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Webstore Update - March 31, 2022
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Webstore update #2 for 2022! Some great new stuff in here, like the Mercenary discography LP, a new 7" from White Stains, new LP from Fatamorgana, reissues from Slickee BoysG.B.H.D.O.A.Legion of Parasites"Thrash Til Death" Japanese Hardcore compilation (w/ GauzeLipcreamSystematic Death, and Outo), and a ton of new tapes from XeroImploders, and Semtex 87. We also got more of the newest Generacion Suicida LP back in stock (first copies we had sold out extremely fast).
A ton of additional new stuff and restocks from your favorite labels like Beach Impediment, Feel It, Neon Taste, Havoc, La Vida Es Un Mus, Frontier, Beer City, Radiation, and MUCH MORE.
Also, still have plenty from our last update, including the Rudimentary Peni Death Church LP reissue, Fucked Up Epics in Minutes singles collection, new releases from S.H.I.T.GameTempterVivisected NumbskullsNecro HeadsFazeCutters, and more!
Full list is below! Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore ....
MERCENARY "Demos Collection" LP (Beach Impediment)
While this is titled “Demos Collection,” it’s actually a discography–the collected works of one of the most ferocious hardcore groups to come out of the Southeast in the last decade. Mercenary’s noisy, heavy riffing blends Scandinavian and Japanese influences, and the drums blaze a frantic d-beat. It’s the vocals, though, that propel their recordings into the stratosphere. Vocalist Michael “Ruby” Rubenstein was at his most unchained in Mercenary, and his performance here has been likened to a “Neanderthal’s battle cry.” While modern science has concluded that Neanderthals were complex primates capable of art and symbolic thought, they were probably terrifying to face in a struggle for survival. While they had some enticing opportunities, the band never committed anything to vinyl save a comp track. They broke up in 2015, leaving behind two tapes and achieving legendary status for their pummeling live performances in Atlanta. In 2021, Ruby passed away unexpectedly, a devastating loss for friends, punks, and music dorks around the world. This album is not only a brutal slab of tuneage, it’s also an important artifact representing Ruby’s life and his love of music. The tracks on this LP have been remixed and remastered to better capture the band’s intensity, and the album comes with a foldout insert and a photo of Ruby in action along with stark cover art by Joe Della. If Mercenary flew under your radar the first time, you missed out. Snag this once and future bonzer now. Proceeds from the sales of this record will go to the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition along with some other projects and causes in memory of Ruby that his beloved friends are still in the midst of planning. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies.

PEACE DECAY "Death is Only …" LP (Beach Impediment)
Here we have it, the debut release from the Austin, TX hardcore punk powerhouse known as PEACE DECAY. "Death is Only..." features six tracks of the blazing and pummeling hardcore ferocity you'd expect from a group consisting of current and former members of VAASKA, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, GUERRA FINAL and many more acts the great nation of Texas has bequeathed to us, the hardcore faithful, over the past few decades or so. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, each record comes in a full color matte jacket adorned with cover art by vocalist Enok Vazquez and also features a stunning 11" x 17" collage by Barcelona visual artist and analog collagist JFKollages. Much like death, this initial offering from PEACE DECAY is only the beginning.

ILLITERATES "S/T" LP (Kill Enemy Records)
Debut LP from this killer US hardcore band out of Pittsburgh.

WHITE STAINS "Blood on the Beach" 7" (Neon Taste Records)
The drudgery of the last few months are over and we've got 4 new tracks of punk rock expressed through what sounds like plaque-caked teeth and furry tongues. "Blood On The Beach" is made up of four drunken gospels to the gods of Nowhere and Boredom. Keith's "I'd-rather-be-watching-sitcoms" vocals are backed up with a band that might not know how to do anything better than play American Hardcore the way it was meant to be played. Ferocity in salty leather and ripped jeans. Artwork by Keith Caves. RIYL Fang, Sick Pleasure, The Living.

