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Webstore Update / May 31, 2024
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Hello everyone - here's a solid Grave Mistake webstore / distro update to kick your summer off the right way! A ton of killer new hcpunk from the likes of InvertebratesYambagPersonal DamageDeletarBato, MirageSordidVidroPeace Decay, and MORE!
We have some great reissues from SacrilegeDischargeTemplarsExtreme Noise TerrorColeraThe StalinBad Brains, and 4-Skins (to name a few)!
And of course, a ton of restocks from Home FrontKinetic Orbital StrikeCanal IrrealLip CreamKriegshogScarecrow ... the list goes on.
I could write more right now, but it's 1:30 AM and I'm half asleep - so head over to the webstore and grab some records!
Thanks for reading!

Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Arrivals in the Webstore for 5/31/24:
INVERTEBRATES "Sick to Survive" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
A couple years back here in Richmond, VA, a group known as INVERTEBRATES emerged from the river sludge, dropping an absolutely scorching demo AND promo tape in conjunction with the pulverizing of many a gig audience fortunate enough to witness them. While the INVERTS have stayed the course on the latter, continuing to belt out the hits in the live setting the hardcore punk faithful have been hungry for more, and folks, am I excited to let ya know the wait is over! Featuring a handful of tunes from those aforementioned tapes that many have surely worn out by now, "SICK TO SURVIVE" is ten tracks of perfectly executed "45 RPM on a 12" style hardcore punk" - meaning that while it doesn't overstay it's welcome you will be left with a few sonic rage induced lumps as a reminder of the time spent together. Truly a slab for those who love the genre yet refuse to allot time for any of the extra bullshit that comes in tow with it at this particular point of the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in. Each record comes in a jacket with a huge fold out newsprint poster and insert, all of which were designed by singer Max Mattoon.

SACRILEGE "Behind the Realms of Madness" 2xLP (Radiation Records)
Having played with the likes of influential movers and shakers on the anarcho-punk scene Antisect and Icons of Filth, on their first full-length LP, Birmingham's Sacrilege established themselves as a unique force to be reckoned with, wreaking havoc on what could be classified as sonic tropes belonging to a spectrum of subgenres dealing in the extremes: hardcore, doom, and thrash. Fronted by Lynda 'Tam' Simpson and her seizure-inducing spells injected with a fierce, sociopolitical-cum-mythopoeic banshee bite (but not wanting to understate the line-up of Damian Thompson on guillotine-quick/milkshake thick guitars) -- the six-track onslaught is every bit as crushing as the title suggests. From depraved dungeon synth-scapes on opener Lifeline to the planet-flattening funeral toll of "The Closing Irony," one question remains: One riff to rule them all? Yes.

PEACE DECAY "S/T" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
If you follow this label, you'll know that the love for Texas is evident. Serving as a follow up to the 2022 "DEATH IS ONLY..." 12" EP, the self-titled LP by these veterans of pummeling sonic racket features ten tracks of the hardcore punk madness that their first effort exhibited they were the stalwarts of. With this new release, PEACE DECAY have elevated their songwriting prowess and fierce delivery further than before. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, each record comes in a jacket with a full color insert, both of which are garnished with an absolutely stunning painting by vocalist Enok Cado.

VIDRO "Upp Till Dans" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
International hardcore punks VIDRO have blessed us with yet another slab. Upon returning home to Stockholm from a string of US dates, VIDRO returned to the studio so belt out yet another session of their raging yet eclectic take on the ever-mutating art form that is hardcore punk. Released earlier this year by the band across the pond, Beach Impediment is proud to yet again spread the works of this powerhouse of a group in the North American region. Each record comes in a stunning risograph sleeve designed by the band's own guitarist and designer Lucas Lima.

ELECTRIKA "Maquina Destruye Sue​​​ñ​​​os" 7" (11PM Records)
Returning after their first recordings, ELECTRIKA returns with more fire and even noisier sound. Part of the legendary Mexico City music scene, Electrika is part of long tradition of Japanese noise influenced hardcore combined with Mexican hardcore punk and a dash of metal thrown in. This band has a stadium sound in a dive bar and their assault will leave you altered.

