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It's that time again ... webstore update! This one isn't too overwhelming, but as always - jam packed with some of the best punk and hc coming out these days! That being said, this update is gonna be short so let's get right into it ...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
On the top of the list is the brand new third LP from NY's one and only Hank Wood and the Hammerheads! This band needs no introduction, and this new LP will not disappoint so make sure you grab a copy immediately! Other new releases of note include the debut LP from Kansas City's Warm Bodies, the debut LP from Minneapolis's Aquarium (both of which are on Lumpy Records and both highly recommended); new LP from Boston hcpunk rippers Sunshine Ward; three new releases from Feel It Records, including a brand new LP and live 7" from Indiana's The Cowboys, and the latest 7" from NY's Kaleidoscope; raging hcpunk EPs (for those of you who still like to smash shit for no reason whatsoever) from Narcoleptics, Violent End, Anxiety, and Lion's Cage, plus check out the Cement Shoes and Shapeshifter demos while you are at it; and for those of you who like a little flavor to your hcpunk, check out the debut LP from UK's Beta Blockers, or the Ecstasy and ISS 7"s!
For you zine heads, be sure to scoop a copy of Cretins of Distortion Issue #10 - latest issue of this rad oversized zine that comes with a flexi! Scoop those back issues of COD while you are at it! Make sure to check out the latest issue of Aussie zine No Exposure as well - features interviews with GM alums Night Birds and Bloody Gears, as well as a slew of other quality zine-type content.
Quick Primal Rite tour news before I go - PR will be hitting the East Coast for their "Affinity for Darkness" tour next month, around apperances at United Blood Fest in Richmond and Damaged City Fest in DC. Be sure to check out their brand new Dirge of Escapism LP in the webstore!
That's it! Get that Hank Wood LP!!!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Webstore Additions for 3/15/18:

This is the long-awaited third LP from NYC punks Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Over the past decade, no punk band has been more definitely “NEW YORK” than Hammerheads. The band has released two modern classics, Go Home and Stay Home, and this self-titled LP is their first album without percussionist Emil Bognar-Nasdor. This record sees the band continuing to develop their songwriting into something more “mature” and even darker. The production is far richer than its predecessor, which happens to perfectly compliment with the more complex guitar and keyboard parts. Hank’s performance is his best since Go Home, both more earnest and personal; there is a certain heaviness and world-weariness here that was not found on previous releases. For a band to continue to stay so vital in an increasingly fickle and forgetful world of punk is a true feat, and Hammerheads have graced us with yet another classic rock album. Essential

WARM BODIES "S/T" LP (Lumpy Records)
Two years deep and finally these beloved KC wingdings have blessed us with a debut album. WB are quintessentially the RUSH of late 2010s punk. Each member gets their due time to flex in almost every song and at their gigs you’ll get a headache if you try to figure out what they’re all doing. But damn it’s good. A real question mark band who can sure pen a tune. Electric.

AQUARIUM "S/T" LP (Lumpy Records)
Debut lp by this most precious Minneapolis supergroup and it’s a real cobra. We’re talking hot meat moist spuds whiplash punk AND a hefty dollop of sauerkraut (that’s vocals in German, BENCH). They’ve tapped the unhinged energy of Hans-A-Plast and Crap Detectors but ditched the nostalgia. No tears for these salty schnitzels, not like the other punkies of the late 2010s who were born 40 years to late. Featuring the frantic rhythms of the world renowned Stag Bitch Baby (Lemonade, Uranium Club). Pressed to 45 rpm 12” the greatest format of all time.