ROMERO "Turn It On!" LP (Feel It Records)
The debut full length from Melbourne, Australia’s ROMERO is a burst of hard hitting, punk-laced powerpop. Well informed by the classics and every bit as relevant-as-it-is timeless, "Turn It On!" is a memorable party. An album that captures the vitality of a young band hitting their stride and doing it on their own terms without a single note of indecision. Much in the way that The Undertones, Blondie, and even Big Star debuted with a sense of purpose, ROMERO invite us to eleven tracks of soulful powerpop gold. Sharp production across "Turn It On!" catapults the impressive guitar work of both Adam Johnstone and Fergus Sinclair to the front of the mix alongside Alanna Oliver’s heart-pounding energy and show-stealing vocal prowess. Anchored by the smooth rhythm pocket of Justin “Murry” Tawil and Dave Johnstone, ROMERO waste no time in showing their hand on the quick-paced album opener ‘Talk About It’ - recalling 80’s powerpop rhapsodies. The title track beckons bodies to the dancefloor with a rich Runaways-like temper that naturally explodes into a fiery guitar solo. Meanwhile ‘Halfway Out The Door’ and ’White Dress’ show off the band’s adept ballad-writing, boasting truly emotional highs, lows and soaring choruses. Those hip to the incredible debut ROMERO single - ‘Honey’ b/w ‘Neapolitan’ (Cool Death, 2020) will be overjoyed to see these relatable anthems recast in the album’s tracklisting. "Turn It On!" reveals stories of personal striving, restarting, mulling-over the unsaid, resisting control, deteriorating relationships, the emotional throes of uncertainty and celebrating growth through all such experiences. The rollercoaster of life is mirrored by the sonic and lyrical turns ROMERO have crafted into their debut album - a hopeful tonic for whatever you’re going through, and a dose of excitement for what’s to come.

FATAMORGANA "Ahora Aqui, Todavia No" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Fatamorgana is the Universe, and Ahora Aquí, Todavía No the journey that will take you through it. Patrycja and Louis will be your guides, and with their Bass Station, RX11, JP-8000 and ethereal voices acting as a synth-pop spaceship, all the marvels and mysteries they have seen will be revealed, because they “want to fly and swim at once, forever, in another density”. The Barcelona-based duo continue to hone their brand of electronic post-punk, dishing out beats, hooks and atmospherics in generous servings, and whilst it retains much of the stark minimalism of their first LP (2019's Terra Alta), Ahora Aquí, Todavía No somehow feels deeper, more lush and considered. Clearly influenced by music from the 1980s – synth-pop, new wave, post-punk – Fatamorgana manage to create a sound that avoids standard retro manouevering, landing instead on something distinctly their own - an album made from cold sounds, that in their union become warm. A record that could just as easily soundtrack an afternoon's solitary contemplation as a night on the dancefloor.

ACID CASUALTIES Demo Tape (Neon Taste Records)
After spending their disformative years on a steady diet of CULO, POISON IDEA and NEOS, it became only obvious that ACID CASUALTIES would have barfed up this debut, "Victims Of Psychick Warfare" at some point. We're just lucky we were in the right place at the right time to get a bit of the spillage on tape. Like being executed inside the engine of a 747 at 50,000 feet, these 7 tracks push as much air around as anything else. Just below the soaring, hurricane winds are hooks and songs that could have been toyed around by DEEP WOUND. Ever hear that live bootleg of KORO and UNITED MUTATION playing at the same time in a wind tunnel? No? Well it sounds a lot like this.

CHAIN WHIP "Two Step to Hell" LP (Neon Taste Records)
Six tracks of Vancouver, BC hardcore. Chain Whip formed in 2018 with the sole intention of playing their favorite blend of hardcore punk. Part KBD, part California beach, part grimy Vancouver. This 12" E.P. finds the band in a faster, more furious mode with five original tracks written and recorded in the height of the 2020 Pandemic. 3 tracks are re-recorded and polished versions from their 2020 Demo (being pressed on LP RIGHT NOW by No Spirit in Germany) while the others are brand new Chain Whip recordings. The final track, Death Was Too Kind was written by Brian Goble and recorded by the Subhumans.

