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Webstore Update - June 30, 2022
Well would you look at this ... two webstore updates within one month! This update isn't as big as the last one, so you should be able to get through it quickly!
First off, we got a fresh batch of Government Warning T-Shirt reprints in stock! Apparently there still seems to be a bit of a demand for these, and we ran out of the larger sizes pretty quickly the last time we printed some up, so figured we could do one more round. All sizes (S-2XL) are available for two different designs. All shirts printed on black Comfort Colors brand T-shirts with white discharge ink. Killer.
Speaking of Government Warning, we repressed 2006's No Moderation LP once more earlier this month; 300 copies on GREEN VINYL and those are still available in the webstore. We also still have a handful of the Destruct Echoes of Life LP repress on CLEAR VINYL, but I'd imagine those will be gone by the end of summer if not sooner.
Finally, we've got a few killer new releases in the webstore this round, as well as a few restocks that ran out so quickly the first time that we didn't get to include them in the last update. Some great new LPs from SYNDROME 81 and RIGOROUS INSTITUTION and a ton of killer reissues from THE EXPLOITED, THE BLOOD, SADO NATION, OPERATION IVY, X RAY SPEX, ULTRA VIOLENT, SEPTIC DEATH, YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH, RAMONES, and much more! Not to mention, a ton of stuff from the last update is still available, most noteably we have a few copies of the newest 7" from NYC's WARTHOG that is essential listening for Summer '22!!!
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles for June 30, 2022:
SYNDROME 81 "Prisons Imaginaires" LP (Black Water Records)
From Brest, France, this is the debut full length from SYNDROME 81, who already left us with a handful of great singles and a couple of splits. This LP leans even further into the cold dark of traditional French Oi. Very melodic, catchy tunes with a layer of roughness mostly due to the anger in the vocals and rocking tempos. Like many things French, there is an underlying sense of existential hopeless despair layered with bursts of empowerment and perseverance. This is conveyed through dark anthemic lyrics and moody guitar leads that land somewhere between CAMERA SILENS and later BLITZ. A perfect soundtrack for a rainy day when you catch yourself questioning your existence in a doomed town. Though this album has an overall gloomy feel, in the depth of winter, you may find within this LP lay an invincible summer.

RIGOROUS INSTITUTION "Cainsmarsh" LP (Black Water Records)
After three highly praised 7” eps, RIGOROUS INSTITUTION rises from the shadowy dripping streets of Portland, OR to deliver us their 1st full length album. Full of scathing vocals with smart, bleak lyrics (that border on poetry at times), axe grinding riffs, driving, dirty bass lines, hypnotic percussion, atmospheric synthesizer and a sense of droning paranoia scattered throughout its entirety. Yes, this is what one could call crust, but it feels too easy to use that word. These weirdos veer into seldom ventured territories that go from ripping to horrific soundscapes that make one’s skin crawl as much as their fists pump. Picture John Carpenter joining forces with AMEBIX in 1982 and it will give you an idea of what this epic 12” will bring. This might just be the perfect soundtrack for the current state of the world.

EXPLOITED, THE "Let's Start A War … Said Maggie One Day" LP (Color Vinyl) (Radiation Records)
Reissue on vinyl for the third album by the punk band The Exploited, released in 1983 through Pax Records. The title refers to Margaret Thatcher's decision to go to war over the Falkland Islands in 1982, suggesting that she did so almost on a whim. 'Let's Start A War...' reached the Indie Chart Top 10 when first issued in 1983, this album also includes the single 'Rival Leaders' which hit No. 11 in the Indie Chart. A classic of the 'UK82' hardcore punk sound that provides a blueprint for the decade of punk and metal to come, and all in the space of just over half an hour. Includes poster with exclusive Alison Braun photo.

BLOOD, THE "Total Megalomania" 2xLP (Radiation Records)
Legend has it that The Blood were ‘discovered’ by Cockney Rejects vocalist Jeff ‘Stinky Turner’ Geggus on the top deck of a bus in Charlton. What they were all doing on the South East London bus has never been fully explained! Still, it was Jeff who introduced Coming Blood (as they were then known) to ‘Sounds’ journalist Garry Bushell and, suitably impressed, he offered them a spot on the fourth volume of the Oi! compilation series, “Oi! Oi! That’s Yer Lot”. It wasn’t just the Punk scene that took to the band, the more open minded in the Metal fraternity also embraced them, making them one of the first Punk-Metal crossover bands, equally at home with followers of the Anti Nowhere League or Motorhead. Though the initial career of The Blood may only have been brief, the two singles, 12” and album they released have all stood the test of time, many of the songs later covered by bands not even born when they were first recorded! Respect.