COWBOYS, THE "Volume 4" LP (Feel It Records)
At long last, a proper American pressing of the incredible Volume 4 cassette from Bloomington, Indiana's hometown heroes, The Cowboys. By now, you might be familiar with the stripped down, yet intelligent and powerful rock'n'roll force of The Cowboys - perhaps from their recent full length on Hozac or from their earlier cassette output which was collected onto an LP by Lumpy Records. Volume 4 captures The Cowboys at a near-perfect intersection of their earlier, lo-fi moments of Gizmos-esque Midwestern punk snarl and the more tuneful, soul-spun moments of recent output. This definitive edition of Volume 4 reproduces the ten song tracklisting of the original 2016 cassette edition released by fellow Bloomingtonian Kora Puckett (of Bugg, Laffing Gas, and Chud) on his Turd Wurld imprint. From the opening hook of "When She Came Back" (available on vinyl for the first time here, as well as the lead cut on side B, "Porridge"), The Cowboys showcase a songwriting knack and musical ability that is rarely achieved, nor captured so well in a studio setting. Keith Harman's next-level vocal delivery leads the charge across the entire album, ranging from the strong, anthemic chants of "I Feel Therefore I Am" to the deep, melancholic closing moments of "Actors". And what's more? The musicianship across this entire album is every bit as impeccable - beginning with the forceful and driving rhythm section and continuing to the absolutely unbridled guitar playing and tone, the sum of which shapes the texture of the entire recording. A score of Bloomington-based guest musicians, including Durand Jones (leader of modern soul sensations, The Indications) and John Terrill (formerly of the early 80's new wave group, The Dancing Cigarettes) only adds to the already searing mix. Altogether, The Cowboys have captured something truly unrivaled and exceptional on Volume 4 - an album that speaks from a homespun, Midwestern vantage point and fires on all musical cylinders. The end result: ten absolutely classic sonic reductions of epic proportion. This definitive edition of Volume 4 has been cut at 45 RPM by Josh Bonati and includes a new insert with artwork from The Cowboys' own Zack Worcel plus a digital download code. 500 copies on black vinyl including a 2" square hype sticker.

SUNSHINE WARD "Nuclear Ambitions" LP (Bloody Master Records)
Boston hardcore punk, recorded in 2017. Totalitar template with noisier but still clear and excellent production. 3/4 of Brain Killer. The last Sunshine Ward record was on Feral Ward and this one is better. During 2017, I was thinking "What do I want punk records to look and sound like in 2018?" and the answer is Nuclear Ambitions. 400 pressed, 180gr vinyl, heavy jackets.

CASANOVAS IN HEAT "Twisted Steal Sex Appeal" LP (Katorga Works Records)
Casanovas In Heat are a punk rock band in the Exploding Hearts sense, which means deep within the grooves of carnal guitars and heavy bass of “Jaded” is a throbbing melody. The group’s forthcoming Twisted Steel, Sex Appeal was produced by Ben Greenberg (The Men, Uniform, Hubble), and its lead single is an escape into the realm of inhibited dissonance. - Stereogum

BETA BLOCKERS "S/T" LP (Static Shock Records)
One of the new faces of Sheffield and Leeds punk (though members also keep busy in The Flex, No Form, Whipping Post and Community), Beta Blockers are here with their debut 12". What do they sound like? They sound like Die Kreuzen fucking about with the Screamers, or maybe Black Flag smashing gurners with Neubauten, or how about Stooges getting punished by the Gallagher brothers, maybe even all of those at the same time. Seven songs in eighteen minutes, housed in a heavyweight sleeve featuring artwork from Keegan Dakkar Lomanto

