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Hello everyone! Here we are in the middle of summer - hope everyone has been keeping cool these past few months! We've been adding a TON of great new releases in the webstore in that time, so take a look at what's new and pick up a record or two to help you keep cool until fall rolls around!!!
Still not much news on the label front, so we'll keep this update strictly distro related for now! Check it out ...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Since we skipped one of these updates last month, below is about a month and a half's worth of new releases and restocks! Some heavy hitters in stock, like the debut full length from Toronto's S.H.I.T.  as well as their extensive EP collection 12", both well worth your cash! The brand new second LP from Philly's reigning champions of punk that is poppy, Dark Thoughts, just landed this week, so snatch one of those up before it's too late!! And if melody is more your thing, definitely check out the latest Bay Dream LP from Culture Abuse (we've got it on LP and limited cassette)! Other new LPs worth your time include the latest from No Problem, Big Bite, La Urss, Snob, Cremalleras, Fiddlehead, Criminal Code, Big Huge, La Luz, and more! We've also stocked up on the latest EP's from Tarantula, La Misma, Paranoid, Extended Hell, Spiritual Cramp, Cold Meat, Geld, Blue Streak, Devil Master, and MANY MORE!
If killer punk reissues are your thing, we've got you covered on that too - including new stuff from labels with great track records on reissuing obscure and out of print stuff, like Radio Raheem (Acid Attack, Hellbent LPs) and Ugly Pop (The Fits 7", Modern Minds and The Mods LPs), some killer reissues from good ol' Virginia courtesy of Feel It (Landlords LP, Insinuations 7"), assorted classics from the likes of Ratos de Porao and Saccharine Trust, and several of the massive Punk 45 LP compilations on Soul Jazz, which feature a great selection of classic and rare punk from various regional areas - all of which are highly recommended.
What update would be complete without some killer new tapes in stock!? Not much on the new demo front, however we do have some rad new tape releases from Boston favorites Firewalker, as well as UKHC heros The Flex. Got a cool little restock of some old Blazing Eye tapes, and it's never too late to scoop those up! Also stocked up on a killer discography tape from 90's Albany legends Devoid of Faith!
AND ... just in case you missed our May update (or haven't gone record shopping in a while), we still have copies of some of the great new releases from a few months back in stock, like the Tozcos LP, the newest Liquids LP, the latest 7"s from Gen Pop, Lysol, and Rina, the Siege discography tape, Fresh! Volume One compilation tape, and much more!
And as always, restocks a plenty! Keeping the hits from all of your favorite labels like La Vida Es Un Mus, Pop Wig, Iron Lung, Static Shock, and Toxic State as stocked up as can be, as well as a few choice releases we've been out of for a bit, like the rad Fastbacks 2xLP collection, The Coneheads LP, first two Milk Music LPs, first Tarantula EP, and more! You can peep that full list at the bottom of this update!
That's it for now, thanks for reading and thank you for the support!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records

New in the Webstore for 7/12/18:

S.H.I.T. "What Do You Stand For?" LP (Iron Lung Records)
A brief but dense dose of simply hulking intense turmoil. Subtle terminology is trite, so to get to the point: S.H.I.T., the LP, blurs by in under twenty minutes of thrashing hardcore gristle. Gone are the tell-tale training wheels of delayed vocals and endless layers of feedback, here now are the tighter louder songs we'd hoped S.H.I.T. would write. A piercing musical rallying cry for the listless and ever approaching bulldoze march of the future, wrapped in cellophane transfers of melted early hardcore and the best of the last decade's fresh take on simplicity and power. What Do You Stand For? comes on 150gr vinyl -either black, transparent green or bloodstained clear- housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket designed by legendary hc punk outsider and former S.H.I.T. designer, Jaybo. The intricately illustrated hellish image was produced with bleach onto a massive bedsheet, though the entire package is wrapped in a self censored slip cover, seemingly in the service of protecting the purchaser's dignity. Additional design by Ryan Tong. Also comes with lyric insert and download card.

S.H.I.T. "Complete S.H.I.T." LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
It could have been Total Shit, Utter Shit, All Shit or any other number of puns but you lucky fuckers get Complete Shit - the 21 track round up of everything these Toronto Shitters have committed to 7” Vinyl and tape from 2014 to 2016 on Static Shock Records, Iron Lung, Lengua Armada Discos and La Vida Es Un Mus. S.H.I.T. came from the womb fully formed with a stunning Demo in 2012 (included here) but that was no surprise as within their ranks are ex-members of Violent Future, Urban Blight and Purity Control. Their sound is raging hardcore with stomping drums, dirty guitar work with and vocals drenched in reverb. I know you’ve heard that all before, but the trick is that S.H.I.T. write songs that stick in your head, and have Jonah Falco doing production.These tracks are too good to be lost on sold out 7”s.

DARK THOUGHTS "At Work" LP (Stupid Bag Records)
Philly's finest punk band is back with LP #2 "At Work"! The record that was too good for Fat Mike to get his stupid mind around. 12 tracks clocking in at 20 mins of fast punk angry at the world around us. If you missed their self titled debut then maybe your life will only be 50% complete with this LP. Full color jackets, labels and includes a printed dust sleeve.

TARANTULA "The Very Best of Sex and Violence" 7" (Deranged Records)
The very best of sex and violence is the third vinyl installment from Chicago’s TARANTÜLA with 5 new glorious hardcore punk tracks. For those unfamiliar, TARANTÜLA is the reincarnation of CÜLO and they play an intoxicating blend of classic punk and meat & potato hardcore.  “While one might consider the idea of catchy, song-oriented hardcore to be completely played out, Tarantula toe the line between poppy and aggressive so perfectly that their music feels fresh. You can hear the influences quite clearly—the snotty, aggressive punk of bands like the Angry Samoans and Zero Boys, the earnest drive of early 80s midwest hardcore like Articles of Faith and early Husker Du, and a dash of Devo / Geza X-style irreverence—but they’re swirled together in a way that’s just different enough from anything I’ve heard before to be noteworthy.” From Daniel/Sorry State. Art from DrugFace as per usual. Mastered by Geza X (DK, Germs, Black Flag)

LA MISMA "Negociacos de Paz Continuae como Fazemas Fabulas" 7" (Toxic State Records)
La Misma’s previous release, 2015’s “Kanizadi” LP, showed them harnessing and controlling their initial fury, utilizing Crisis’ musical toolkit to transform blasts of Ultimo Resorte-styled hardcore punk into something more tense and restrained. Three years later, Misma have dragged this formula all the way through their spiritual desert, achieving a masterful, lean tightness that is more desperate and ragged in its intensity than anything else they’ve yet done. Militant drums fire bleak, dirty melodies into states of stark chaos, as fierce Portuguese declarations ride the bucking storm. Over the years La Misma have mastered their unique sound, and this venomy and reckless incarnation is their most powerful and impressive work yet. Another necessary record by a necessary band.