IMPLODERS "EXD" Tape (Neon Taste Records)
Imploders climbed out of their mom's basements and recorded this radio session for Toronto's long running Equalizing Distort Radio show. 10 live tracks on cassette including 6 new songs. This is a bit of a precursor to the 12" we'll be putting out with them in 2022. Hideously beautiful artwork by Dylan "Skulls" Bowden. Play with the Imploders puzzle box and you'll end up the same. FFO: Circle Jerks, Consumers. Limited to 300 copies. Don't sleep.

SEMTEX 87 Demo Tape (Roachleg Records)

XERO Demo Tape (Roachleg Records)

SLICKEE BOYS "Here to Stay" 7" (Vinyl Conflict Records)
Washington DC's first wave punk band! Originally released in 1981, this is their 5th single. This single finds their band in their full stride and possibly their most aggressive track on the A-side. We release 500 copies (200 on white and 300 on black). Mastered off of a virgin vinyl copy. You've either owned this single for years, or about to be exposed to something really fun! This is one of my favorite tracks to come from the Washington area, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have the chance to re-release it!

G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats (Splatter Vinyl)" LP (Radiation Records)
Radiation Records present a reissue of GBH's City Baby Attacked By Rats, originally released in 1982. Street punk pioneers Charged GBH formed in Birmingham in 1978, the name referencing original bassist Sean McCarthy's trial for grievous bodily harm. The in-your-face hardcore of EP Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne, paved the way for super-charged debut LP, City Baby Attacked By Rats, which hit the number two position on the British indie charts on release in 1982, as well as the mainstream top 20, despite being released by tiny independent, Clay Records. With a touch of Motorhead and Sabbath beneath their straight-up hardcore, City Baby is where the legend begins, capturing GBH at their bloodiest.

PARANOIA "Shattered Glass" LP (Radiation Records)
Skating the lines of punk, post-punk and goth, Paranoia was formed in the northern potter’s town of Stoke On Trent from the ashes of politically-oriented protest group, Civil Defence. With the Brereton Brothers on drums and guitar, and bassist Mick Edgington and his wife Jan on vocals, the group had an intimacy not often encountered in punk, their outlook and northern location bringing them onto Riot Squad’s Rot Records for this sole LP. The music is fast, bold and deals with pertinent themes, “Vietnam,” “1984” and “My World” protesting political failures, “Dead Mans Dreams” and “Man In Black” edging towards the gothic. An overlooked classic that reflects the underground musical shifts of the early 1980s.

LOUD NIGHT "Mindnumbing Pleasure" LP (Vinyl Conflict Records)
Run wild in the streets. Attack, assess, adjust, and reattack as we prepare for another LOUD NIGHT.  Alerting all ears to the hell we hear, as all the world's eyes stare at the Mindnumbing Pleasure they fear. This debut LP swells with the strength of the street and swiftly penetrates corroded ancient engines with slick lubricating down beat hardcore punk metal madness. This mean-machine belt-feeds you 13 bursts of roaring black motor magic that only runs hot and never shuts off.  "We need it now more than ever! It's gotta be loud or never!!!"