X RAY SPEX "Obsessed by Demos (1977-1978)" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
This release features a collection of rare demos from 1977 and 1978. X-Ray Spex were an English punk rock band formed in 1976 from London. During their first incarnation (1976–1979), X-Ray Spex were "deliberate underachievers" and only released five singles and one album. Nevertheless, their first single, "Oh Bondage Up Yours!", is now acknowledged as a classic punk rock single and the album Germfree Adolescents is widely acclaimed as a classic album of the punk rock genre.Described by unlikely fan and pop producer Mickie Most as “a punk ABBA”, London band X-Ray Spex were led by the singular singer-songwriter Marianne Elliott Said – aka Poly Styrene – who’d seen the Sex Pistols play Hastings Pier on her 18th birthday and was compelled to advertise in the music press for some “Young Punx Who Want To Stick It Together”. A self-styled disposable, plastic popstar, Styrene soon became a role model with her Pop Art designs, visible chunky dental braces and her “effervescently discordant” vocal, her songs brimming with themes of feminism, anti-consumerism, and the search for her own identity.

SADO NATION "S/T" 7" (Puke and Vomit Records)
The first official reissue/repress of their collectable /sought after debut 1980 4 track EP. An original of this will run you $300-$400, but now is your chance to own a VERY quality reissue of this classic punk slab. ESSENTIAL

SEPTIC DEATH "Now that I Have the Attention What Do I Do With It?" LP (Harto de Todo)
Not a lot of bands come from Boise, Idaho, however even if SEPTIC DEATH were the only band to emerge from there, it should put the city on the map as birthing something great. The band was formed by late ’70s/ early ’80s California skate regular Brian “Pushead” Schroeder, who had already made a bit of a name in the underground hardcore/ punk scene not only as a skater, but as an artist. He began sending his art to bands and ‘zines in the early ’80s, and many of them chose to use it. Later he became the main artist for Zorlac Skateboards, designing the artwork for a special edition METALLICA skateboard . The band soon used him to design art and t-shirts for them, which propelled him to even larger fame. At this point he has done art for tons of bands both big and small, and his unmistakable gruesome and original artwork and attention to detail was first brought into full bloom in the service of SEPTIC DEATH. Now That I Have the Attention What Do I Do With It? (which came out in early ’86) is not actually an album proper, but a re-issue of the band’s first 12″ep Need So Much Attention… Acceptance of Whom mixed with some compilation tracks and some new songs. Side A features 3 tracks from the 12″ep that have added guitars and re-recorded vocals, as well as songs from compilations such as PEACE/ War, Cleanse the Bacteria, and the Putrid Evil flexi (some re-recorded). Side B features the other 9 songs from the 12″ep in their original versions.

OPERATION IVY "Energy Demos" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
1988 Demo tracks from East Bay punk legends OPERATION IVY's classic Energy LP.

ULTRA VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Originally released on Riot City and quickly becoming the label's most highly sought after release, Ultra-Violent recorded one single before breaking up where vocalist Adie went on to front the Metal incarnation of the English Dogs. Three songs of blistering UK82, quite possibly the best record in the genre.

V/A "The Decline of Western Civilization" Soundtrack LP (Survival Research)
Penelope Spheeris’ ground-breaking documentary The Decline Of Western Civilization captured the agony and the ecstasy of the Los Angeles punk scene of the late 1970s and its excellent soundtrack is required listening for all west coast Punk fans. The raw, jagged live sets by icons such as Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, the Germs, and Fear must be heard to be believed and the numbers by X point to their later commercial breakthrough; Catholic Discipline, with Claude Bessy of Slash magazine, provide another nugget. Totally essential!

YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH "Repackaged" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH were arguably the best band in Canadian hardcore. Most people credit DOA with this title but that was just because they were around longer. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH had very few releases but every song on their releases were great. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH originally released a self titled 9 song demo cassette in summer 1982, had 4 songs on the T.O.H.C. '83 compilation tape in spring 1983, a 7 song 12 inch record called "SIN" in early 1984, one song on a B.Y.O. compilation record, then a 1989 re-release record called "REPACKAGED" which contained the "SIN" ep. plus some remixes of songs from the 82 demo plus out-takes.

RAMONES "Broadcast Collection" 3xLP Box Set (Parachute Recording Company)
This deluxe triple LP release features three classic live Ramones performances that were originally broadcast on FM radio. The performances included are “Eaten Alive” recorded in New York 1977, “The Buffalo Bop” recorded at Stage One, Buffalo, New York 1979, and “Pinheads In Buenos Aires” an FM broadcast recorded in Argentina 1996.