CULTURE ABUSE "Bay Dream" LP (Epitaph Records)
Culture Abuse's sophomore album Bay Dream is available now. Featuring new single “Calm E,” Bay Dream is the Bay Area-bred band’s first full-length release for Epitaph Records. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Carlos de la Garza (Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, M83), Bay Dream follows Culture Abuse’s 2016 debut Peach. The album elevates their melody-heavy garage punk to a new level, drawing inspiration from artists as eclectic as Sly and the Family Stone, Paul Simon, and reggae legend Billy Boyo.With the album’s lyrics largely informed by Kelling’s recent relocation from San Francisco to Los Angeles, physical and emotional movement play off each other effortlessly throughout Bay Dream. “I wrote songs in my head until I got a guitar,” says Kelling in reflecting on Bay Dream’s expansive sonic palette. “Just going after the sound that I think each song needs individually, so the sound is in constant change.” Along with Kelling, Culture Abuse features guitarists John Jr and Nick Bruder, bassist Shane Plitt, and drummer Ross Traver. Formed in 2013, the band signed to Epitaph Records earlier this year.

CULTURE ABUSE "Bay Dream" Tape (Triple B Records)
Limited to 500 run of tapes for the new CULTURE ABUSE LP! Vinyl and CD available through Epitaph Records.

SPIRITUAL CRAMP "Police State" 7" (Deranged Records)
Spiritual Cramp exist in a strange vacuum somewhere between David Byrnes oversized suit and a bar fight between a bunch of drunk goons on Polk Street in San Francisco. Citing sources from early Dub influenced Clash, Blitz and The Modern Lovers - San Francisco California’s Spiritual Cramps new EP “Police State” picks up a where their last EP Mass Hysteria left off, just a bit more torqued. Hate for the police, the government, the status quo and himself are reoccurring themes in Michael Bingham's lyrics while toxic bass tones go heavy with solid drums and guitars on the full upstroke or full downstroke depending on which way the wind is blowing. Spiritual Cramp, it's over. Spiritual Cramp features ex-members of Creative Adult, Fearing, Profile, and Primal Rite. “Danger, mystery and youthful restlessness have long been vital elements of rock ‘n roll. Spiritual Cramp communicates a state of unease in a seemingly at ease system, shaking things up in a way that only truly impactful art can. Their sound borrows from the past, echoes of late ’70s and early ’80s working-class rock and punk, and functions on the upbeat showcasing very bright guitars yet generating darker vocal rhythms and darker patterning.”  Ghettoblaster Magazine

NO PROBLEM "Let God Sort 'Em Out" LP (Deranged Records)
Standing on the precipice of a damaged world circling the drain Edmonton Punks No Problem are set to figuratively “kill’em all” with the release of Let God Sort’em Out, their ambitious third studio album out on Deranged Records.  No Problem welcomes listeners into a frightening world filled with heavy riffs and nervous, gloomy, frustrated sounds. The perfect summer playlist to underscore our impending doom. A mainstay in Edmonton Alberta’s underground punk community, No Problem formed in 2010, blending the mutant sounds of early Canadian punk with the classic primitive stomp of American hardcore. Drenched in atmosphere No Problem have created the ultimate soundtrack to society’s impending doom. No Problem’s notorious high energy show has toured over twenty countries across three continents, sharing the stage with bands like Career Suicide, Fucked UP, DOA, Night Birds, Red Dons, The Regulations and many more. With three studio albums and over four 7”/EPs, No Problem are one of Canada’s top DIY exports.

PARANOID "Jikangire" 12" (Konton Crasher Records)
Jikangire taken from the upcoming album "Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!" out fall 2018 on Konton Crasher (US) and The Sign Records (EUR). Includes two exclusive tracks.  Recorded, mixed and mastered at Communichaos Media Clay Station, March 2018. Engineered by Kenko.  Additional recordings (bass, lead guitars and vocals) by Jocke D-takt at Studio Mangel, Frösön, Sweden March 12-18.  500 total press

BIG BITE "S/T" LP (Pop Wig Records)
After years long waiting, Big Bite delivers their debut LP. The self titled release sees the band honing in on their raw and relentless sound. Go outside and break your guitar. For fans of rock music and fire signs.

COLD MEAT "Pork Sword Fever (UK Pressing)" 7" (Static Shock Records)
Cold Meat hail from Perth, Western Australia, but truly these are siren songs for every woman getting fucked over in every corner of this sorry planet, oozing total defiance and sneering, caustic rage across five certified slappers. They hex lazy pricks and bad bastards with a spell of spectacular jangeloid riffs and clattering anarcho toms, each track upping the stakes like a praying mantis - fuck, decapitate, eat corpse for nourishment. Vocalist Ashley's throaty, spit-splashed lyrics cover the full gamut from the care burden placed on mothers ('Maternity Stomp') to the psychic burden of hating men while craving dick ('Meat Joy'). This is incisive, tongue-in-arse-cheek, indefatigably Now punk. Cold Meat will have you fisting the air, but only if you lube up first. (Bryony Beynon)

GELD "Demo" 7" (Helta Skelta Records)
Hardcore punk from Melbourne comprised of members of Soma Coma, Kromosom and Gentlemen. Without getting too analytical this is simply a ripper. There's a few different reference points informing the sound. I hear a bit of '80s Italy, some of Japanese hardcore's less Dis moments and the more twisted end of what America offered from the same era (Kreuzen, Mencht etc). It all melds together and crystallises in a way that draws parallels to the kinds of bands that Cleveland's notorious scene has been producing since the '90s. – Jon, Space Ritual

CREMALLERAS "Mercado Negro" LP (Thrilling Living Records)
The second 12” from Monterrey / CDMX based duo CREMALLERAS, Mercado Negro, a split release with Cintas Pepe. One of my very favorite groups from consistently excellent contemporary Mexican punk scene, they’ll finally be touring the West Coast next month with copies of this in tow. Members of HETEROFOBIA, RATAS DEL VATICANO, and more playing raw yet tuneful punk.