DELETAR "S/T" LP (Sorry State Records)
Ahead of the band’s US tour in spring 2024, Sorry State presents a US pressing of the second album from Saint Étienne, France’s Deletär. When Kick Rock and Destructure released these tracks in May 2023, the worldwide raw punk underground’s response was a resounding FUCK YES! Taking inspiration from Totalitär, Skitkids, and Herätys, Deletär alternates between maximum-tempo fury and grooving, mid-tempo head smashers, but no matter the BPM, the intensity is always through the roof. The riffs are the centerpiece, heavy and raging, but so catchy you’ll be humming them in the shower the morning after your late-night käng party. Alongside the top-notch riffage, Deletär’s songs are anchored by infectious shouted choruses and scorching twin guitar leads spring from every nook and cranny. The playing is way in the pocket, with a beastly kick drum that sounds like an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell. It’s one of those records where everything comes together seamlessly, its great songs, huge production, and commanding performance making Deletär’s second album a clear high-water mark in contemporary hardcore punk.

PERSONAL DAMAGE "Violent Ritual" 7" (Sorry State Records)
Violent Ritual is the third EP from Los Angeles’s Personal Damage, originally released on a small run of self-released cassettes in 2022 and now upgraded to vinyl courtesy of Sorry State. Violent Ritual offers five tracks of Personal Damage’s trademark snot-fueled, short-fast-and-loud hardcore punk, the longest track clocking in at a mere 80 seconds. While the songs are short, they’re hardly insubstantial, packing albums worth of excitement into each delicately constructed and tightly wound composition. Pedal-to-the-floor fast parts are punctuated by Lucky Lehrer-style rhythmic inventions, each song building toward a climactic guitar solo and/or call-and-response chorus. While so many contemporary hardcore bands de-emphasize the vocals, they’re Personal Damage’s most potent weapon, with all three members contributing to the dynamic vocal arrangements and every track offering a chance to shout along. While the first four tracks blazes at early Gang Green velocities, the closing “Banned from Society” stretches things out ever so slightly with a classic SoCal rhythm and the record’s most anthemic vocal. Violent Ritual is the most potent dose yet from one of the 2020s’ most exciting hardcore punk bands.

YAMBAG "Mindfuck Ultra" LP (11PM Records)
Is it fast core or just fast hardcore? I'm sure some other reviewer will figure it out for me. If you hated the other records you are going to hate this one for sure, and there is probably no way you are reading this. Yambag is basically the Cleveland Metallica, legends at this point, touring constantly booking most of the shows in Cleveland, basically nothing Metallica did.. It's an LP that can probably fit on a 7, longest song is 1:31, there's no intro, no breakdowns, and I'm not going to compare them to any other cleveland band thats over 20 years old. Peace.

PRISAO "EP2" 7" (11PM Records)
Following up a killer EP in 2022, Prisao returns with the power hardcore you expect. Closely associated with the Stockholm scene with members originally from all over the world and based all over scandinavia. Sung in brazilian portuguese, this band has a truly international hardcore sound that is hard to pinpoint, classic but original. Is this the future? probably. Split with the illustrious Adult Crash records. Very limited in US.

TEMPLARS "The Return of Jacques De Molay" LP (Templecombe Records)
Recorded over the course of 1993-1994 in the band’s own "Acre" home studio, the TEMPLARS' debut full length, The Return Of Jacques De Molay, introduced the lo-fi DIY sound that would serve as the band's sonic signature over the coming decades. This decision was as pragmatic as it was artistic: the band having endured the loss of their previous master recordings to a failing studio/record label only a year prior. Determined to never again find themselves in that position, the Templars opted for self-recording, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Return Of Jacques De Molay has gone on to influence and inspire generations of Punk & Oi! bands worldwide. While the Templars debut album is held up as one of the the crown jewels of the band's discography, The Return Of Jacques De Molay, is something of a white whale among the fans of this very vinyl-orientated band. Outside of a few limited German pressings, The Return Of Jacques De Molay had previously only been available widely on CD—until now. TKO is proud to present the 30th Anniversary "Grandmaster" edition of The Return Of Jacques De Molay. Featuring painstakingly remastered audio, completely reworked packaging and the overall attention to detail that you've come to expect from TKO / Templecombe reissue collaborations, we can say without hesitation that this new versions presents The Return Of Jacques De Molay as it always should have been. Of course, the Templars lasting legacy arose from more than just the charm of their recordings. The Return Of Jacques De Molay crystalized the songwriting style established on the band's earlier EPs—A sound rooted in Oi! tradition, but unafraid to explore beyond that genre’s boundaries. Oi!’s familiar pro-labor / anti-bullshit approach is on full display, but songs like “The Sixties Are Over” show a willingness to go outside the lines with acoustic guitar and shockingly tuneful songwriting that few of their peers ever matched. Paired with the album's signature fuzz guitars, warmly saturated drums, and deft, melodic basslines, it’s clear why The Return Of Jacques De Molay continues to resonate after the last 30 years.

