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ICONS OF FILTH "Onward Christian Soilders" LP
Puke N Vomit Records

ICONS OF FILTH "Onward Christian Soilders" LP


Puke n Vomit presents the first domestic vinyl release of this seminal UK Anarcho Punk classic from 1984. Onward Christian Soldiers by Icons Of Filth is a fiery slice of fierce punk/hardcore with lyrics dealing with a need for individual responsibility, action and positive change. Considered one of the defining and most popular albums to be released from the 80s UK Anarcho Punk scene. The scene bands and records from that time are enjoying a new resurgence with the new breed of Anarcho/Political bands that often cite that period and bands as major influences,. For fans of CRASS, The Instigators, Flux of Pink Indians, Conflict, Poison Girls, Crucifix, Anti-Sect and countless others.