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BIB "Delux" LP (Color Vinyl)
Pop Wig Records

BIB "Delux" LP (Color Vinyl)


Back in print on limited color vinyl. “Bib” is a good name for the Omaha band Bib. It’s a good name because they sound like they’re drooling all over themselves. Bib’s music is a sloppy, raw, intentionally ugly take on hardcore punk. There’s a lot of murky old-school garage rock in what Bib do, and there’s plenty of unstable and tape-hissy Japanese hardcore, too. Theirs is a beautifully bleary and chaotic sound. Bib have been putting out music since 2015 — often on obscure, difficult-to-find tapes and records. (They collected these on the 2018 compilation A Band In Hardcore.) Bib released a full-on album called Delux. It’s 19 minutes of grunts and splats and sludge-riff bedlam.