CRETINS OF DISTORTION #10 Zine w/ Flexi (Zine)
“There's no attraction like a fatal crash” Dave E would scream with an attempt of a melody, and with an attempt at a culture young extremist would agree. But what do we have to show for from these energetic mishaps at expression that have become oh so abundant among the young lifers of Middle America? Destructive behaviors, squalor, misanthropy, and a fanzine. That fanzine is Cretins of Distortion 10. An issue that takes a look back on the pyrrhic victories that consumed and inspired the last five years of its output. Inside the giant sheets of photocopied paper attempting magazine status you will find; An interview with the incredible artist and musician Olivia Gibb of Warm Bodies, BB Eye, and Miss Lady in which she discusses her love for ceramics and stamps; explaining the similarities she finds in those and her music ; OVER 150 reviews of the best and worst of all the bands to have existed in the Midwest in the last 5 years. As a re-review is done of every release to have been written under the purpose of Cretins of Distortion; A flexible compilation record titled “Miracle Dumbells” featuring 3 Songs. “Imma Cretin of Distortion Baby” a song which was taken from a fan mail tape sent in by a member of such Midwest superpowers as Ooze, Big Zit, CCTV, and The Coneheads. ------The next song “Ratas en las Paredes” by Comedy Central’s favorite punk band Loompi y los Dumpuhz (which translates to “Lumpy and the Dumpers”). A raw punk blast which we have come to expect form Lumpy and his Dumpers. ------Lastly the flexi ends on a wonderful song appearing courtesy of The Sunbelt Chemical Corporation, “He’s Got a Pencil (but I’m Gonna Write With It)” performed by The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band. This is a cover of Pencil, whom you may remember was mistakenly put on the labels of The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band’s first LP “Human Exploration” (Which received a whopping 8.9 rating from and routinely sells for over ¥3,300 in resale markets) Much irony could be found in this mistake by the Czechoslovakian pressing plant due to the fact that The Minneapolis Uranium Club Bands are very big fans of pencils as a writing utensil. The record is clipped with very rare soundbites of Iggy Pop and Dave E. interviews. Underground music is covered on many platforms that are more legitimate, better written, and higher budgeted – but none are more sincere and destructive than Cretins of Distortion.

KALEIDOSCOPE "2017" 7" (Feel It Records)
Following their Volume 3 12" on Feel It, Kaleidoscope return with the incredible new 2017 EP. As with much of their output, each release only improves upon the previous one, and this EP is no exception. Kaleidoscope have truly mastered the art of home recording, as this is the best produced effort yet. Musically, they've given new meaning to what a three piece group can accomplish within the realm of punk - distilling a cache of influences into a sound that is as well-refined as it is experimental. For any of the reviewers that thought Volume 3 wasn't weird enough, or disliked the production, I urge to re-examine Kaleidoscope as a whole, because 2017 proves exactly what they are capable of as a musical unit. From the poignant lyrics (perhaps Shiva's best yet) to the sheer originality to the incredibly textured production, this is some of Kaleidoscope's best output to date. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION. Packaging includes a six page risographed, booklet-style sleeve with lyrics and artwork from the band. D4MTLABS, INC.

NARCOLEPTICS "2018" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
Never would have thought that NARCS could top their first two EPs, but by the might of a violent, pounding gale behind the sails of this third one, inconspicuously titled, “2018 EP,” that thought is whisked from the ground and power bombed straight to the cold, hard concrete of what-could-have-been. The catchy, pounding power of the second salvo, “Answer’s,” hooks could be viewed as a standout, but the totality of this 7” is nothing short of heavy, sonic war, and when you’re loaded with one of the most bombastic drummers in the game, the results are primed for mutually assured destruction. This is possibly the last we hear from NARCOLEPTICS, on record, at least, but you can also find some of these sleepy fellows pounding it out in EXTENDED HELL and URCHIN

ANXIETY "Trash Baby" 7" (Fun With Smack Records)
BOSTON STRANGLER RECORDS and FUN WITH SMACK are proud to present the latest achievement in callous and uncompromising stupidity...... the shocking and most likely unwelcome return of Boston's fuckin one and only ANXIETY!!!!!!!!! after a near-decade long absence from the public eye ANXIETY returns to the spotlight with their nastiest, meanest, and best tracks yet. fans of the band's previous "Pathetic" 12" on Social Napalm will not be disappointed. For the uninitiated, Anxiety features members of BOSTON STRANGLER, SCAPEGOAT, PEACEBREAKERS, KOWARD, and PUBLIC TRUST doing what made them famous... menacing and intense punk with the unmistakable classic Boston Hardcore sound... "Trash Baby" takes it a step further, making things weirder, less safe, and a lot less kid-friendly than the current state of punk can handle.  love it or hate it, ANXIETY don't care. one-time pressing of 350 copies.