FIREWALKER "Alive" Tape (Pop Wig Records)
2018 Promo Tape out on POP WIG Records.

FLEX, THE "Flexual Healing VII" Tape (Painkiller Records)
Just off of their East Coast USA tour with Arms Race, The Flex return with their signature blend of early 80s UK punk and late 80s NYHC in advance of their upcoming LP on Static Shock. Thundering 'Inferno' goes straight for the jugular with a wall-of-noise beating, swiftly followed up with the ever so catchy and funked up 'Soma Holiday'. Meanwhile 'Flex 4' is a moody rumbler, with quieter bass and drum led sections, powerful vocals that seem to have been recorded from the top of a mountain, and turbo charged speed change. The new songs will feature on the upcoming LP, and this recording also includes a cover of Gut Instinct's 'Disturbing the Peace'.

EXTENDED HELL "Call of the Void" 7" (Desolate Records)
Second 7" from this ripping NYC hardcore band. Wild punk riffs in the vein of Totalitar played with the crust aggression of State of Fear.

FITS, THE "Bored of Education" 7" (Ugly Pop Records)
As much as I've enjoyed and appreciated the recent surge of interest in, and documentation of, early Toronto punk, there's been one consistent and inexplicable omission that has always bothered me-- this absolutely killer 1979 single from The Fits.' Bored of Education' isn't a historical footnote worthy of attention simply by virtue of its obscurity, either, but is about the best record to come out of the entire '70s Toronto punk scene, other than the first Viletones. It's ridiculous that this monster slab of tough, raw, driving and aggressive hard punk with real hooks has gone largely unnoticed.

MODERN MINDS, THE "Go" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
This Edmonton outfit formed in January 1979, playing a raw but melodic punk influenced by Buzzcocks and Undertones. Quickly developing a reputation as one of the city's finest underground live groups, they went into the studio to record four tracks, three of which would appear on an excellent 7" EP, 'Theresa's World', in 1980. As was so often the case with tremendous groups of the era, The Modern Minds soon went their separate ways, frontman Moe Berg going on to real commercial success with his next group, The Pursuit Of Happiness. This new Ugly Pop LP collects the original EP and eight more unreleased studio tracks, plus deluxe gatefold insert with photos and extensive new liner notes.

MODS, THE "Reactions" LP (Ugly Pop Records)
Among cognoscenti of the era, this Toronto unit are known for one of the great lost singles of early Canadian punk. As great as 1978's 'Step Out Tonight' 45 was, however, there was much more where that came from. Filtering the clear inspiration of mid '60s Who and Kinks through the aggressive delivery of such contemporaries as The Jam and The Clash, The Mods honed their attack into an unstoppable rush, hard-edged but melodic, and began working on a planned major label LP that never did materialise. This new Ugly Pop LP includes the single and highlights of the aborted album session; hyperbole aside, it's an astonishingly good record, and one of the best we'll ever release. Printed inner sleeve with new liners and rare pictures inside.

HOT NASTIES "Ballad of the Social Blemishes" 7" (Ugly Pop Records)
Calgary's Hot Nasties came early and disappeared just as quickly, leaving behind a massive 1980 EP that is among my all-time Top Five Canadian punk singles. Forty years after forming, the group reunited to make this four-song EP. First new recordings in 38 years, and legitimately good-- picks up right where they left off. Limited edition of 500 only!

LOST BALLOONS "S/T" LP (Stupid Bag Records)
Lost Balloons is the brain child of Jeff Burke and Yusuke Okada. You may know Jeff from his other projects Marked Men, Radioactivity, Potential John's and more. Yusuke too is a prolific song writer with legendary Blotto, Suspicious Beasts, Golden Clouds and more. Knowing both members previous work is helpful when saying this band/record is a pretty perfect mix of all those bands. garage/punk/indie rock with great melody and catch to it.

CRIMINAL CODE "2534" LP (Deranged Records)
WELCOME TO 2534. "2534" is the third full length by Tacoma,WA veterans Criminal Code. The northwest four piece has always kept a well balanced variety of sounds in their arsenal. From the gloomy depressing sounds of The WIPERS to the frantic speed induced pop of HUSKER DU, 2534 is more focused with layers and a dreamy undertone. This album flows with infectious leads and bouncy rhythms familiar to the UK sounds of WIRE and THE CURE. The vocals and guitars are a bit cleaner then previously before but still abrasive and loses no urgency. The album flows seamlessly and at times nostalalgic to the melancholy of the eighties without trapping you in a time capsule.  Artwork by Justin Gallago.

SNOB "S/T" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SNOB has snarled around the local London scene since 2014, leaving a trail of two self-released 7 inches and adulation in their wake. It’s now the year 2018, and SNOB finally bring us their fully fledged follow up of tense hardcore punk that’s characterised by frantic snotty dictation, agitated guitar lines and pummelling rhythms. The ten songs on the self-titled 12” are filled with disparities – sneering hi-energy, sentient meat and potato, adroit silliness, agitated apathy – creating a bleak and angry sonic force. The whip-smart whip-short lyrics are almost a poetry-to-arms that rails against all of the absurdities of modern living. To these ears, SNOB is like if you left YouTube tabs of ICONS OF FILTH, PENI, NOG WATT and JETSET/ BLOEBAD all playing at once, and it somehow sounded wonderful. The LP comes in a heavy board sleeve designed by the exiled Ben Fordree while on the run in Australia and includes a lyric sheet to help you sing along to modern classics like Doctor Dildo, Lycra Daddy or Punisher.

LA URSS "Nuevo Testamento" LP (Discos MMM)
After their last full length in 2015, Spain's La URSS is back with a new 10 song LP titled "Nuevo Testamento." It's not every band that can release three great albums, let alone FOUR. I've said this before, but La URSS continue to get better and better, honing their craft further, expanding on harmonies and different time signatures. They are able to switch flawlessly from chanted dirges to driving melodic punk at the drop of a dime. From the trance-inducing track simply titled "_" to the wild and ripping "Confianza Racional en la Accion Dinamica," La URSS flex their musical chops like never before to the listener's enjoyment. The cover art is minimalist, an apparent comment on modern day's technological worship, for better or worse. Cracked and broken. If you know La URSS, you know they are a rare group that is amazing both live and recorded. If you don't, you need to remedy that and pick up "Nuevo Testamento" right away.