WARCHILD "A Question for Today . . . Not Tomorrow" LP (Black Water Records)
"A Question for Today… Not Tomorrow is the fifth record overall and second full-length from Umeå, Sweden’s Warchild. Given the band’s name and imagery, you might guess they play d-beat hardcore, and you wouldn’t be wrong. When I dropped the needle on A Question for Today…, the first comparison that came to mind was Totalitär. Like Totalitär, Warchild’s take on d-beat isn’t particularly heavy or noisy. The sound is powerful and clear, but the production doesn’t call attention to itself, instead asking you to focus on the riffs and songs. And they are killer! Again, like Totalitär, Warchild isn’t just banging out the gnarliest sounding chords they can find; their riffs feel well constructed, a sense of melody lurking just enough in the background to give the songs shape and character without distracting from their grittiness and power. The songs have a subtle cycle of building and releasing tension, several of them erupting in climactic guitar solos that, like the riffs, have the texture of Disclose-esque gestalt, but with that trademark sense of melody just outside the frame. A "A Question for Today... is an infectious record that’s almost too well done for its own good. If you’re into this particular Swedish hardcore sound, this isn’t one to miss." - Sorry State

WARCHILD "Haunting Images of Human Tragedy" LP (Black Water Records)
From Umeå, Sweden with their debut 12″. If you like TOTALITAR, DISCHARGE, HERATYS etc you'll need this one too.

WARCHILD "No Victory in Death" 7" (Black Water Records)
The latest slab of Swedish hardcore by way of Umeå. Blistering tracks of unrelenting punk in the vein of Discharge, Antisect, Anti-Cimex, Totalitar and Meanwhile. A follow up to their Control Of Atomic Power 7″ that came out on Black Water in 2018.

ATTAK "Today's Generation" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Official reissue of this UK82 classic originally released on No Future Records in 1982.

NO WAY "Breaking Point" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Re-issue of the No Way EP, Breaking Point, TV Pox and 30 Seconds on 7" vinyl, originally released in 1979.

OPPRESSED, THE "Fatal Blow 1981/4" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Another repress of essential material of this most influential antifascist Oi band of all time. This compilation originally released in 1985 comes now as a packed 7″, while still including all 8 tracks from the original 1985 12" version; three classic Oi! covers recorded in august 1984 plus 5 songs of the band’s early demos from 1981/82 with Roddy Moreno on drums.

RIOT SQUAD "Don't Be Denied" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Reissue of their blazing 3rd EP originally released on Rot Records in 1983

SCREAMING DEAD "Paint It Black" 7" (Mad Butcher Classics)
Formed in Cheltenham, Uk in December 1979, Screaming Dead have been an inspiration to many bands in the Horror/Punk/Goth genre. Simply put, they are unique, genuine and full of energy, there really is nothing Dead about the Dead. "Paint it Black" is the sought after Stones cover, originally released in 1984.

APPENDIX "Top of the Pops" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Vinyl reissue of their 1984 second album. Finnish Hardcore Punk legends. Taking off from where their debut left off, we are talking kore blistering dark edged punk, The record is full of fifteen fantastic catchy melodic songs, most clocking in under two minutes. Taking things, a bit further the faster hardcore songs alternate with slower songs and there are even some post punk influences starting to creep into their distinct sound.

CHAOTIC DISCHORD "Don't Throw It All Away (Plus Singles)" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
This collection compiles all the Chaotic Dischord 7” tracks released on UK punk label Riot City and the sought after ‘Don’t Throw It All Away’ Mini LP from 84. These recordings have been unavailable and out of print on vinyl since the mid-80s. Originally formed in 1982 as a joke by members of Vice Squad and its roadies, they quickly became popular after their inclusion on the seminal 1982 UK Punk compilation ‘Riotous Assembly’ released by Riot City Records. They would go onto to become an influential and popular 82 UK Punk band.

EJECTED "A Touch of Class" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Debut album from popular 80s UK Punk band from Dagenham, London. Who made a name for themselves by appearing on the 1981 charting UK Punk/Oi! Compilation “Carry on Oi” released on Riot City.

EJECTED "The Spirit of Rebellion" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Second album by this amazing popular 80s UK Punk band from Dagenham, London, originally released in 1984 on Riot City Records. Essential UK-Punk/Oi with a touch of dub/reggae. The album was produced by UK Subs Nicky Garratt.

FRESHLY RIOTS "Perhaps Demo 1982" 7" (Queer Pills Records)
Freshly Riots were an early Danish punk band that self-released all their own music on their Bondeskiver Records label. ‘Perhaps’ was their second cassette only release, originally released in 1982. Available for the first time on vinyl thanks to PNV records. Awesome dissonant punk with elements of raw chaotic 60s garage psych. Instantly familiar and catchy but also dark and ominous and weirdly chaotic and unnerving.

STALAG 13 "In Control" LP (Puke and Vomit Records)
Reissue one of the most sought after Nardcore releases of the early '80s: Stalag 13's "In Control." Features the original tracks plus four bonus songs not on the original Upstart release.

