mike Conely and pioneering melodic guitar sound. Genocide was an over-the-top splatter punk band from New Jersey who sounded and looked a band from a Mad Max movie. The original version nowadays goes for $100s of dollars and is considered an American Hardcore classic.

NEWTOWN NEUROTICS "Beggars Can Be Choosers" LP (Radiation Records)
Radiation Deluxe Series present a reissue of Newtown Neurotics' Beggars Can Be Choosers, originally released in 1983. As suggested by the name of the group, Newtown Neurotics was a product of suburban Britain. Formed in 1979 in the anonymous town of Harlow in Essex (which had been established as a planned city to house displaced families in the aftermath of World War II), lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Steve Drewett took an openly socialist stance within the band, steering their music in a bid for stimulating social change, much in the manner of Joe Strummer in The Clash or punk troubadour, Billy Bragg; The Ramones also provided early musical inspiration, along with the deep and heavy sounds of roots reggae from Jamaica. Along with bassist and backing vocalist Colin Dredd (AKA Colin Masters), demos and early singles featured drummer Tig Barber, who was replaced by Simon O'Brien (AKA Simon Lomond) in 1981. The cassette release Pissed As A Newt surfaced in small quantities, but their proper debut album arrived in 1983 in the form of Beggars Can Be Choosers, a masterwork of political punk with pop and reggae leanings; in addition to spurring their listeners to wake up and take direct action on the disc, the album also addresses teen angst, messy relationships and the caustic nature of boredom and apathy, as well as gender inequality and racial tensions. Closing number, "Living With Unemployment" was co-written by JM Carroll and Nicky Tesco of The Members.

R.O.B.O. "Contaminas" 7" (Discos MeCagoEnDios)
R.O.B.O. with no doubt is one of the most sincere, direct and killer line-ups from Madrid underground scene. Absolutely  no nonsenses or bullshits, just raw punk with pessimistic lyrics cause the global situation is nothing to write home about. This splendid brand new 7" on Discosmecagoendios includes two song taken for their upcoming album, with two other exclusive tracks for this release.

RECKONING FORCE "Broken State" LP (Not for the Weak Records)
Following up their 2019 Self-Titled EP, RECKONING FORCE delivers their highly anticipated Long Player “BROKEN STATE”. After countless hometown gigs and a few out of town getaways before the global crises of 2020, “RF” took the down time to hone their energy towards these 10 trenchant tracks. While continuing to hold down their early 80s USHC roots, the band's European debts will doubtfully go unnoticed. Wrapping up in under 18 minutes, the record is driven by angry and infectious vocals accompanied by blistering fast and tightly unison guitar and drums. Recorded and Mixed in Norfolk, VA at Studio 239B by Jordan Greenough, and glossed over with a beautiful Master by the King, Will Killingswoth. Each record comes in a standard LP glue pocket with art illustrated by the band’s very own Joey Ilardi.

ROKY ERICKSON & THE ALIENS "The Modern Humans' Show" LP (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
This is one of the greatest radio shows ever made onto a record as it combines a Radio interview with Roky Erickson in full gloom while he is presenting the demos of tracks that ended up on the great The Evil One LP. Earlier versions of Mine Mine Mind, Two Headed Dog, and Click Your Fingers applauding the play previously released on vinyl by France's Sponge Records in 1976. The bonuses (interviews, demos, rarities) are dandy, but the album is treasure enough. Its retro-metal chops have more kaboom than the irony-diluted pap of current poseurs, and its bent lyrics mop the floor with wannabe-kooks like Jad Fair. Some savvy touches- such as Roky's progressive pre-PC designation that the swamp monsters are 'alligator-persons'- hint that Roky was more lucid than he let on.

SAMHAIN "Last Gasp on Earth" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Formed by vocalist Glenn Danzig in 1983, immediately following his departure from the Misfits, and active until 1987, Samhain are one of the most influential horror punk bands of all times. Live tracks from legendary performances at Cabaret Metro in Chicago, Wabash Hall in San Diego, previously unreleased studio outtakes and more rare tracks who'd appeal to all Misfits/Danzig die-hards out there.