VIOLENT END "S/T (2nd)" 7" (Fun With Smack Records)
The long-awaited return of Chicago Hardcore legends VIOLENT END...rough and rabid HC PUNK for the few that still care. VIOLENT END blends the best elements of the classic Midwest HC sound, UK82 and hard-hitting street punk to create a sound all their own. Violent End shares members with Chicago HC vets REPOS. past glories include VILE GASH, SKRAPYARD, RAW NERVE, CHRONIC SEIZURE, CANADIAN RIFLE, and much pressing of 300.

LION'S CAGE "S/T" 7" (Heavy Dose Records)
This 7"s features the demo tracks from NY's LION'S CAGE. Raw, no frills NYHC in the vein of OUTBURST, REST IN PIECES, MADBALL, CRO-MAGS and other NY stuff of that ilk.

COWBOYS, THE "Live at Tony's Garage" 7" (Feel It Records)
While touring the West coast in May 2017, Bloomington rock'n'roll heroes The Cowboys stopped for a one-off recording session at a friend's garage in sunny Whittier, California. The result: an impressively tight and vibrant batch of tracks, brimming with crunchy, direct-to-tape production. Instead of letting this powerful session dwindle on the original cassette that it was recorded on, we've opted to press Live at Tony's Garage to a proper destination format, 7" vinyl at 45 RPM. The session kicks off with possibly the best recorded version of a Cowboys staple,  "Mint Condition", plus two more raw originals that were recently featured on their debut LP for Hozac. The session also features a roaring cover of the 1964 garage rock classic, "The Witch", as originally performed by The Sonics. This perfect four track EP sits nicely between The Cowboys' incredible string of studio recordings and the raw energy of their live performances. Live at Tony's Garage has been remastered for vinyl by Josh Bonati and includes a Cowboys sticker plus digital download code with an exclusive bonus track. 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a foldover sleeve printed on textured Stipple stock

ECSTASY "S/T" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
Oakland's Ecstasy (members of Tony Molina band, Jump Off A Building) display a strong showing on their first release, offering jagged harmonics-laced hardcore which seamlessly transition from one song into the next. These 5 songs clocking in at just under 7 minutes, berate wealthy-bay-area-transplants aiming to gain social capitol on their parents dime. Pressing of 500 with 100 on white vinyl only available here and from the band. fold-over covers printed by Irrelevant press in Oakland.

ISS "S/T" 7" (Sorry State Records)
New 4-song EP from this North Carolina punk phenomenon. ISS will tell you that they don't look good on paper--they're a punk band that uses sampling prominently and whose lyrics and music often revolve around semi-silly punk/record nerd in-jokes--but despite the concept they manage to make music that is as great and as authentically punk as anything in my collection. They keep the hits coming on this new EP with their trademark combination of minimalist punk, huge pop hooks, and lyrics that are almost (but not quite!) too witty for their own good. There are even a few new wrinkles this time around, like the blistering, Agent Orange-esque guitar work from Jeff Leppard of Skemäta and Vittna on "I Wanna Be Dated." If you've enjoyed ISS's previous releases on Loki, State Laughter, and Erste Theke Tonträger pick this up as it's the group's best stuff yet.

TENEMENT Presents "Music Composed for the Motion Picture 'Smother Me in Hugs'" LP (Malokul Records)
''If Tenement's expertly crafted 2015 double LP, Predatory Headlights saw the band pushing from their Descendents-inspired buzzy pop roots into a new role as DIY's power pop standard bearers, it also hinted at the band's eclecticism, sprinkling folk, noise, jazz and country across their 78 minute epic. These moments could fairly be described as cinematic and were likely the spark that inspired director Eric Schuman to approach the band to score his Columbia University thesis-film Smother Me in Hugs. It's easy to imagine songwriter Amos Pitsch sifting through a used record bin filled with arcane 70's and 80's nuggets, pulling out LP after LP, describing each's under-appreciated elements - an intro track here, the bridge to this album cut, etc. Music Composed For Smother Me in Hugs feels like a collection of such interludes, expanding the band's broad range with melancholy organ numbers, drum machine grooves, untuned strings, and strange percussion loops, before ending with a series of spaced out synth-scapes. It's an assortment of lo-fi moods, recorded warmly in Tenement's home studio Crutch of Memory in Appleton, WI, which only breaks out into full fledged rock splendor for one song: "Don't Let Them Tell You," a track that easily earns its place on any "best-of" Tenement mixtape, on its own making the record worth a spin or ten.'' - David Combs This is the second soundtrack arranged and recorded by Amos Pitsch, Julia Blair, Matt Stranger, and Black Thumb, with the addition of Jesse Ponkamo on this production. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl in a full color gatefold jacket. Download included.