ACID ATTACK "Suburbia's Dream" LP (Radio Raheem Records)
Hailing from Portsmouth, UK, Acid Attack formed in late 1980, went through numerous line up changes and split up by the end of 1984, releasing just the cassette album “Sulphuric”, and contributing one track to the Sane Records 1984 compilation LP “On the Street”. In terms of era, they fit into what is now known as the UK82 punk scene but their sound is not so easy to categorize. They were neither Oi or hardcore punk; they were aiming beyond such restricting labels. They mainly gigged locally, aside from one headline slot in South Wales, but their name spread far and wide thanks to word of mouth, sales of Sulphuric (aided greatly by the practice of smearing postage stamps with soap in order to reuse them) and interviews in many of the punk fanzines of the time. Sulphuric also received a short but favorable review in the music paper Sounds, who noted that “Acid Attack are a spirited punk band with sufficient ideas and energy to lift them above the morass of thrash-and-screech merchants”. This LP collects the “Sulfuric” cassette, Suburbia’s Dream from the “On the Street” compilation LP, and four previously unreleased songs. Also included is a 16-page full-color booklet containing original photos, artwork, flyers, and band history. Limited to 500 copies, black vinyl only. Mail order copies also include a bonus 2-song flexi with alternate versions of Dancing In The Fallout Zone and Warsaw.

HELLBENT "1983-1984 Demos" LP (Radio Raheem Records)
Emerging from New York City's Lower East Side in an era when loud and fast ruled the scene, Hellbent forged a unique and innovative sound mixing equal parts of ferocious Discharge-inspired hardcore with the pummeling heaviness of metal bands like Venom and Motorhead, all steeped in a heavy dose of macabre lyrics and imagery. The band existed from mid-1983 to mid-1984, and during that brief window they managed to record two sessions at Don Fury's famous Demo Demo Studios, and score opening slots on a handful of high-profile gigs with likes of Discharge, The Exploited, and Samhain's first ever live appearance, as well as many other smaller shows around New York City. After Hellbent's breakyup, guitarist Vic Venom would go on to join Reagan Youth, and eventually form Sacrilege, who later morphed into NYC crust stalwarts Nausea. Drummer Brian Damage also did time with LA punk legends Verbal Abuse, as well as a brief stint with the Misfits, which culminated in their legendary final performance at Detroit's Graystone Hall. This LP collects both long-lost recording sessions in their entirety, complemented by a 12"x36" poster insert with many never-before-seen photos and flyers, as well as detailed liner notes by bassist Jon "Fury" Wiley. Also available on green vinyl #/166 here:

INSINUATIONS "Prompt Critical" 7" (Feel It Records)
Formed in 1979, the Insinuations existed entirely on the fringes of the early Richmond punk scene. The band evolved out of a wild, politically-charged act, known as the I Remember Reality Revue - a two-man live performance that fringed between cabaret stage tradition and Fugs-esque satire. Following that, guitarist and vocalist W.R. Draper kept things moving, forming Insinuations with Linda Firmin, her partner Lynn Abbott on drums, and bassist Paul Lipscombe. The group did not last long, playing perhaps a dozen shows, and recording only two songs before disbanding. However, what the Insinuations left behind is quite unheralded and unique, even to this day. Released in 1980, "Prompt Critical" - an arty, schizoid punk blast with lyrics inspired by the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor failure of 1979, hits hard - delivering with a loose, oddball amount of character...perhaps in some parallel universe where Captain Beefheart and Pere Ubu coexist. Draper's deranged vocal delivery and wah-washed guitar lines are some of the era's best, standing tall amid a serious field of contending KBD/Bloodstains-comped hits. "(My Head Is Made Of) U.S. Muscle" is a highly worthy flip, every bit as odd and memorable. Originally pressed in a criminally obscure edition of 100 copies (!), with a picture sleeve simply marked, "Radiation Hazard", this authorized reissue has been sourced from one of only a handful of remaining originals. Limited edition of 400 copies, packaged in a printed dust sleeve with the addition of an insert featuring liner notes from band leader W.R. Draper plus a digital download code. A fine specimen of early 80's American punk, finally widely available after toiling in regional obscurity for nearly forty years!

LANDLORDS, THE "Hey! It's A Teenage House Party" LP (Feel It Records)
The 1984 debut LP from The Landlords has long remained a cult favorite amongst punk+hardcore collectors and those local to the band's hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. Formed in the Fall of 1983 through a chance encounter at WTJU, the University of Virginia's college radio station, The Landlords soon began practicing in the upper floor duplex apartment of bassist Eddie Jetlag, pissing off the landlord who lived downstairs, and thus earning their name. The Landlords' first show came only a couple of months later at the Plum's Lounge talent show, where the power was cut in the middle of their third song. Soon after, The Landlords became acquainted with the local punk scene in Charlottesville, playing frequently with Lackey Die and Beef People, and regional acts like Death Piggy and Scream. In March 1984, The Landlords headed up to Inner Ear Studios to record their debut LP with Don Zientara. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! was released later that year on the band's own Catch Trout imprint. While the 21 song LP bears the same vibrant production as early DC hardcore releases, The Landlords' style and approach remains unique to this day. While a firmly-rooted hardcore punk record of the 1980's, tracks like "Nuns In Black Leather" (featuring guest vocals from Dave Smalley of D.Y.S. !), "Termination", and "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" hint at the dirgier, noise rock influenced direction the band would later move towards. Singer John Beers and guitarist Charlie Kramer would later go on to found the epic experimental duo, Happy Flowers. Hey! It's A Teenage House Party! has been remastered from the original reels for this reissue, limited to 400 copies. Packaged with a 12 page booklet featuring liner notes, never before seen photos of the band recording the album, and a spread of flyers + zine clippings, plus a digital download that includes 17 bonus tracks recorded just prior to the LP, a few of which never were re-recorded. A definitive edition of this highly underrated and essential document of early American hardcore punk.