ANTI-STATE CONTROL "S/T" LP (Vomitopunkrock Records)
Compilation LP of this British Punk-Rock band, active between 1982 and 1983. On side A we have their first demo from 1983 and on side B songs recorded in rehearsals.

MENACE "G.L.C. (R.I.P.)" LP (Daily Records)
Vinyl LP reissue of this great compilation featuring 11 singalong street punk anthems by the legendary UK first wave punk band Menace. It features all the tracks issued in their first five 7 Inches, al of them recorded between 1977 & 1980! Lyric’s inner also features previously unpublished gig and studio photos from the era. A must for collectors!

ONE WAY SYSTEM "Give us a Future: Early Singles & Demos" LP (Radiation Records)
Formed in 1979 in the northern English town of Fleetwood, Lancashire (a former major fishing port that had declined since the 1960s), One Way System was one of the most highly-rated ‘street punk’ groups that spun off from the British hardcore and Oi scenes. Mowhawk-sporting lead singer Gavin Whyte was initially joined by guitarist Craig Halliday, bassist Gaz Buckley and rapid-fire drummer Tez McDonald; the early demos of “Jerusalem,” “Spokesmen For Teenagers” and “1980s” included here were cut with that lineup, before former Zyklon B member David “Crabby” Ross joined as second guitarist, yielding the incendiary single “Stab The Judge” and the No Entry EP, issued by Blackpool’s Lightbeat Records in 1981. Halliday later quit the group and when McDonald joined The Fits, accomplished drummer Tommy Couch brought a totally different musical dimension, his command of the kit well beyond the abilities of most of his contemporaries. In addition to the demos and the Lightbeat material, this compilation also collects the singles and EPs issued by Cherry Red’s Anagram subsidiary between 1982-84, including the inaugural 45, “Give Us A Future."

LEBENDEN TOTEN "Near Dark" LP (Black Water Records)
NEAR DARK 13 Year Anniversary official repress from LEBENDEN TOTEN RECORDS!! Originally released in 2008 on Wicked Witch and long sold out! Twilight Zone colored vinyl! 10 track barrage of chaotic noise and distortion! hardcore punk paying ohmage early UK and Japanese bands like Disorder, Confuse, Gai and Chaos UK mixed in with some ultrapsychadelic feedback madness and the eeriness of a horror movie soundscape. Noise with a message. You can be in control of your life. However, the powers that be are adept at distracting you and misinforming you. Wake up and do something about it!

DISARRAY "Discography" LP (Black Water Records)
Official reissue of classic Japanese punk band Disarray. Includes flexi, ep and live tracks. Tracks A1 to A7: Disarray flexi 7″ (1984) Tracks A8 to A11: In Search Of The Miraculous 7″ (1985) Tracks B1 to B6: License To Kill tape (1984) Tracks B7 to B13: Disarray tape (1985)

FINAL WARNING "Demonstration 1983" 7" (Black Water Records)
Portland, Oregon these guys are some killer shit...wayyyy back in 1983 they wrote a demo that definitely fits the mould of the scene at the time, these guys sound like a more Discharge influenced Poison Idea - they aren't afraid of getting a bit dirty of a bit metal but it's damn good. If you've heard the song on the "drinking is great" compilation, you'll know just what we mean!

Restocks 6/30/22

4 SKINS "A Fistful of ….... 4 Skins" LP (Color Vinyl)
4 SKINS "The Good, The Bad, and the 4 Skins" LP (Yellow Vinyl)
APPENDIX "Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa" LP
BLACK FLAG "Damaged with Dez" LP
DESTRUCTORS "Exercise the Demons" LP
DOOM "Pretentious Arseholes" 7" Box Set
EU'S ARSE "Lo Stato ha Bisogno" 7"
HAKUCHI "The Best Works 1991-1994" LP
ICONS OF FILTH "Onward Christian Soldiers" LP
LEBENDEN TOTEN "Mind Parasites" LP
MISFITS "12 Hits from Hell" LP
MISFITS "Static Age" LP
NECROS "Conquest for Death" LP
OPPRESSED, THE "Anti Facist Oi!" 7"
OPPRESSED, THE "Never Say Die" 7"
OPPRESSED, THE "Victims" 7"
PURE HELL "Noise Addiction" LP
RAMONES "Demos 1975" LP
RAMONES "Pleasant Demos" LP
REAGAN YOUTH "Regenerated (Early Versions of your Favorites)" LP
SEX AIDS "Back on the Piss Again" 7"
SYNDROME 81 "Beton Nostalgie" LP
V/A "Carry On Oi!" Compilation LP
WARCRY "Nausea" 7" (Black Water Records)
WARCRY "Needle Zero Drone II" 7"
WARCRY "Savage Machinery" LP

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