CRUZ DE NAVAJAS "Dominacion" LP (Going Underground Records)
Debuting in 2016, Mexico City’s Cruz De Navajas has already established itself as one of the more exquisite contemporary dark wave/post punk groups.  Lyrically, Cruz De Navajas tackles the difficult issues of femicide and the forced disappearances of the citizens of its home country, Mexico.  Despite the heavy subject matter, the band builds its songs upon melodies and movements reminiscent of the finest gothic rock bands of the past and present. Mixed and mastered by the North London Bomb Factory, Dominacion is the band’s debut LP. It’s available in the US on California’s Going Underground Records. The members of Cruz De Navajas describe its sound as dark, danceable post punk. Recommended to fans of Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Cure and Sister Of Mercy.

RUNT "Positions of Power" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Based between London and Sheffield, and with a lineage as incestuous as the UK scene, RUNT bring us a monumental follow up to their cassette tape from last year. RUNT are total aggro primitive punk built on furious spit and stomp, snarling electric agitation and primal clattering. Each track is short, angry and on the edge of falling apart at any moment. Yet it never does. Ash's vocals are totally confrontational and in your face while the (a)rhythmic section of Jyoti and Ralph pulverise anything in their way, laying the path for Alex’s guitar to slowly build up the sound of city-living anxiety. It has an obvious nod to early Crass Records releases but mixes it with something more modern and definitely more nihilistic. Favourite track and B side opener “DWP” sounds like a 2018 “Do They Owe Us a Living” and synthetize the band perfectly. A confrontational, forward-thinking underground sound escaping the tick inside the box current state of punk.

RAGE "Feel the Burn" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
Originally conceived as a means to fill in free time as other bands slowed down, Rage was formed in mid-2016 and immediately got to work. Shows started to be booked after only a couple of rehearsals and a well received demo tape followed shortly after. Since then, Rage has been hard at work piecing together new music whilst playing shows with a wide range of Australian and International bands both locally and interstate. With the release of “Feel The Burn”, Rage aim to deliver 5 cuts of slamming hardcore punk, influenced by American hardcore greats, British punks and Australia’s hardest bands. Initial production of the record was handled by Blake Ohlback (Choke, Homesick) and the record was then mixed by Chris Corry (No Tolerance, The Rival Mob) before being mastered by Dan Randall (86 Mentality, The Flex).

SCREAMERS "Strength Through Intimidation: The 1978 Geza X Demo" LP (Fanclub Release)
Without question, The Screamers are the greatest band in the history of punk to never issue an official release. They were decades ahead of their time and were admired heavily by Iggy Pop (who wanted to produce them) and Devo (who wanted to tour with them nationally). The Screamers practically pioneered the genre known as “synth punk” single-handedly, as they featured two synthesizes in favor of using guitars. This demo was recorded live by Geza X during the summer of ’78 in one session and is by far their absolute defining recorded moment. This definitive version features much improved artwork over previous issues of this material. Limited edition of 500 copies.