POISON IDEA "Darby Crash Rides Again" LP (2024 Version) (TKO Records)
This LP collects twenty-nine tracks from the band’s earliest days. Included are the 100% previously unreleased Boner’s Kitchen demo from 1981, the complete Darby Crash Rides Again demo from 1982, the complete uncut live-on-the-air set from the 1983 KBOO radio benefit, and lastly, outtakes from the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes recording session. Much of this material is appearing on vinyl for the first time. A complete no-brainer for Poison Idea fans or any fan of the early days of American Hardcore Punk. Packaged with updated artwork and liner notes.

STALIN, THE "Stop Jap" LP (Survival Research)
Notorious Japanese punk bank The Stalin came after socialist activist Michiro Endo fronted short-lived punk band Jiheitai; The Stalin was formed June 1980 with guitarist Atsushi Kaneko, drummer Jun Inui, and bassist Shintaro Sugiyama. Antagonizing the state and challenging the strictures of Japanese society, debut album Trash was half-live, half-studio, and sophomore set Stop Jap was the major-label debut that hallmarked their popularity, with opener "Romantist" their best-known song worldwide. This is raw, uncompromising, and in-your-face punk from true Japanese innovators of the form -- tune in and be amazed!

MIRAGE "Legato Alla Rovina" LP (Roachleg Records)
New York City’s invigorating Italo-hardcore outfit Mirage are back with a new 12" "Legato Alla Rovina". Their latest release shifts ever closer towards the forefathers of classic Italian punk with 8 new tracks in the vein of Nerorgasmo and Upset Noise. Martial drums and commanding riffs are the backdrop to sonorous mad-preacher style vocals, while maintaining a reverence for post punk influence

ACAUSTIX / READY ARMED SYSTEM "Military Grade Vol. 1" Split LP (Roachleg Records)
First installment of a new split series pairing the best of the best in modern extreme music on 12 inches of wax. VOL.1. features Acaustix & Ready Armed System from Austin, Texas, who both previously released demos on Roachleg. Ready Armed System blast through 9 tracks of raw, speedy American style hardcore, while Acaustix take an influence from Swedish bands like Bombanfall. A match made in hell!

PURA MANIA "Extranos Casos De La Vida Real" 7" (Roachleg Records)
AFTER YEARS OF SILENCE, PURA MANÍA MAKE A SURPRISE RETURN! The band shares members between Vancouver, Canada, and Ciudad de Mexico. Despite the distance and borders between them, Pura Manía breaks through with their signature brand of upbeat, anthemic punk, picking up right where their previous LP left off. Three new singalong songs taking influence from 80s punk from Spain to Rikk Agnew's "All By Myself" 12" as well as classic Oi!, and a curveball Screamers cover that the band manages to make their own. In the spirit of DIY punk and international punk solidarity, this is a split release between CV Records (Mexico) and Discos Peligrosos (Japan). Covers screen printed in Mexico.

SORDID "Reality's A War" 7" (Roachleg Records)
NYC's SORDID vinyl Debut, 5 tracks not unlike the sounds of a machine shop, a circular saw on cement, or Jaws of Life extracting someone from a 9 car pile-up. Unrelenting blasting, stomping, and fuzz.

DESINTEGRACIÓN VIOLENTA "La Bestia" 7”  (Roachleg Records)
In the space between counterculture, excess, and a scene divided comes Berlin’s Desintegración Violenta. The international four piece offers its first sacrifice to vinyl with a barrelling new EP as a follow up to their 2021 demo. Five tracks of demonic speedy metal-punk by the way of crude Sabbat style riffs, featuring nods to Tormentor. All hell breaks fast and loose in tandem, and the howling, cacophonic Spanish vocals make this release uniquely its own.”