CONTRAST ATTITUDE "12 Track Compilation 2018" LP (Distort Reality Records)
A compilation of 12 previously released tracks to coincide with their RELENTLESS ASSAULT 2018 USA west coast tour. Tracks from: 2nd ep Black or White, Split ep with See You In Hell, Split ep with Aspects Of War, Split cd with Final Bombs, V/A cd Heal Comp. CHAINSAW DESTRUCTION SOUND OF HELL!

APOCALYPSE NOW "S/T" 7" (Distort Reality Records)
4 tracks of ripping Scandinavian influenced hardcore punk from Portland. Members of Deathcharge and Bog People.

FRAGMENT "In the Dust" LP (Desolate Records)
Debut LP from Halifax, Nova Scotia's crasher crusties Fragment. A full on attack of raw feedback and reverb saturated crust punk in the tradition of Gloom. This crew has been making crusty noise happen in northern Canada for years (many will be familiar with Contagium in which a couple of these guys played) and they know how to write a killer song. Unlike many bands that take this kind of wall of reverb approach to crust (say Framtid or Ferocious X) Fragment draws less on the Swedish classics in their riffs and more on the early crust scene in England. The dark energy of Deviated Instinct or Axegrinder is definitely an influence here.If you like your punk blown out and crushing this is for you. For fans of Lastly, Aspects of War, Rednecks, Kromosom, etc.

BIG HUGE "Cruel World" LP (Erste Theke Tontrager Records)
Guys! This is BIG HUGE from NYC. In the past year, the band's been locked in the basement, recording their first full length album with Emil Bognar-Nasdor (Dawn of Humans, Hankwood & theHammerheads, L.O.T.I.O.N). The outcome of this collaboration broke provocative new ground for this band and we're really excited about this debut LP. Their stock in trade is a rough-hewn take on 70s rock – there are what must contractually be referred to as “duelling guitars” in the style of Thin Lizzy, bursts of slightly funky southern rock à la Lynyrd Skynyrd, bits of choppy new-wave guitar and a whole lot of appealingly clunky pop heaviness that brings to mind nothing so much as an extremely low-budget Kiss. BIG HUGE's music stuffs hip-shaking hooks and burly riffs within impeccably structured pop songs, wrapped in lyrics both open-hearted and openly political. In the darkened, mangled heap of a humanity taught to sink to the bottom or exploit to the top, we can convince ourselves that we have breached beyond this pit of manmade depravity unscathed. But at what cost came that supposed glimmer of light? Are we convinced we compete in a playing field so fundamentally and institutionally unleveled? Are we patrons to a system of power sustained only by select oppression? We forfeit empathy to ambition. We estrange, digitize, and withhold from basic human connection to evade that emotional accountability - long-since unlearned - to survive in a CRUEL WORLD.

FIDDLEHEAD "Springtime and Blind" LP (Run For Cover Records)
Fiddlehead’s debut LP Springtime and Blind is an exploration of grief both introspective and through the insight of others. Following the release of their Out of the Bloom EP on Lockin Out Records, the Boston-based band have created a debut LP that shares an anguishing, relatable story of love and loss through the catharsis of spirited, loud indie rock. Consisting of guitarist Alex Henery (also of Basement), vocalist Patrick Flynn and drummer Shawn Costa (both of Have Heart), Fiddlehead explore musical styles different from their other projects while bringing a familiar energetic and emotional core to the collaboration.

BLUE STREAK "No Guns on TV Hill" 7" (Painterman Records)
The debut single from DC/Baltimore based Blue Streak. Blue Streak takes influence from songwriters like Bob Mould, Carole King, and Alex Chilton, delivering two songs of melodic alt/indie/power pop. The single was recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear studios with additional recordings by Paul Leavitt. Featuring current and former members of Angel Du$t, Pure Disgust and Give.

CASUAL BURN "Tomorrow Problem" 7" (Slugsalt Records)
Emerging from the depths of the Southeast, New Orleans’ Casual Burn follows up their 2016 earthquake of an eight-song tape with their equally powerful, debut EP Tomorrow Problem. On this record, Casual Burn delivers three songs of pummeling, abrasive, yet melodic punk rock that call to mind bands like SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, THE BAGS, and even a stone-y, Black Sabbath-obsessed, late eighties BLACK FLAG. Those comparisons might seem disparate and jumbled. But, as Casual Burn shows on Tomorrow Problem, they are a band capable of genre-bending, mixing and matching the sounds of Surf, Goth, and even No-Wave. What emerges is a punk rock casserole of sorts. Sure to make your belly ache and your eyes roll back in your skull.

DEVIL MASTER "S/T" 7" (Erste Theke Tontrager Records)
The Band you've been looking for for a long time, with sounds of dissimilar genres that don't usually cross combined, is out when you least expect it to be. This fully fledged outfit of sheer old-school twisted intensity is a must-listen, no sweat! DEVIL MASTER with their four tracks of devilish hardcore punk in the vein of GAI or LSD packed in a deathrock vibe. The Japanese hardcore influence is prevalent but there is so much more! That is punk, metal and goth inspired hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard as nail beats which is extremely hard to shake once you hear it. The torturous maelstrom sounds of bone breaks and thuggish isolationism. Howling feedback underscores the massive swirling riffs and relentless battery of drums. Foul, tumultuous vocals made entirely of the final exhalations of humanity really send this opus to the apex. A perfect band. The four distorted tracks on this EP mix perfectly the low end reverb soaked deathrock influences with the best of the International Hardcore Punk of the early 80's. Making it a masterpiece of timeless punk. This EP is a perfectly wild and superbly crafted sheet of brutal noise with a pounding goth backbone all jacked up on blackened metal freakout space jams. And you know that Satan smiled when he heard this!

ECOSTRIKE "Time is Now" 7" (Triple B Records)
The debut 7" from Florida's juggernauts is back with a limited 1000 copy repressing on BBB. First press was limited to 500 copies via Carry the Weight and sold out immediately. This is your last chance to get a copy of this on vinyl!

HYPOCRITE "Mayhem Demo" 7" (Never Back Down Records)
Two Danes and two Americans residing in Copenhagen playing uncompromising hard punk with a filthy raw sound - the way you want your demo to be. Bands like Boston Strangler, 86 Mentality, Alone In A Crowd, Negative Approach and Iron Boots come to mind.