SEDICION "Extintos" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Considered by many as the best Hardcore Punk band from Mexico. This album is a highly sought-after classic furious noisy punk classic. Originally released in a limited run in 1988 only in Mexico. PNV is happy to make this long out print album available outside of Mexico for the first time.

SOCIO LA DIFEKTA "Kreski" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
Tokyo, Japan's SOCIO LA DIFEKTA have bestowed upon the international punk community a barn burner of a slab in the form of this, the "KRESKI" EP. Featuring members of regional greats like UNARM and MALIMPLIKI among others, this smashing debut contains 6 tracks of rabid yet precise hardcore punk topped off by the dual vocals of Nanae and Iŝimura catapulting their fierce howls in the Esperanto language. Recorded by Shigenori Kobayashi at Tokyo's legendary Noise Room, each record comes in a stunning DIY print sleeve along with a fold out insert chock full of the lyrics and their translations into Japanese and English; all of which was designed and laid out by bassist and renowned visual artist Ippei Matsui.

SOLUCION MORTAL "Fairmont 1984" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
The debut release from long running Mexican Punk band Solucion Mortal. Solucion Mortal were from Tijuana forming in 1981. Since they were from near the border, they were able to come up and play shows in Southern California much easier than many other Mexican Punk bands. Along with playing gigs in So Cal their inclusion on high profile punk comps on labels such as BCT Tapes out of San Diego, ROIR tapes out of New York and New Wave Records out of France made them one of the most well-known punk bands from Mexico. This legendary 1984 tape only release will be available on vinyl for the first time. Recorded at Fairmont Hall in San Diego. Blazing heavy urgent chaotic punk from the 80s. For Fans Of: Ataque Frontal, Xenofobia, Los Monjo, Discharge, Autopsia, Atoxxico

SPEED PLANS "Field of Vision" 7" (Self Released)
Ripping fast af hardcore from Pittsburgh. Speed Plans foregrounds their early 80s USHC influences, but aren’t afraid to bring in catchy mid-paced parts or slightly melodic lead guitar licks. I would imagine they like the Adolescents just as much as they like the Negative Approach EP or Victim in Pain, even if the latter two influences are more prominent in their music.

STINGRAY "Feeding Time" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Chaos and punishment battle for supremacy in the battlefields of Albion once again as the unyielding carnage of STINGRAY overloads your stereo and stains your brain. Putrefacting punk gnashing between metal stained flourishes of hateful competence and a touch of total rhythmic lobotomy. Tin Savage’s fantastic growled vocals trample his unmistakable London drawl across the five muscular and sickening tracks, the result of which is the musical child of ASID, ENT, SHOK, BGK, and a musical representation of two skeletons strutting through an alleyway on an early 80s CHUY-designed AGNOSTIC FRONT flyer. Boasting an A-Team of London punk minds, a real lust for metallic punk a la GBH and enough panache to make an ear piercing racket sound stylish: Stingray are simply on fucking fire.

SUFFOCATING MADNESS "S/T" 7" (Roachleg Records)
Absolute crack your mind up Scandi Style Hardcore played by veterans of ex Infernoh, Bloodkrow Butcher, Savageheads, Scapegoat, Koward, Terrorist, Extended Hell, Ect.. Split Release with Active-8 Boston.

V/A "A Country Fit for Heroes Vol. 1" Compilation LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Repressed for the first time since being released in 82, Puke n Vomit is releasing both volumes of what are now considered essential slices of 82 UK/PUNK/Oi! from the legendary No Future Records.The comp feature many exclusive and rare early demo versions of tracks from well known scene defining bands such as  Violators, One Way System, Attak, Crux along with other obscure and lesser known bands such as Pseudo Sadists, Chaotic Youth, Protest, Hostile Youth among others.