BATO "Human Cancer" LP (Not for the Weak Records)
After four long years, four idiots from Norfolk, VA present the world with a follow up to their 2019 EP in form of a 12". BATO delivers 10 tracks of, you guessed it, 80's inspired US Hardcore. IT'S REAL FAST. IT'S REAL FRESH.

BALTA "Mindenki Mindig Minden Ellena" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BALTA’s follow up to their Rendszerszintű Agybasz​á​s 7” (MUS257 - 2022) is exactly what we expected. A seven-track cacophony of feral hardcore punk with little compassion for our ears. Affiliated with Budapest’s underground Hardcore Radikal movement their noise is not posture, but a cry for autonomous freedom; Anywhere and at any price. Drawing influences from noise visionaries worldwide, from PSYCHO SIN to PESTE to FIRMEZA 10, they occupy their own space amongst the current idealist, anti-commercial punk movement bands like PIÑEN or CAYIR. Their anti authoritarian message is clear, but mainly LOUD.

BRUX "Fills De La Nit" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BRUX are back with four tracks of their trademark sound. Four flanged out hard hitting anthems, mixing the sharpest possible post punk with the roughest street rock’n’roll vocals. They keep their boots firmly pressed between two styles which seem polar opposites, resulting in new sounds made up of old formulas. Too angular for boot boys yet too crude for trendy post punkers. Blending both BLITZ eras with Death rock and current punk wave, and resulting on a fully formed band not afraid of displaying all their influences at once. Originally released by the band’s label on a 100 run cassettes at the end of 2023 this recording was simply too good not to exist on vinyl.

JJ AND THE A’S "Eyeballer" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
JJ And the A’s offer up their second release with four new songs to work their way into your earholes. Not lost on this recording is the band’s hardcore delivery mixed with KBD undercurrents from the first EP. They have added a hint of melody in these songs which harkens back to early SoCal punk à la T.S.O.L., Adolescents, and Red Cross. Through the wash of sound the organ soaked in fuzz makes me think they could have been listening to Electric Prunes or Oblivions sloshing around in some drunken party thinking up riffs. The soulful vocals are modern in the delivery, but also reminiscent of garage favorites Detroit Cobras in depth and character. The end result is a mashup of punk, garage, and underlying hardcore that is electrifying, raucous, and instantly enjoyable.

FUERA DE SEKTOR "Juegos Prohibidos" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Following their four-song demo from 2022, FUERA DE SEKTOR are back with their debut LP. Sharing members with BARRERA and ALGARA, the Barcelona-based band have carved their own sound, mixing the amphetamine edge of 80’s punk with the angular post punk sensibility. The extremely isolated guitar work takes centre stage, navigating a sea of mid-tempo riffs, and backed by an extremely solid rhythm section to perfectly seal the recording. Think the pop side of LOS ILEGALES or LOS TRAIDORES, the sexuality of DESECHABLES, and the uniqueness of LA’s X.  FUERA DE SEKTOR lyrics look at the world from an existentialist angle with a dark and poetic approach to complement their music perfectly. Full of desire, lust, loss and confusion, each song unravels as a very modern anxious tale. It's an album that stands on its own in the current DIY landscape.

COLERA "Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo" LP (Tres Selos Paralelo)
Reissue, originally released in 1986. Cólera, formed in the early 1980s by Pierre and his brother Redson, who is one of the key figures in South American punk. They played a vital role in the scene and garnered a dedicated following with their energetic and politically charged music. Pela Paz, which translates to "For Peace" in English, is often regarded as one of the most important and influential releases in Brazilian punk. Pela Paz stands as a testament to the DIY spirit of the Brazilian independent music scene. The record's success demonstrated that independent music could thrive outside of major record labels, inspiring countless bands and artists in South America. Over the years, Pela Paz has become a beloved and iconic album within Brazilian punk rock, leaving a lasting impact on subsequent generations of musicians and fans. It continues to be celebrated for its aggressive musical quality and socially conscious lyrics. One year after the release of Pela Paz, Cólera became the first Brazilian punk band to tour Europe. Additionally, their inclusion in various compilations such as "Beating The Meat", "Empty Skulls", and "1984 The Third", made Cólera became the most well-known South American punk band. Remastered from the original master tapes at the legendary El Rocha Studios in São Paulo. Contains original artwork with the lyrics translated to English.