IMPULSO "S/T" 7" (Erste Theke Tontrager Records)
From the ashes of SANG this in Trento based hardcore clusterbomb delivers 4 feedback drenched hardcore songs in the best way you could have in 2017! After outstanding releases by bands like BLOTTER, GAG, SIN MOTIVO, MIRROR, BIB, or DAUDYFLIN this italian maniacs continue with the weird style of hardcore we like the most at the ETT HQ. This EP is absolutely SAVAGE. It's a crushing assault on the ears and mind. The recording is a perfect mixture of clarity and rawness. The growling distorted bass drives the sound on top of relentless drumming and fuzzed out and feedback drenched guitar work that's part classic Italian hardcore and part 'weird 2017' era HARDCORE. IMPULSO are noisy, chaotic and explosive and each track rages with anger and intensity. Guitar layers of repetition create a bed of noise when the delay infected vocals lay painfully. The recording here is just perfect, with rich, full bass and a big, expansive sound that's still a bit raw. Though they're loud, fast, and 100% hardcore punk, the songs and particularly the playing feels fleshed out and lived in in a way that most hardcore bands can only aspire to. A standout debut EP by a outstanding band. Get weird! 500 back vinyl 7"s in sleeves silkscreened by the band.

LA LUZ "Floating Features" LP (Hardly Art Records)
Los Angeles has often been described as a “dream factory”–both a mecca where dreamers converge to pursue long-held aspirations, and a topography of hallucinogenic contradictions: enchanting tangerine sunsets diffused by smog, crystal-clutching spiritualists mingling with deep-pocketed narcissists, rows of scenic palms competing with garish billboards for commuters’ attention.It was against this backdrop that the four members of La Luz–singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, drummer Marian Li Pino, keyboardist Alice Sandahl, and bassist Lena Simon–conceived of Floating Features, the band’s third studio album. For this, their most ambitious release yet, La Luz consulted landscapes both physical and psychological.

LIFE "The Only One Earth" 7" (Hardcore Survives)
Latest EP from Japan's LIFE. They're inspiring to world wide crust punk. peaceful shouts and rebel sounds encourage for our/your mind and humanity. Their realistic lyrics are what world is going on, point of viewing "Now". It will continue hardcore punk history.

MAGNITIDUE "Era of Attrition" 7" (Triple B Records)
Debut 7" from North Carolina Straight Edge juggernauts MAGNITUDE. 5 tracks of crushing early 90's-flavored hardcore taking cues from bands like Strain, Trial, and Slugfest. First pressing from Plead Your Case Records sold out in a few months. BBB has repressed this to one last 1000 copy run. New LP will be coming on BBB in 2019.

MOLLY "Stay Above" LP (Never Back Down Records)
Molly has nailed that sound Hüsker Dü made popular and that comes back in cyclical periods, just like flower power denim jeans, except this is awesome. Stay Above is everything you'd want from a 2017-Hüsker Dü/Dinosaur Jr. inspired band without sounding too much like either one.  "Molly specialize in power-pop of the Hüsker Dü and Dinosaur Jr variety: dark, bittersweet and pensive, but ultimately, totally ripping. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band's latest LP is Stay Above, a collection of 14 tracks that stay in the redline with riffs while never losing their melodic edge. The first single is "All About," a sugary sweet number that could make you bop around or cry softly to yourself, depending on your mood." - CLRVYNT

PRIMER REGIMEN "Ultimo Testamento" Tape (Discos MMM)
We've been sitting on a bomb for far too long... If you sit down for a second, and think about the year that has past in punk, it's hard not to dedicate a thought to Bogota's own Primer Regimen, after they delivered one of the most timeless EP; "No Futuro, No Solucion" of 2017 paying serious homage to Partisans and Crux in their own vein of charged, colombian Oi! sounding as fresh, classic and eternal as ever. Primer Regimen becomes more timeless and doesn't leave your head to rest for a minute during this 8 song ripper. It contains the same UK82 worship, but with less reverb, more consistency, bigger songs and self-confidence.

SLUMB PARTY "S/T" 7" (Erste Theke Tontrager Records)
First UK band on ETT and they making fresh, fiery, and eminently danceable music! SLUMB PARTY are awesome! They just have such a cool vibe... they're overtly arty, but also have this kind of approachability about them as well, rather than something like the more detached art school aesthetic of Gang of Four or Wire. More to the point, they wrote simply incredible songs that combined the power of punk rock with the earworm quality of psychodelic children's songs. As one might expect from this kind of self-consciously artsy music, it is forward-pushing in a way that puts them in stark contrast to today's retro-oriented bands. Of course you can hear strains of various quirky, feminist punk from the Slits to the Raincoats to various other Rough Trade bands and beyond, but this is also heavy and raw in a way that would really only make sense in the year 2017. It's a brilliant EP that will take a little bit of unpacking to make sense of, but there's so much here... and most gratifyingly of all, it gives you the sense of punk actually moving forward. SLUMB PARTY sound like the future erupting out of all your favourite DIY punk 7”s simultaneously. There’s the infectious momentum of Essential Logic driving things ever forward, the arty minimalism of Lilliput underscoring the band’s lyrical subject matter. SLUMB PARTY use all these lightning rods as jumping on points to hurtle us all into a new dimension very much of their own making. This upsurge of energy and vision has now been skillfully captured on the band’s debut EP.

TARANTULA "S/T" 7" (Euro Press) (Erste Theke Tontrager Records)
Everything about this band is pretty much perfect! Infectious punk tunes to get everyone moving composed by the freaks from CULO. This band has been slaying at their gigs and winning everyone over with their hooks and amazing song writing. Six tracks total produced by GEZA X. I’m sure you know by now that Tarantula features a number of former Cülo members among their ranks and pretty much pick up right where Cülo left off.

B-GIRLS, THE "Bad Not Evil" LP (Bomp Records)
THE B GIRLS ARE BACK ON BOMP! ... WHERE THEY BELONG!!! BAD not EVIL is The B Girls first full-length vinyl release. It includes the band’s only single on Bomp!, plus studio recordings from1977 up to 1981, and two live tracks. The songs are produced by Debbie Harry of Blondie, Mick Jones of The Clash, Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell, Suicide, The Zeros), Liam Sternberg (Rachel Sweet, Kirsty McColl, The Bangles), Bob Segarini (The Wackers) and The ‘B’ Girls, with engineer Robin Brouwers (Teenage Head). Peter J. Moore restored and digitally re-mastered all tracks.