V/A "Bootboy Discotheque Vol. 1" LP (You Better Run Records)
If you went down the wrong alleyway, took a shortcut through the park or crossed the wrong open space after dark in the UK in the 1970s, you stood a fair chance of being accosted by someone with a big mouth, low morals, and some gurning mates to impress, usually reeking of fags and cheap booze and always ready to put the boot in. And, before you could say, "sickening violence", a short but chaotic scuffle would ensue and a winner eventually emerge, battle scarred and bruised. The boot boy was the worst kind of hooligan. There wasn't anything you could do or say to appease him. You had the same chance as a fly caught up in a spider's web. Zero. Your best bet was to run. His intent was always to give you, and vicariously the rest of the world, a good kicking. Thugs, long-haired louts, short-haired louts; the anti-hippy. Birds, booze, bovver, and football on their criminal minds. So, fasten your braces for a white knuckle-duster ride. 14 bovver rock bruisers for all of you peace-loving losers. Somebody's going to get their head kicked in tonight... Put the boot in. Features Bill Case, 32nd Turn Off, Boots, Leather Head, Big T, Phil Canning, Things Fall Apart, Redhead, Giggles, Westland Steamboat, Brother Susan, Scruff, π r ², and The Knuckle Dusters.

V/A "Life is Beautiful, So Why Not Eat Health Foods" LP (Radiation Records)
First-ever vinyl reissue for this seminal compilation of early California Hardcore Punk, originally issued on the NEW UNDERGROUND  label in 1983. Featuring such names as the GERMS, M.I.A., CHINA  WHITE, SHATTERED FAITH along with more obscure ones as Marshall Mellow, Ill Will, Powertrip. Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. FULLY REMASTERED AUDIO, INCLUDES DOUBLE SIDED INSERT WITH LINER NOTES BY SUSAN SWEAR. "Once you listen to the bands on “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself”, and the other two volumes: “Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods” and “Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record”, the listener will agree that these are some of the best punk compilations of their time. No punk record collection is complete without copies of these albums, and it is amazing how time has forgotten and overlooked the impact and important piece of punk music history they are a part of. Now, thanks to Radiation Records, all three “Life Is” record compilations by New Underground Records are being re-released. Almost 40 years after their initial release, the “Life Is” compilations are the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic world we are currently living in." (Susan Swear)

V/A "Life is Boring, So Why Not Steal this Record" LP (Radiation Records)
First-ever vinyl reissue for this seminal compilation of early California Hardcore Punk, originally issued on the NEW UNDERGROUND  label in 1983. Featuring such names as the GERMS, MINUTEMEN,  SIN 34, SHATTERED FAITH along with more obscure, experimental ones as DOO-DOOETTES, MODERN TORTURE, and TONE DEAF. Artwork by Raymond Pettibon. FULLY REMASTERED AUDIO, INCLUDES DOUBLE SIDED INSERT WITH  LINER NOTES BY SUSAN SWEAR. "Once you listen to the bands on “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself”, and the other two volumes: “Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods” and “Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record”, the listener will agree that these are some of the best punk compilations of their time. No punk record collection is complete without copies of these albums, and it is amazing how time has forgotten and overlooked the impact and important piece of punk music history they are a part of. Now, thanks to Radiation Records, all three “Life Is” record compilations by New Underground Records are being re-released. Almost 40 years after their initial release, the “Life Is” compilations are the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic world we are currently living in."

V/A "Life is Ugly, So Why Not Kill Yourself" LP (Radiation Records)
First-ever vinyl reissue for this seminal compilation of early California Hardcore Punk, originally issued on the NEW UNDERGROUND label in 1982. Featuring such names as the DESCENDENTS, MINUTE-MEN, ANTI, SACCHARINE TRUST, REDD CROSS along with more obscure ones as CIVIL DISMAY, ILL WILL, or ZURICh 1916. FULLY REMASTERED AUDIO, INCLUDES DOUBLE SIDED INSERT WITH LINER NOTES BY SUSAN SWEAR. "Once you listen to the bands on “Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself”, and the other two volumes: “Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods” and “Life Is Boring So Why Not Steal This Record”, the listener will agree that these are some of the best punk compilations of their time. No punk record collection is complete without copies of these albums, and it is amazing how time has forgotten and overlooked the impact and important piece of punk music history they are a part of. Now, thanks to Radiation Records, all three “Life Is” record compilations by New Underground Records are being re-released. Almost 40 years after their initial release, the “Life Is” compilations are the perfect soundtrack for the chaotic world we are currently living in." (Susan Swear)

V/A "Propaganda Hardcore '83" Compilation LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
From the vaults of pioneering and seminal Finnish Punk Hardcore Label Propaganda Records. PNV reissues domestically for the first time this amazing compilation from 1983. Features tracks from some of the best Finnish Punk Hardcore bands ever, featuring Kansan Uutiset, Riistetyt, Aparat, Rattus, TampereSS, Protesti, Bastards and many others.