LEGION OF PARASITES "S/T" LP  (Fanclub Pressing)
This fanclub collection features tracks from this UK punk band's two demos from 1982, and the Undesirable Guests 12" from 1984.  "LOP can be said to be a classic early UK hardcore band so details about them are rather easy to find now. But still, let me brief you a bit. The band formed in Bedford more or less officially around 1982 and recorded their first demo the same. Another Disaster was a primitive and quite discordant thoroughly enjoyable twelve-song effort if you are, like myself, into raw and energetic snotty anarchopunk, a bit like a cross between early Flux of Pink Indians, Disorder or early Anti-System, with some songs pointing at the fast noisy hardcore unit they would soon become although a significant portion of the demo was still traditional mid-paced anarcho music. Undesirable Guests can be seen as a perfect record once you get used to the so-bad-that-it's-good artwork. Like the previous demo, LOP's 1984 12'' without a doubt delivered a severe blow of anarcho hardcore thrash and, as could be expected, the sound on the record is clearer and cleaner but still rooted in the raw punk tradition. In 1984, they were not the only band delivering goods of that sort in the world of hardcore, although you could claim that few others delivered goods of that caliber. But what made LOP stand out was how genuinely catchy and anthemic their songs sounded like. While most fast bands of the era were perfectly happy to inflict six equal slices of all out bollocking hardcore to the eager listener - and I for one am perfectly happy to be inflicted such an pleasurable hardcore punishment - LOP's songs offered some significant variations in terms of tunes and speed. In fact, on the record, LOP make me think of a hardcore thrash version of Subhumans. Of course, there is a vocal closeness but there are also a lot of clever guitar leads and inventive technical drum beats highly reminiscent, probably unintentionally, of the anarchopunk classic and it has to be said that, just like Subhumans, LOP were a tight and proficient lot by 1984." - Terminal Sound Nuisance blog

V/A "Thrash Til Death" Compilation LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub pressing of this Japanese hardcore comp featuring Gauze, Lipcream, Systematic Death, and Outo.

D.O.A. "Hardcore 81" LP (Pasazer Records)
40th Anniversary European Pressing. DOA are the godfathers and pioneers of Canada's hardcore scene. "Hardcore 81" is their second album from 1981. Probably the first album where the term "hardcore" appeared. There are DOA's flagship tracks (Fucked Up Baby, Smash The State, Slumlord etc), and the band performs in their most classic line-up: JOEY SHITHEAD, CHUCK BISCUITS, RANDY RAMPAGE and DAVE GREGG. This album is the pearl and the cornerstone of the hardcore punk scene - without it, there wouldn't be a ton of modern bands. The 40th Anniversary Special features three additional tracks from the singles "Disco Sucks" (1978), "The Prisoner" (1978) and "Fucked Up Ronnie" (1981), and a large booklet with an album release story by singer Joey Shithead , and a lot of photos and flyers from this period.

DISCARD "Death from Above" 7" (Insane Society Records)
Here's some classic d-beat tunes from a pioneering band for the d-beat swedish punk. Discard was formed in early/mid 80's and members were involved with bands such as Mob 47 & Protest Bengt (Åke, Chrille) and Agoni (Per). They were one of the first bands that gave breath to the Discharge worship in the Swedish scene the latter years. Death from Above EP was released by Jesus Kudd records in 1990 and was much later re-released by Rodel Records and it consists of six dis-tracks coming straight outta the Discharge recordings of the "Hear nothing..." era, nothing more or less than that. Discard had also a demo tape from 1985 (where all the tracks coming from), the Four Minutes past Midnight full length and contributed tracks in Really Fast Vol 3 compilation.

STAR PARTY "Meadow Flower" LP (Feel It Records)
Star Party began in March 2020 as a Seattle living room project between Carolyn Brennan and Ian Corrigan (Gen Pop, Vexx) - both sharing a love of high energy rock n roll music. The idea to start a band percolated during trips to the high deserts of eastern Washington to pick sage and see the sun as a brief reprieve from the misty and gray Pacific Northwestern Spring. A few months later, Star Party released Demo 2020 on Feel It Records, featuring two originals and covers of The Shop Assistants' "Something to Do" and the classic "All I Really Wanna Do" (in the vein of Cher's version). Over the course of 2021, Star Party wrote and recorded their debut LP, Meadow Flower, wherever and whenever they could. Employing like-minded Feel It label mate Caufield Schnug of Sweeping Promises (who also moonlights as one part of Melody Men Mastering) to mix and master the album, Meadow Flower follows a direct line from where Demo 2020 left off. Brennan's soft and clearly American vocals float over waves of feedback and drum machine racket like a delicate mist sitting just above a mountain lake. Melodies bob and weave inside an omnipresent static that fills in every nook and cranny of the recording. Drawing from a quiver of influences such as Black Tambourine, Confuse (JP), The Count Five, and of course The Shop Assistants (RIP Alex Taylor), Star Party's debut album seamlessly meshes together noise, melody, and harmony.