RATOS DE PORAO "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" LP (Beat Generation)
Ratos De Porão's Crucificados Pelo Sistema (1984) contains all the fury, the frustration, the rage and the pain of four young ones against the system in a country that was in the midst of a change from Third World to trying to fitting into a new social order. The projected image of Brazil with its beautiful mulatas, exotic beaches and tropical fruit drinks filled them with disgust, living there in one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America. Their reality was brutal and they wanted to scream it at the entire world. Sixteen songs were formed on the same base as what would later be called "D-beat." The Finnish bands from the '80s were really important in the Brazilian punk scene, just as Discharge was. Simple, fast and straight to the point. Two classic songs have been added for this special occasion, recorded for the classic Ataque Sonoro compilation (which also contains Brazilian pioneers such as Virus 27, Colera, Armagedom or Lobotomia, amongst others). 180 gram vinyl. Housed in a gatefold with pics and musings by Gordo. Reissued by Beat Generation.

SACCHARINE TRUST "Paganicons" LP (SST Records)
Saccharine Trust was one of the earliest SST Records bands and one of the earliest to bend the rules on what punk should sound like. Released in 1981, the eight-song record was a crystalline shout of poetic perfection during the hardcore punk awakening of America’s youth. Too early in the game to be considered post-hardcore, but too late—and too uniquely American—to be post-punk, the band existed in its own hyper-aware reality, blasting away in front of bemused buzz-headed audiences alongside bands like Black Flag, Minutemen, and Flipper.

V/A "PUNK 45: Burn Rubber City Burn! (Akron, Ohio Punk 1975 - 80)" Compilation LP (Soul Jazz Records)
Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album Burn, Rubber City Burn charts the rise of the music scene in the mid-west city of Akron, Ohio at a time when the city and the rubber industry it was associated with was in deep decline. Featuring a fantastic collection of Akron groups including Devo, The Bizarros, Rubber City Rebels, Jane Aire, Chi-Pig, The Waitresses and more. The album comes complete with extensive text as well as exclusive photos and original record artwork. Vinyl edition is on deluxe gatefold double-vinyl with free download code.

V/A "PUNK 45: Extermination Nights in the Sixth City (Cleveland, Ohio Punk 1975-1982)" Compilation LP (Soul Jazz Records)
Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album charts the rise of underground punk in the mid-west city of Cleveland, Ohio, which for many people is the true birthplace of punk music in the mid-1970s. Featuring a fantastic collection of punk 45 singles from Cleveland groups including Pere Ubu, electric eels, The Pagans, Rockets From The Tomb, Mirrors, X–X and more. The album comes complete with extensive text written by Jon Savage as well as exclusive photos and original record artwork. Vinyl edition is on deluxe gatefold double-vinyl complete with with free download code.

V/A "PUNK 45: Sick on You! One Way Spit! (Proto-Punk 1969-76) Compilation LP (Soul Jazz Records)
This new Punk 45 album is a collection of tracks of twisted, raw and energized proto-punk music from the early 1970s, ahead-of-its-time music which led the way for the birth of punk in the second-half of the 1970s. This new album is compiled and has extensive sleeve-notes by Jon Savage. Punk 45: Sick on You! One Way Spit! After the Love & Before the Revolution: Proto-Punk 1969-77 is the third volume in this series, following on from the two earlier albums as well as the massive 400-page Punk 45s cover art book published last year. While the first in the series, Punk 45: Kill The Hippies! Kill Yourself!, focused on the rise of underground punk in America, and the second album, Punk 45: There is No Such Thing as Society did the same for punk and post-punk in Britain, this album draws upon some of the stripped-down hard garage and post-glam sounds of mainly obscure bands that existed in the early 1970s - that were to prove the template for the forthcoming punk movement. This is a unique and fascinating collection of proto-punk tracks from across the USA - Cleveland’s Electric Eels, San Francisco’s Crime, Los Angeles’ Zolar X, Baltimore’s George Brigman and more – as well as from the UK –  with Joe Strummer’s pre-Clash 101ers, the speed- induced r’n’b of the Count Bishops and others also included. As usual the album comes complete with text, biographies on each of the bands, exclusive photos and original record artwork.

V/A "PUNK 45: The French Connection (The First Wave Of French Punk 1977-80)" Compilation LP (Soul Jazz Records)
Soul Jazz Records’ new Punk 45 release documents the first radical underground punk bands to come out of France including Metal Urbain (the first group ever to be signed to Rough Trade Records), Marie et Les Garçons, Asphalt Jungle, through to the earliest experimental cold wave/minimal wave electronic groups such as Kas Product, Charles de Goal and A3 Dans le WC who emerged at the start of the 1980s. The accompanying large 44-page outsize booklet shows how punk in France emerged out of the country’s history of rebellion and revolution (from Serge Gainsbourg to the Paris ‘68 riots) as well as a love for American punk and proto bands like The New York Dolls and The Stooges, and was kick-started by witnessing the first UK punk bands (including the Sex Pistols who played in Paris in Sep 1976). It also explains how French revolutionary, artistic and intellectual ideas influenced the birth of punk in both New York (Dadaism and Surrealism, Rimbaud and Voltaire) and in Britain (Situationism), how Paris based art collective Bazooka influenced the work of Jamie Reid and The Sex Pistols, and more besides.  The booklet features extensive text, exclusive photography as well as interviews with key French figures in the movement including Marc Zermati (Skydog Records), Patrick Eudeline (Asphalt Jungle), Michel Esteban (Ze Records) and Eric Debris (Metal Urbain).

INCENDIARY "Cost of Living" LP (Closed Casket Activities)
Cost Of Living is the sophomore release from New York's own Incendiary. This 10-track LP of '90s-inspired hardcore is reminiscent of acts such as Indecision, Strife and Buried Alive with a modern, metal influenced sound. Now available again on colored vinyl with an updated gatefold cover.