V/A "Sub" Compilation LP (Tres Selos Paralelo)
"Reissue, originally released in 1983. SUB is the most classic Brazilian punk compilation, recorded between 1982 and 1983. It was conceived and brought to fruition by Redson, the guitarist and vocalist of Cólera, who is considered one of the key figures in South American punk. Besides Cólera, Redson invited Fogo Cruzado, Ratos de Porão, and Psykóze, three of the most promising and active unrecorded bands at the time. If Cólera was the most experienced band in the scene at the time, Fogo Cruzado had already left its mark as one of the best, if not the best in terms of skill and stage presence. Similarly, Ratos de Porão and Psykóze on the other hand were younger and had fed on the new ways of punk from the get-go. Even though the Grito Suburbano bands had initiated the evolution towards hardcore a year before, SUB brought to the scene even higher levels of belligerence and speed. Just like how other international scenes documented the rise of punk with Flex Your Head in the US, Propaganda - Russia Bombs Finland in Finland, Punk and Disorderly in the UK, Outsider in Japan, and many others in several countries during 1982, the idea was to record the growth of Brazil's punk scene. The title chosen for Brazil's second punk comp was SUB, which used part of the idea for Cólera's aborted debut album and alluded to São Paulo's literal (working class) suburbs, as well as its proverbial ""subterranean"" underground -- punk's natural habitat. And of course, underdevelopment (in Portuguese, ""subdesenvolvimento"") malnutrition (subnutrição) and other Portuguese words starting with the prefix ""sub"" representing endemic Brazilian problems. Remastered from the original master tapes at the legendary El Rocha Studios in São Paulo. Includes four bonus tracks from the pre-recording, comes with a rare poster, an insert with lyrics, and a great new text written by Pedro Carvalho.    "

Led by one of the most important figures in Peruvian punk, Maria T-Ta y El Empujon Brutal recorded a few songs in 1987 with a raw, fascinating and primitive aesthetic that could only have originated from the "subterraneos" of South America. In a scene predominantly dominated by men, Maria T-Ta was a spokeswoman against sexism and the system. Ironic, political, fun, catchy and super punk, even in the three acoustic bonus songs.

EMOCIONES CLANDESTINAS "Demo 1986 Y Mas" LP (Sub Discos)
Emociones Clandestinas is one of the first and most important punk bands to come out of Chile. They became well-known with the great album Abajo En La Costanera (1987), but these are the 1986 recordings, featuring their first vocalist Carmen Gloria, and it's much more punk!

BAD BRAINS "1980 Demos & ROIR Sessions Raw Mixes" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub collection featuring the BAD BRAINS 1980 Demo tracks on the A side, and raw mixes from the ROIR sessions on the flip. 17 Tracks total.

BAD BRAINS "Live at 9:30 Club DC 4/19/82" LP (Crack Cabbies Records)
Bad Brains' performance at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on April 19th, 1982, is legendary within the punk and hardcore community. The band was at the peak of their power. The 9:30 Club, a hub for D.C.'s burgeoning punk scene, provided the perfect backdrop for Bad Brains' explosive performance. The band's influence on both the local scene and the broader landscape of punk music cannot be overstated.

4 SKINS "From Chaos to 1984" LP (Color Vinyl) (Radiation Records)
One off 2024 re-press of this legendary and sort after "Studio live" 4 Skins album. Recorded before an invited audience of close friends in 1984 at Alaska Studios in Waterloo London before the band finally decided to call it a day. Amazing quality recording. This was to be the bands third and final album. Includes excellent sleeve notes by someone who was there!

4 SKINS "Riot in the Ghetto: Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions" LP (Step-1 Music)
Containing the hits that were only deemed misses by the critics that condemned Oi! as some kind of subcultural fad that favoured football and violence way above the bloody good tunes that should by rights occupy the higher rank, 4 Skins, The Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions encapsulates that energy at its finest.   From formidable swarms of police brutality and political injustice, the underlying (and unyielding) socio-political messages experienced from the streets that resonated with every estranged clockwork skinhead of the day are bound to be ticked on every track.  After the atmospheric crash of One Law for Them, dropped in amongst the Radio and blistering Bumper Sessions with Evil sitting squarely in its unpolished centre is the ska-inflected gallop of Seems To Me, an unreleased tune reinforcing the notion that there was more to Oi! than meets the laces.