MAN-EATERS "Twelve More Observations" LP (Feel It Records)
From the great city of Chicago, returning to the limelight after their widely acclaimed debut LP, are none other than the almighty MAN-EATERS. Twelve More Observations on Healthy Living kicks right back into the 70's-inspired hard rock and proto-punk/metal hooks delivered on their debut. Much like the great Annihilation Time, our friends in Man-Eaters have really come into their own on this second album - applying the energy and chops built up from their hardcore days in Cülo into a heavier, louder, and pummeling hard rock equivalent. This is one for the beer drinkers and hell raisers, for the punks and metalheads - a damn fine rock'n'roll album that's fast, loose, and ready to be cranked LOUD! Packaged in a stunning full color jacket with original artwork from the band's own Drügface plus a 24x24 poster of the cover art and 16 page zine with lyrics & more.

ALIEN NOSEJOB "Paint it Clear" LP (Feel It Records)
One of the most familiar faces in the busy Melbourne music scene; Jake Robertson (who you may remember from such class acts as Ausmuteants, Hierophants, School Damage, et al) returns in full-fledged form with another unruly record from his solo alter-ego ALIEN NOSEJOB. Thirteen months on since the hardcore-punk inspired concept album, ‘Once Again The Present Becomes The Past’, Alien Nosejob turns the ship back to front and sails in a new direction, yet again. Paint It Clear mixes sounds of classic 80’s new wave and post punk whilst sprinkling in the occasional disco track on top. But don’t let these descriptions throw you off - it still carries Robertson’s classic screech of cheeky yet witty lyrics and sharp songwriting hooks. After three home-recorded records prior to this, Mikey Young has finally been phoned in to take over the production controls and breathes a whole new way of life into Alien Nosejob. Never before has ANJ been heard in such fidelity. The clarity! The definition! The dynamics! It all shines brighter than ever before resulting in a record that Robertson’s “parents could actually listen to”. There’s a little something for everyone; whether it be 80’s Cure-inspired synths in Duplicating Satan, the robust Devo-like feel of Leather Gunn, the sing-along chorus of Crusader of Coles, or the melodic, minor closer that is Bite My Tongue. There’s even The Butcher; a piano ballad inspired by the Fun Boy Three, showcasing Jake’s skills as not just a songwriter, but a damn fine singer. Paint It Clear is Alien Nosejob’s fourth full length record since 2018 - it certainly proves he a nose for these things. Find it on Anti Fade (AUS) and Feel It Records (USA) from November 12th.

WHY BOTHER? " A Year of Mutations" LP (Feel It Records)
In the heart of the heartland, a mere ten miles from where the airplane carrying Buddy Holly crashed into a frozen cornfield, lies Mason City, Iowa. A town so small that it's pre-pandemic punk scene (with 20+ bands) went almost entirely unnoticed. That is, until the music of WHY BOTHER? and the "Punk on the Plains" compilations (curated by WB? drummer Paul), were made available by Tremendo Garaje - one of YouTube's most obsessive gateways into contemporary underground punk music. WHY BOTHER? is Terry on vocals + synth, Speck on guitar, Pamela on bass, and Paul on drums. Their sound takes the classic Midwestern punk approach of The Zero Boys and Toxic Reasons, adding in warm layers of synth and sci-fi thematics ala The Spits and darker post-punk moments in the vein of early Joy Division. Yet there's so much more to this band that defies comparison, for WHY BOTHER? are truly a singular experience. "A Year of Mutations" collects tracks from the first four WHY BOTHER? EPs, all of which were released in limited cassette and 7" lathe cut runs in 2020 and 2021. These have all been remastered, paired with several new tracks exclusive to this release, and repackaged in a fresh layout with artwork from D.H. Strother. WHY BOTHER? have no plans or intentions to perform live, but their basement 8-track recording setup shows no signs of slowing down. Expect more in 2022 & beyond!