INCENDIARY "Crusade" LP (Closed Casket Activities)
After being out of print for many years, the debut full length from Long Island, NY’s own INCENDIARY is available again. Originally released in 2009 by Eternal Hope Records, this 12” record has been repackaged with new artwork as a gatefold LP on limited color and accompanied by a digital download.

INCENDIARY "Thousand Mile Stare" LP (Closed Casket Activities)
‘Thousand Mile Stare’ is the third full length from New York’s own Incendiary. Featuring 10 track of unapologetic metallic hardcore, the effort was recorded by Will Putney of Graphic Nature Audio (Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain). While drawing influence from past decades, such as 108, Visions Of Disorder, and Buried Alive, Incendiary dives deeper into their socially conscious and aggressive sound to deliver their hardest hitting release to date.

BLAZING EYE "S/T" Tape (Overdose Records)
Tape version of Blazing Eye's debut EP. BLAZING EYE sound lay somewhere between ZOUO, THE SEXUAL and QLOAQA LETAL. That is Japanese inspired hardcore punk with demonic vocals and hard as nail beats which is extremely hard to shake once you hear it. The four distorted tracks on this EP mix perfectly the low end reverb soaked Japanese influences with the best of the International Hardcore Punk of the early 80's. Making it a masterpiece of timeless punk.

BLAZING EYE Demo Tape (Overdose Records)
BLAZING EYE spews forth four bursts of bouncing hardcore fury on this new cassette, rife with catchy basslines and sickly vocals. The beat is always 1-2-1-2 and the riffs are always memorable - the vocals akin to something like KURO or GHOUL...or some other crazy Japanese band. Features folks from MATA MATA, TUBERCULOSIS, CONDITION, RAYOS X...what the fuck are you waiting for???

DEVOID OF FAITH "Discography" Tape (Gloom Records)
25 tracks! Pro made / official release.Devoid of Faith was an American Hardcore punk band from Albany, NY in the mid 90's. Playing hardcore punk, the band shared members from Monster X, Hail Mary, Limp Wrist, John Brown's Army, and Das Oath. Devoid of Faith had several releases including a split with Voorhees. DOF were influenced by the likes of Life's Blood, Agnostic Front, Gauze, SSD, Jerrys Kids, etc. The band broke up in 1999, though they played a reunion show in 2004 at Gloomfest 2 with the original line up. The band did several small mini tours, but never made any further out West than Minnesota. Pushead released two very limited records by the band, and put them on one of his Bacteria Sour compilations.

HELLISH VIEW "Visions of Raw" Demo Tape (Desolate Records)
Minneapolis raw d-beat maniacs. Savage d-beat punk in the Disclose tradition. 8 track recording with layer on layer of noise. Pro dubbed cassettes. The band's first run of tapes was gone before most people heard of them. This shit is too good so Desolate is doing an official pressing. Get 'em while they last.

MINT "Demo Two" Tape (Demo)
Second demo cassette from this anarcho-tinged punk group out of Philly.

MINT "Demo" Tape (Demo)
Five track debut from this new Philly group, mixing somewhat a Crisis/Gang of Four-informed angularity with a simple, crunchy punk attack. I actually put this on right after the BB AND THE BLIPS demo and couldn't help noticing how perfect these demos sound back-to-back. A tight, vibrant batch of tracks, with what I can only imagine are very poignant, well voiced lyrics (and my only gripe here is the lack of a lyric sheet). Self released. (Sam / Feel It Records)

SENSUAL WORLD Demo Tape (Demo)
Dark and brooding Wipers-esque punk outta Richmond

We’re excited to present to you yet another issue of Maximum Rocknroll — issue #422, our July 2018 issue! This month we feature Italy’s SHITTY LIFE, who spill all about politics in Italy and their love of Peavey amps. We also feature HAIRCUT from Virginia, where they speak about what it means to be sober and a punk as well as the first-generation American experience. Also featured are Olympia’s GEN POP, who don’t want to be pigeonholed as just another Olympia band, and MURO from Colombia, who speak about their Rat Trap Collective and punk and politics in their country. AIWT from Russia tell about how they don’t really care about what their fans think, while LARS FINBERG talks about why he’s only just now released his first solo album after years of work in A-FRAMES, THE INTELLIGENCE, THEE OH SEES, and more. WHIP from Winnipeg talk about being a “couple band,” their signing to Neck Chop Records, and their reaction to being called a “female-infused” band. We’ve also got an interview with Stefan Christensen of C/Site Recordings, who splurges all about the history of his label and how the REPTILE RANCH reissue came about. For those dying for more punk coverage there’s a Manic Relapse Vol. 6 photo spread and all of the letters, columns, and reviews that you love to complain about on Instagram. Don’t wait — pick this issue up today!

Restocks for 7/12/18:

BARCELONA "Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona" LP
CHAIN CULT "Demo 2018" LP
CRISIS "Hymns Of Faith" LP
CRISIS "Kollectiv" 2xLP
CRUDE "Drug Culture" LP
FASTBACKS "Now is the Time" 2xLP
FIREBURN "Don't Stop the Youth" LP
HANK WOOD "Stay Home" LP
L.O.T.I.O.N. "Digital Control And Man's Obsolescence" LP
LA LUZ "Damp Face" 10"
LA LUZ "It's Alive" LP
LA LUZ "Weirdo Shrine" LP
LIMP WRIST "Want Us Dead" LP
MILK MUSIC "Beyond Living" LP
MILK MUSIC "Cruise Yr Illusion" LP
PASSION KILLERS "They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate And War" LP
PROPATRIA MORI "Where Shadows Lie" LP
RAZORBUMBS "Hellrazors" LP
RIXE "Collection" LP
SOREX "Portrait of a Prisoner" LP
TOTAL CONTROL "Typical System" LP
URANIUM CLUB "All of Them Naturals" LP

ABUSE OF POWER "When Then Becomes Now" 7"
AGGRESSION PACT "Instant Execution" 7"
BIB "Demo" 7"
BLITZ "All Out Attack" 7"
CANDY "Candy Says" 7"
GELD "Demo" 7"
POLLEN "Fear of Another War" 7"
PORNO CASSETTES "Your Face A Fucking Disgrace" 7"
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"
TARANTULA "Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate" 7"
ULTRA VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7"
VAGRA "Refuse" 7"

SIEGE "Drop Dead" (30th Anniversary Edition) Tape
SLANT 2018 Demo Tape

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