V/A "Punk and Disorderly (No Future)" Compilation LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
PNV brings you two new exclusive volumes inspired by the legendary 80s Punk and Disorderly UK Punk series of compilations. Each volume features bands from the three original volumes in the series. The tracks/bands are now on separate collections divided by label. We’ve licensed photos from UK photographer Virginia Turbett, who supplied all the original photos used for the cover art for the original albums. Each LP looks amazing and fits esthetically in with the original series albums, making them instantly recognizable. All the No Future bands are on the No Future comp, not only do you get the original comp tracks, but we’ve added more tracks from those bands from the No Future vaults. 16 blazing tracks of essential 82 UK punk from the likes of Violators, Blitz, The Samples, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Red Alert, The Partisans and The Insane.

V/A "Punk and Disorderly (Riot City)" Compilation LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
PNV brings you two new exclusive volumes inspired by the legendary 80s Punk and Disorderly UK Punk series of compilations. Each volume features bands from the three original volumes in the series. The tracks/bands are now on separate collections divided by label. We’ve licensed photos from UK photographer Virginia Turbett, who supplied all the original photos used for the cover art for the original albums. Each LP looks amazing and fits esthetically in with the original series albums, making them instantly recognizable. All the Riot City bands are on the Riot City comp, not only do you get the original comp tracks, but we’ve added more tracks from those bands from the Riot City vaults. 16 blazing tracks of essential 82 UK punk from the likes of Vice Squad, The Ejected, Abrasive Wheels, The Expelled, The Insane, Court Martial, and Chaos UK.

V/A "Rapsodie en France" Compilation LP (World Gone Mad Records)
Official reissue of the classic 1985 comp tape "Rapsodie en France Vol. 1" from Jungle Hop International. In my opinion, this is one of the best and last classic 80s tape comps to receive a proper vinyl treatment. Painstakingly remastered from the best possible source materials to maximize the audio assault. We also conducted an interview with one of the original creators of the Jungle Hop International label, Pierre, included in a 24 page fanzine booklet, along with the original layout of the cassette as well. None of these bands need an introduction, they're all the crème de la crème of the early days of the French HC/Punk scene. The LP features LES VANDALES, RAPT, FINAL BLAST, KROMOZOM 4, BUTCHER, HEIMAT-LOS, LES BLOODY FUCKERS and GONOCOKE

VARUKERS "Prepare for the Attack" LP (Havoc Records)
Originally released in Brazil in 1986 this LP compiles studio and live tracks from the Varukers. Most of these tracks were available on other releases, but some are alternate versions or only appeared on comps. No doubt the best single volume introduction to this important UK hardcore/punk band.

WALL, THE "Personal Troubles and Public Issues" LP (Puke N Vomit Records)
Available for the first time domestically a truly underappreciated UK Punk/Post-Punk classic. Unlike many of their peers at the time of release in 1980 The Wall would release this amazing outsider album that retained the energies of Punk but also incorporated elements of Post Punk and Art Punk. The album produced by Sham 69 producer Pete Wilson stands out as one Punks darkest and starkest albums of 1980.

"War on Illusion Zine" Collection Book (End Hits Records)
In the early 1990s, the hardcore-punk scene was open to new influences and ideas as never before. Therefore, spirituality became a part of it and bands like Shelter, 108 and Prema were formed combining punk rock and Vedic philosophy. Besides founding Equal Vision, Ray Cappo and Porcell (Schism Fanzine, Youth Of Today, Judge, Project X) also wanted to show the background of their newly found lifestyle by publishing a fanzine and talking to other musicians who were interested in Krishna Consicousness and Far Eastern tenets. The WAR ON ILLUSION fanzine was born in which Porcell tried to explain what had motivated and inspired him and others in three issues with columns, tour reports and interviews. For the first time, all three issues are combined in one zine with reproduced original layouts and exclusive interviews with Youth Of Today, Snapcase, Baby Gopal, Prema, 108, Downset, Sepultura & Texas Is The Reason. Additionally, there is an in-depth interview with Porcell led by Javier from "Where It Went Podcast.”

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