4 SKINS "Singles and Rarities" 2xLP (Dirty Punk Records)
Another heavyweight of the English scene released on Dirty Punk Records and certainly one of the best known and best Oï! bands ever. Formed in 1979, THE 4 SKINS have released a lot of songs on compilations that have marked the history of Oï! Like "Oi!" The Album", "Strength Thru Oi! "Carry on Oi!"... as well as some cult 7 inch vinyls. By adding a few rare titles, we were able to release this double album bringing together the best of the band. Everything is there and everything is essential. No extensions with dirty sounding lives or bad rehearsals in a garage, here is gathered all the best of the 4 SKINS. All in a superb gatefold sleeve with beautiful and rare photos of the band and a history of the songs written by Mark Brennan.

DISCHARGE "In the Cold Night - Toronto 1983" LP (White Vinyl) (Back on Black Records)
A live document recorded in Toronto – Larry's Hideaway – Canada 1983.  Featuring  the “Warning” Line up of  Cal – Vocals, Garry – Drums, Rainy – Bass and Pooch Guitar. Killer track list and remastered by Jon Mitchell at Outhouse studios.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR "Holocaust in Your Head: The Original Holocaust" LP (Gold Vinyl) (Back on Black Records)
Back On Black re-package and re-issue "A Holocaust in Your Head", the debut album by crust punk veterans Extreme Noise Terror - on gold vinyl! Never was a band and its first album both so suitably named as EXTREME NOISE TERROR and their seminal debut full-length, 1989's "A Holocaust in Your Head". Simply put, this is one of the key releases of both the crust-punk and grindcore genres, redefining British music's known limits of sonic extremity with its remorseless aggression, blinding speed, and none-more-raw recording.

MY BLOODY VALENTINE "This is Your Bloody Valentine" LP (Cult Records)
This Is Your Bloody Valentine is the debut mini album by the Irish-English alternative rock band My Bloody Valentine, released in January 1985 on Tycoon Records. Recorded in West Berlin, Germany, it features the band's early gothic rock and post-punk sound, which contrasts the shoegaze sound with which My Bloody Valentine are associated.

STOOGES, THE "Keep Me Safe, Keep Me Sane: Rare Tracks 1972" LP (Dear Boss Records)
The Stooges were a no brakes act who careered inexorably towards annihilation. They finally hit the wall in 1974, after the most horrible blow out imaginable at the Michigan Palace, where Iggy practically begged to be crucified by an angry mob. But remember this kids, Iggy hated himself so much he wanted to live.

V/A "Suburbia (Original Soundtrack Recording)" LP (Survival Research)
Penelope Spheeris’ cult film Suburbia sought to capture the teenage angst, alienation and soul-searching of the Los Angeles punk scene, the long-sought soundtrack a big part of its appeal. The live side gives us TSOL at their melodic best, with ‘Wash Away’ and ‘Darker My Love’ reminding of the broken hearts and damaged minds beneath the mosh pits, contrasted by the Vandals’ raucous ‘Legend Of Pat Brown,’ while D.I.’s ‘Richard Hung Himself’ is a one-away ode of self-destruction; the other side has Alex Gibson’s evocative film score, the edgy instrumentals capturing the on-screen estrangement. True grit and required listening!

VARUKERS, THE "Bloodsuckers" LP (Clear Vinyl) (Audio Platter)
OFFICIAL RE-ISSUE OF THE GROUND BREAKING PUNK RELEASE THAT FIRST APPEARED ON THE RIOT CITY LABEL BACK IN 1983. The Varukers were one of the first groups of the UK 82 movement - the second generation of punk rock that took the spirit of ’77 and merged it with the incessant beat of NWOBHM – responsible for creating UK hardcore. Heavily inspired by Discharge, The Varukers released three 7”s in the early ‘80s before this, their first and most definitive album, came out in 1983 on the legendary Riot City Records (Vice Squad, Abrasive Wheels, Chaos U.K.). Back in print on LP, thanks to Audioplatter, Bloodsuckers is one of the definitive pieces of early UK hardcore, full of Sabbath inspired guitar work, pounding rhythms and aggressive anarchistic lyrical content. ESSENTIAL!