COWBOY, THE "Riddles from the Universe" LP (Feel It Records)
From the depths of Cleveland, THE COWBOY return with their third album! Whether you've been a believer since the trio's debut long player on Fashionable Idiots, or are just now tuning in - you've arrived at something great. THE COWBOY have found a formula that truly works and excel at pushing it forward in new and exciting ways. For the uninitiated, it's a sound steeped in 70s/80s punk and some of the noise rock that's followed. A style both razor sharp and played with a breeze-like efficiency. 13 brilliantly simple and bright bursts of Ohio r'n'r, most clocking in around the 90-second mark. It's almost entrancing how great THE COWBOY are on this masterful third album. "Riddles from the Universe" is packaged in a gatefold jacket designed by Professor B. Gaffney which folds open to reveal an entire galaxy of imagery and lyrics that tie everything together on this cosmic vinyl album.

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "BBC Sessions 81-82" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Awesome collection of the double BBC Sessions recorded in 1981 and 1982 around the time between Juju and A Kiss in The Dreamhouse were released. Awesome sound and very interesting insert full stories and interviews. Mandatory for every 77 punk and post punk maniac!

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "BBC Sessions 86-87" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
BBC Sessions from 86-87

RAMONES "Subterranean Jungle" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Subterranean Jungle is the seventh studio album by the American punk rock band the Ramones, released by Sire Records on February 23, 1983. Overall, the album featured a return to a somewhat more hard punk rock style compared to the band’s previous 2 LPs (End of the Century (1980) and Pleasant Dreams (1981)), which were the most pop-focused of the band’s career. This direction was encouraged by guitarist Johnny Ramone. The recording sessions saw disputes between band members, mainly due to struggles with alcohol addiction by Joey Ramone and Marky Ramone, and the drug addiction of Dee Dee Ramone. The album begins with two cover songs, and features a third on Side 2. The band’s signature punk rock is supplemented by touches of hard rock, and psychedelic rock. The album was deemed by critics to be a return to the band’s roots, and received mostly positive reviews. Subterranean Jungle peaked at number 83 on the US Billboard 200, but failed to chart internationally. The singles released from the album did not chart. This is the last album by the band to feature Marky Ramone on drums until the 1989 album Brain Drain. It is the first album by the band to feature someone other than Joey Ramone singing lead vocals on a song, with Dee Dee Ramone singing lead on the eleventh song, “Time Bomb”.

DANZIG "Soul on Fire: Live at the Hollywood Palace, 1989 FM Broadcast" LP (Mind Control Records)
On tour between the release of their first and second long players on Rick Rubin's Def American, Glenn Danzig & Co. rolled into the Palace in Hollywood on July 7th, 1989 for one of the most legendary live shows of the group's career. Focusing heavily on tracks from 1988's epic self-titled debut but also covering track from the forthcoming 2nd LP, as well as Glenn Danzig's earlier groups Misfits, and Samhain, this live setis pure, raw, hardcore energy. Danzig was never heavier than in the early years and this live set is a perfect distillation of their talents.

TEENAGE HEAD "S/T" LP (Barnyard Records)
Barnyard Records reissue of this Canadian classic from 1979. One of the best pop-punk albums ever made! Teenage Head's debut album influenced a generation of bands.

ADRENALIN O.D. "Let's BBQ (Millenium Edition)" 12" (Beer City Records)
This star studded release features the songs from the original ‘Lets Barbecue 7” that first graced us back in 1983 (and is now quit the collectors item) ; plus an additional track from that same session that never saw the light of day! Also included are 5 tracks from the AOD demo tape that came out in 1982. These tracks were never rerecorded for anything else. For the first time ever all these have now been restored and remastered and are presented to you at 45RPM’s for optimal audio enjoyment! Add to that a fabulous gatefold packaging , lyrics and liner notes written by none other than the band itself.