GHOUL "Night Out" LP (Fanclub Release)
Seminal 80's Japanese punk band, fronted by the one handed, raspy-voiced, fan-punching legend Masami, who passed on young (like many of his contemporaries) in the early 90's, apparently of liver failure brought on by excessive love of the drink. The original Ghoul broke up in '85, as there's the official VHS entitled "Last Gig" out on ACC video label. The band got back together as "Ghoul II" with a different line-up in the late '86 (or possibly in the early '87), changed the name to "Sqwad" (originally called Masami with Sqwad) sometime during the summer of '88, either right before or after they played the "Complete Death" show at the Toshima Public Hall in Tokyo on July 17th '88, then broke up and got back together again as "Ghoul III" in '89 with just a slightly different line-up than "Ghoul II" and pretty much remained active until Masami puked the blood on the stage and went into a coma afterwards in the early '90s. "Ghoul II" and "Ghoul III" - that's exactly how Masami called themselves when they got reformed twice and those names were often mentioned in the interviews, magazine articles and that's how they were usually listed in the gig flyers as well. As most of the serious fans probably noticed, they're credited as "Sqwad (ex-Ghoul)" on the "Complete Death Live" VHS tape (released on January 1st '89), however, in the flyers for this show they were still listed as "Ghoul II". So, probably they changed the name to "Sqwad" right before this show or after, but sometime before the VHS came out. Later, they played as "Sqwad" during the year of '89, released 7" flexi on Slice Records and broke up before the mid '89 and got back together again later the same year (before the summer). The Ghoul tracks you find on the "Game Of Death" compilation LP (which was released in July '89) are the only recorded material by "Ghoul III", although they're simply credited as "Ghoul" on this release. (limited to 200 copies, fantastic top quality release, mastered for vinyl for best/huge sound. Includes a double sided insert and sticker!)

BITTER YOUTH "A New Light" 7" (Straight and Alert Records)
BITTER YOUTH is the new breed UK Hardcore from Liverpool. This new 7″ A New Light marks a defined change of step with their sound. The refined elements of classic and modern hardcore, with the positive ethic of youth crew bands like True Colors or Mindset, introspectiveness and emotional edge of bands like Turning Point, and bruising yet melodic riffs make it clear, the youth is bitter but striving for unity and progress.

TRAIL OF LIES "W.A.R." LP (Edgewood Records)
Hardcore needed Trail of Lies. Since their drop of the EP Strength Through Discipline in 2016, they have ascended the ranks within the genre like a rocket with no signs of slowing down. With many bands opting for more focus on image, crowd service oriented mosh parts or obscure artistic presence, Trail of Lies has gone against all this to bring the community straight forward, genuine hardcore that has a real message, I cite Youth of Today’s effect on the hardcore scene at their inception in the late '80s. There was a very nihilistic outlook that permeated throughout the genre at the time and all of the sudden you had these in shape clean cut kids playing hardcore music about positivity and doing better for yourself. That is Trail of Lies in 2018. Gone are the ideal sets and lyrical content of self deprecation of the years of yore. Trail of Lies is here and shouting that they will “Fight for Victory” amongst other anthemic themes of perseverance presented on their debut LP, W.A.R.

WILD ROSE "Fanatic Heart" Tape (Rougemont Records)
Latest material from Charlottesville, VA's WILD ROSE, following a promising demo tape in '17. We get four tracks here, including a much tighter version of the title cut and three brand new songs. The fidelity on this recording is top notch and really showcases the live power and energy that this band has. As before, I'm hearing a sort of Love Bites era Buzzcocks sound mixed with more of a hard rock crunch and scratchy vocal attack, topped with searing guitar leads. A totally stand-out batch of tracks on this pro-dubbed cassette.

CEMENT SHOES Demo Tape (Demo)
Give your redneck neighbors a big warm left hook this Hanukkah with CEMENT SHOES' inaugural offering of savage Trump-era hardcore. Honing their penchant for classic Clevo-flavored punk along with flourishes of a decidedly Scandinavian-meets-Midwest approach to hardcore, the songsmiths of BROWN SUGAR and FRIED EGG team up with some yambags from HAIRCUT and (ex-)FIRING SQUAD to ground up the nation's golfers into raw hamburger. Meat and potatoes and LSD. Bon appetit! Limited to 100 copies with full color covers, inserts and hand stamped labels. Loki Label.

