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HERESY "Never Healed" 7"
Short Fuse Records

HERESY "Never Healed" 7"


Rising from the ashes of Plasmid, like the dove still flying ardent for peace, came HERESY. A bombastic Disorder of hyper speed thrash from the emerging UKH/C scene, 3 sprightly youths blending the fresh sounds of ‘metal up your ass’ riffs and the speed of USH/C classics through regimented bullet-beats of military precision and a monotonal Discharge of vocal Armageddon. For the first time since it’s 1986 release this cult flexi disc sees the light of day once more as a hard vinyl 7″45rpm(is that even possible?)-13 minutes of rapid chaos at that-in its originally intended full colour jacket, complete with a large format full colour poster of unseen photo’s, lost fliers and clippings making this the most comprehensive documentation of this era of Heresy to date.