NEON "Rituals" LP (Spittle Records)
Spittle Records present a reissue of Neon's first album Rituals, originally released in 1985. Neon is undoubtedly one of the most influential and enduring bands of the Italian new wave. From the beginning, the band's music was perfectly aligned with continental trends - integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like Neon breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock and roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time. After a string of 12"s (five altogether) and a 7", the band finally released their first LP, Rituals (originally released for the KinderGarten label and distributed by the major label, Polygram). This crucial album, which unquestionably represented the band's creative peak, is being re-released by Spittle not merely for the sake of the album itself, but also as part of a wider campaign to document the Italian new wave scene. The eight tracks that make up this reissue represent one of the most original possible journeys into the Italian underground. Obsessively rhythmic, like a pagan ritual, with the vagueness and asperity of primordial rock and roll and an inkling of late seventies/early eighties electronica; a cultured dance, officiously contaminated by the sound of guitars that lead on their journey - if for no other reason than the act of faith performed for guru Jimi Hendrix in their cover of "Burning Of The Midnight Lamp". This "return to the scene of the crime" is essential in the rediscovery of one of the most sober and adventurous breeds of Italian rock.
Recent Restocks ...
ADOLESCENTS "The Complete Demos 1980" LP
AGENT ORANGE "Living in Darkness" LP
ANTI "Defy the System" LP
ANTI "I Don't Want to Die in Your War" LP
AVENGERS "We are the One" 7"
BLACK FLAG "Licorice Pizza and More" 7"
BLACK FLAG "The Unheard 1983 Demos" 7"
CHRISTIAN DEATH "Only Theatre of Pain" LP
CIRCLE JERKS "Golden Shower of Hits" LP
DANZIG "II Lucifuge" LP
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
DICKS "Peace?" 7"
DILS, THE "198 Seconds of The Dils" 7"
DISCHARGE "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" LP
DRI "Dealing With It" LP
DRI "Dirty Rotten" LP
EXIT ORDER "Seed of Hysteria" LP
FINAL CONFLICT "In the Family" 7"
G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats" LP
MDC "Millions of Dead Cops (Millenium Edition)" LP
MISFITS "3 Hits from Hell" 7"
MISFITS "Beware" 7"
MISFITS "Bullet" 7"
MISFITS "Cough/Cool" 7"
MISFITS "Famous Misfits of Filmland" 7"
MISFITS "Horror Business" 7"
NUNS, THE "Decadent Jew" 7"
OUTBURST "Miles to Go" LP
POISON IDEA "Pick Your King" LP
RAMONES "Carbona Not Glue" 7"
RED KROSS "Born Innocent" LP
RIKK AGNEW "All by Myself" LP
RIPCORD "Harvest Hardcore" 7"
SAMHAIN "Initium" LP
SEPTIC DEATH "Now That I Have the Attention What Do I Do With It?" LP
SIEGE "Lost Session '91" 7"
SWEEPING PROMISES "Hunger for a Way Out" LP
TOXIC REASONS "Independence" LP
V/A "Bloodstains Across California" Compilation LP
V/A "Dangerhouse Vol. 1" LP
V/A "Dangerhouse Vol. 2" LP
V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 1: Rare Punk 77-82" Compilation LP
V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 12" Compilation LP
V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 4" Compilation LP
V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 5" Compilation LP
V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 6" Compilation LP
VARUKERS "Another Religion Another War" LP
VATICAN COMMANDOS "Hit Squad for God" 7"
VATICAN COMMANDOS "Just a Frisbee" 7"
VERBAL ABUSE "Just an American Band" LP
WEIRDOS "Weird World Vol. 1" LP
WEIRDOS "Weird World Vol. 2" LP
WIPERS "Youth of America" LP

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