Minneapolis Punk! Rocking riffy mid paced punk with searing female vocals. Ethereal guitar playing at times and a crazy solid rhythm section. Scope-worthy.

Cretins of Distortion 9 features interviews with The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band and Livin' Thing as well as many reviews and writings. 11 x 17 salmon paper, stapled down the side.

NO EXPOSURE Zine Issue #4 (Zine)
Another killer issue of this Aussie zine! 52 pages (half size). Interview with Brian Gorsegner (NIGHT BIRDS), a write-up about great records with even better early versions, BLOODY GEARS, an old band from Darwin, and another big batch of gig photos. Plus the usual rambling editorial and a load of live and record/tape reviews.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #419 - April 2018 (MRR)
It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the latest issue of Maximum Rocknroll is here! MRR #419, our April 2018 issue, brings you old-school style with an all cut ‘n’ paste layout. Inside, we bring you the scoop on all your new (and old!) favorite punks: Spain’s RATA NEGRA refuse to just go for the easy joke, while Florida’s PROTOCOL insist you can’t be serious all the time. Who’s right? They both are, of course! We teach you some history lessons with a rundown of rare Finnish KBD punk and an interview with Wyoming’s COWS—if punk made it to small-town Finland and Wyoming in the ’70s, then punk can make it anywhere. That includes rural Italy, where DOTS are getting people dancing to their funky punk as we speak, and Sweden, where KATASTROF do their part to keep the Uppsala hardcore scene strong. Punk can last, too: just ask Portland’s WOOLEN MEN, who discuss wanting to make a record that stands the test of time. Or Michigan’s CLOUD RAT, who analyze how their genre-overlapping sound has changed over the past eight years. Or Japan’s ILLYA, who have lasted eleven years in spite of never getting to go on long tours. Or LEMURIA, who might live all over the US now, but are still going strong after fourteen years. Hell, the FORCED ORDER guys have been playing together since high school, and now they’re pushing 30! SCORE‘s members have persevered through chronic illness and immigration difficulties to keep playing, But if life gets in the way, you can always come back to punk later, like the mysterious man behind Neck Chop Records did. And if that’s not enough for you, we’ve got all the reviews and columns you crave, plus more, all right here in the latest, greatest issue of Maximum Rocknroll!

Restocks for March 15, 2018:

BLINDSIDE USA "Wave of Regret" 7"
CONFUSE "Nuclear Addicts" 7"
DANZIG, GLENN "Who Killed Marilyn?" 7"
DICKS "Hate the Police" 7"
GISM "Anarchy Violence" 7"
KRIMEWATCH "S/T" (UK Press) 7"
LIMP WRIST "S/T (Want Us Dead)" LP
MISFITS "Evil is as Evil Does" 7"
MISFITS "Halloween" 7"
NIRVANA "John Peel Sessions" 7"
RIXE "Coupes et Bleasures" 7"
RUT "Attraction" 7"
ULTRA VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7"
URANIUM CLUB "Who Made the Man" (UK Press) 7"
ASYLUM "Modern Hysteria" LP
BAUHAUS "In The Flat Field (Remastered)" LP
CRISIS "Kollectiv" 2xLP
DISCLOSE "Yesterday's Fariytale, Tomorrow's Nightmare" LP
HARM DONE "Abuse / Abused" LP
LOS CRUDOS "Doble LP Discografia (European Pressing)" 2xLP
MERCHANDISE "A Corpse Wired For Sound" LP (4AD)
MERCHANDISE "After the End" LP (4AD)
PIXIES "Surfer Rosa" LP
REPLACEMENTS, THE "Early Mats: 1981-1984 (Remastered)" LP
SCREAMERS "Demos 1977-78" LP
STEREOLAB "Peng!" LP (Too Pure Records)
URANIUM CLUB "All of them Naturals" (UK Press) LP (Static Shock Records)
URANIUM CLUB "Human Exploration" (UK Press) LP
V/A "Horrendous New Wave" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 3" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 5" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 6" Compilation LP

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