"Toxic Shock Records: Assasin of Mediocrity" Book (Fluke Publishing)
Toxic Shock is a full color, 204-page book that chronicles the history of the punk record store/mail order enterprise and groundbreaking record label Toxic Shock from its origins in 1980 in the grimy suburbs of Pomona, CA to its demise in Tucson, AZ in 2014. Loaded with many rare photos and gig flyers, and through a combination of a very personal biography, oral history and extensive imagery, the book covers the many twists and turns that made Toxic Shock an often misunderstood punk rock institution. It also covers how the death rock band Christian Death inspired the co-owners to create the record label. Graphic artists such as Pushead, Vince Rancid and Jim Blanchard lent their work to its earliest label releases and mail order catalogs. It documents Toxic Shock's involvement with the bands Decry, Zero Boys, Corrosion of Conformity, Dayglo Abortions, Skinner box, the Hickoids, th’Inbred, Skin Yard, Sloppy Seconds, Treepeople plus tour diaries with Italy's Raw Power. Toxic Shock features cover art and several illustrations from graphic artist Brian Walsby, plus several never published before photos from the iconic Ed Colver. The book covers the trials and tribulations of running a totally independent record store for 34 years and an in-depth oral history from former employees and musicians from the Toxic Shock roster—such as Decry, Modern Industry, Manson Youth, Massacre Guys, Human Therapy, Raw Power, Peace Corpse, Pillsbury Hardcore, Hullabaloo, House of Large Sizes and more!
Restocks for 5/31/24:
ABRASIVE WHEELS "When the Punks Go Marching In" LP
BEASTIE BOYS "Paul's Boutique Demos" LP (Pink Vinyl)
BLACK FLAG "Demos 1982" LP
BLACK FLAG "Live '84" 2xLP
BODY COUNT "S/T" LP (Color Vinyl)
CANAL IRREAL "Someone Else's Dance" LP
CHAOS UK "S/T" LP (Pink Vinyl)
CHISEL, THE "Retaliation" LP
CONDOR "Singles 2017-2018" LP
CONFLICT "Standard Issue 82-87" LP
D.O.A. "War on 45 (40th Anniversary Reissue)" LP
DISCHARGE "1980-1986" LP
ESKORBUTO "Eskizofrenia" LP (Brown/Green Marble Vinyl)
EXECUTE, THE "Greatest Punk Hits (Collection Vol. 1)" LP
EXECUTE, THE "S.L.A.S.H. (Collection Vol. 2)" LP
EXECUTE, THE "S/T" (Comp Track Collection) LP
FRAMTID "Defeat Of Civilization" LP
G.U.N. "S/T" LP
GASTUNK "Dead Song" LP
HOME FRONT "Games Of Power" LP
HOME FRONT "Nation" 12"
HOME FRONT "Think Of The Lie" LP
JERRY'S KIDS "Uncontrollable: This is Boston Not LA Sessions" LP
LIMP WRIST "18 Songs" LP
LIP CREAM "Kill Ugly Pop" LP
MY BLOODY VALENTINE "Lost Tracks and Rare Cuts" LP
POISON IDEA "Feel the Darkness" 2xLP (2024 Version)
RAMONES "Demos 1975" LP (Yellow Vinyl)
RAMONES "Pleasant Dreams" LP
RAMONES "Too Tough To Die" LP
SAMHAIN "Possession" LP (Blue/Purple Marble Vinyl)
SCARECROW "Revenge E.P." 7"
SEPTIC DEATH "Now That I Have the Attention What Do I Do With It?" LP
SEXUAL, THE / A.T. Det Split LP
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES "Demos 1977-1978" LP
SOCIAL DISTORTION "Poshboy's Little Monsters" LP
TEMPLARS "Clockwork Orange Horror Show" LP
TEMPLARS "La Premiere Croisade" LP
TEMPLARS "Omne Datum Optimum" LP
V/A "Cleanse the Bacteria" Compilation 2xLP
V/A "Great Punk Hits" Compilation LP (w/ GISM, EXECUTE, CLAY)
V/A "Thrash Til Death (w/ LIP CREAM, GAUZE, OUTO)" Compilation LP (Color Available)

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